Michael Jordan’s “Flu Game” Was Really Food Poisoning

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Michael Jordan’s infamous “flu game” might be an iconic moment in sports history, but it wasn’t really the flu at all. Instead, it was a case of food poisoning. Here are some of the things that caused the basketball star to get ill on the set of The Last Dance.

Michael Jordan’s infamous “flu game” was a case of food poisoning

Michael Jordan’s infamous “flu game,” which was so famous because of the way he performed during Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals, was really a case of food poisoning. In a documentary about the event, Jordan revealed that the cause of his performance was actually food poisoning. He claimed that he contracted a stomach virus after eating a pizza in Salt Lake City.

The symptoms of the flu are not always in line with the symptoms of a stomach virus, but the symptoms of food poisoning were enough to knock Jordan out of the game. His condition was so serious that he could have suffered from low blood pressure or fainted. If he was ill, the kidneys might have been affected, but the condition is usually reversible when the affected person gets adequate hydration.

The infamous “flu game” in the 1997 NBA Finals may be the most famous example of food poisoning. The Bulls were tied with the Jazz when Michael Jordan went down with a flu-like illness. But he tried to play the game anyway and ended up scoring 38 points. This moment in history is remembered as the infamous “flu game” and is still remembered fondly as a great basketball moment.

The infamous “flu game” was not an actual virus, according to a documentary that aired last year. The story of MJ’s illness, aired on ESPN, was a revelation for fans of the NBA legend.

Jordan was dehydrated during Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals. His dehydration made him hungry, but the hotel he was staying at didn’t have many late-night food options. Thankfully, his personal trainer, Tim Grover, tracked down a pizza place. The pizza was delivered by five men who may have even known Jordan had ordered a pizza.

While Jordan was unwell during Game 5 of the NBA Finals in Utah, he scored 38 points to lead the Bulls to victory. He went on to lead the Bulls to their fifth NBA title that year. This title was recorded in the NBA’s record books on June 13th, 1997.

Michael Jordan’s illness was a case of food poisoning

In the documentary “The Last Dance,” Michael Jordan and his trainer Tim Grover claimed that his illness was food poisoning, resulting from a bad pizza. But while this seems to be a plausible explanation, it doesn’t really explain why Michael Jordan was so sick.

The first question was whether Michael Jordan was suffering from the flu, or if it was food poisoning. The athlete had not eaten anything prior to the game, and he missed shootaround and practice. The final score was tied at two points, so the status of Michael Jordan was set as “uncertain”. However, after the game, Michael Jordan opened up to an interviewer, explaining that he had been throwing up all night and felt weak. He also said he had a few breathing problems, and that he had been thinking about putting an IV in himself, but didn’t.

Jordan’s illness during the 1997 NBA Finals was not a flu game, but a case of food poisoning. While his illness was a humbling experience, he still went on to deliver an incredible performance for his team and win their fifth title in a decade.

In the movie, Jordan is portrayed as a superhuman hero, but in reality, the illness was a case of food poisoning. He even refused to share his pizza with his friends. Unfortunately, bad food poisoning is just as miserable as the flu. The last dance crew was based on the outskirts of Salt Lake, and food options were limited. Despite this, Jordan began vomiting a few hours before the game.

Jordan’s illness was a case of late-night food poisoning, but his crew framed it as a victory. Although Michael Jordan’s illness was a case that looked like food poisoning, it is not hard to believe that he was sabotaged. Afterward, he curled up in the bathroom. He eventually called in the team physician.

The story behind Jordan’s illness has been wildly controversial, but it’s important to note that the event did not cause the resurgence of the virus that has killed millions of people. Despite his health problems, the Bulls managed to win Game 5 of the series by a narrow margin, 3-2.

Michael Jordan’s illness was not a case of the flu

Michael Jordan has often claimed that he had the flu in the 1997 NBA Finals. While the story feels like a myth, it’s true that he was so sick before the game that he was not sure if he would play at all. He struggled early on due to his illness, but he managed to play the entire game and finish with 38 points and seven rebounds.

Despite the fact that Jordan was suffering from the flu during the 1997 NBA Finals, he still managed to give a legendary performance. After all, no one could have predicted that he would be sick on game day. The night before the Finals, Michael Jordan was so hungry that he ordered a pizza from a late-night pizza joint. He ended up eating the entire pizza and became very sick.

Michael Jordan’s health condition was not publicized, but his family never denied that he was suffering from serious eye problems. But now, a new documentary called “The Last Dance” is lifting the lid on Jordan’s life. The film recounts the story of Jordan’s time on the Chicago Bulls during the 1997-98 NBA season. It also shows the team’s drug problems, which led to the team’s nickname as a “traveling cocaine circus”.

While Michael Jordan has never publicly addressed his health problems, fans have noticed something disturbing in the documentary. His eyes, which are normally white, are discolored yellow. There is speculation that MJ has jaundice, a condition where the body’s bile contains yellow-orange pigment.

Although Jordan’s illness did not appear to be a case of the flu, it was still a medical mystery. A former coach of Jordan said that food poisoning was most likely to be to blame. The team also believed that he contracted food poisoning while eating pizza. However, his illness did not change the opinion of fans, and his legendary game was not affected.

Michael Jordan’s illness on The Last Dance was a case of food poisoning

In the episode nine of the documentary, ‘The Last Dance,’ Michael Jordan explains how he ended up playing the entire game while sick. Many people thought he was suffering from the flu, but it turned out to be food poisoning. According to Michael, the illness came from a pizza.

The symptoms of the disease are similar to those of the flu. However, one of the most common causes is food poisoning, which is usually acquired through touching dirty surfaces. So, if Michael Jordan contracted a case of food poisoning, he may have simply contracted the disease from a dirty surface.

During the shooting of The Last Dance, Michael Jordan ordered a pizza from a pizza delivery man. Several people, including the security guards, were in the room when the pizza was delivered. No one else in the movie complained of food poisoning, but the pizza was made for sharing. If anyone had eaten the pizza, they would have contracted food poisoning.

Although The Last Dance portrayed Jordan as a superhuman, it was important to point out that his illness on that day was probably a case of food poisoning. The film shows a very different Michael Jordan than the person we usually think of. Despite his superhuman abilities, he didn’t share the pizza with his friends. Sadly, a bad case of food poisoning can be just as devastating as a severe case of the flu. Luckily, Michael Jordan was able to avoid the worst of the situation.

Many people believe that Jordan suffered from a case of food poisoning during the game. However, he was still determined to play and despite his illness, he finished the game. He ended up making five assists, scoring 38 points, and making three steals. The Bulls eventually won the series, and the title.

The ’97 Finals series was a tough one for the Chicago Bulls. They were tied with the Utah Jazz in the series. However, the Jordan had stunned the Jazz in Game 1. But despite this, Jordan looked drained, sweating profusely, and clearly struggling to perform. The broadcasters focused on him and his struggles during the first quarter. The Jazz led the Bulls by 16 points before the third quarter, so Jordan was unable to perform at his best.