The Sixers Free Frosty Promotion

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When you watch the 76ers play, there’s a good chance you’ll see some promotional offers that include a Free medium Frosty and fries. Other offers include video games and Co-branded visors. Whether you choose to participate in the free frosty promotion or not, you can’t go wrong. You can find more details in the article below. The 76ers have made great strides in this area.

Free medium Frosty

Fans attending a Philadelphia 76ers game can score a free medium Frosty if the opposing team misses two free throws in the fourth quarter. The promotion was launched by Sixers veteran center Dwight Howard and Wendy’s in the middle of Game 2 of the first round playoff series against the Brooklyn Nets. The 76ers won Game 2 145-123, but it was an extremely dull fourth quarter. But the promotion was almost a success, since the Brooklyn Nets nearly pulled it off, as Treveon Graham missed his first two free throws.

In a recent game, Isaiah Thomas was ejected for confronting a fan for using profanity during a “f-k you, b–h” chant. Isaiah Thomas was not pleased with the confrontation and explained it to a reporter after the game. This is a perfect example of how an in-game promotion can backfire. The Sixers have a tradition of rewarding their fans with free Frostys, and it has paid off in the past.

For the rest of July, Wendy’s is continuing its Frosty freebie promotions by offering a free medium Frosty with the purchase of a medium size frozen treat. The promotion is valid at participating Wendy’s locations nationwide, and requires you to download Wendy’s Mobile App to redeem the offer. However, this promotion is limited to Vanilla or Classic Chocolate Frosty. Sadly, this promotion does not work for coffee variants.

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Free medium fries

The Sixers are celebrating the start of the NBA season with a free medium fries promotion! Sixers fans are known for being rowdy and loud, no matter what the score is. With this promotion, fans of the team can get their free medium fries at participating restaurants. Here are some tips on how to take advantage of this promotion. Read on to learn more! Also, you can watch the game from a great vantage point!

The Beyond the Arch promotion is available through the NBA season in Ontario and Atlantic Canada. To redeem the free medium fries, you must purchase a meal before the game and eat at participating McDonald’s restaurants between 11:00 AM and 4:00 AM local time on the day of the game. You must also make a minimum purchase of $1.00 to be eligible. The promotion is only valid for select restaurants. To participate in the Sixers free medium fries promotion, head to one of these participating restaurants.

The Sixers free medium fries promotion runs until the end of the season, and the first five teams to eat them will receive a free large or medium fry. You must be a Sixers fan to be eligible. To get the free medium fries, you must be a member of the Sixers. If you’re not a member, you can sign up for the newsletter. By doing this, you can also get updates about the Sixers on a daily basis.

The Philadelphia 76ers are also taking advantage of Wendy’s free medium fries promotion. You can get a free Medium or a large fries at Wendy’s on game day. The coupon is valid only during home games and is valid for drive-through pickup or for take-out. It’s a great way to keep customers invested in the team while cheering on your favorite Philadelphia 76ers players. And don’t forget about the Wendy’s app!

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Co-branded visors

The Philadelphia 76ers and Wendy’s have teamed up to offer fans the opportunity to wear their favorite team apparel and get a free Frosty. Earlier this season, the partnership grew to include fans’ crew and broader community. The partnership includes tiered rewards for participating in multiple Freeze-Outs. It also encourages stadium noise and incorporates social media into the experience.

The Freeze-Out has been working wonders for the Sixers. The promotion encourages fans to be louder during foul shots, distracting opponents from the ball and ultimately allowing the Sixers to score more points. Many players have joined in on the fun, including reserve center Norvel Pelle last season. Fans at a game can pick up a free Frosty if they see an opposing player miss two consecutive free throws.

Video games

The Sixers’ Frosty Freezeout stunt will benefit not only the team, but Wendy’s as well. The Sixers will gain exposure for their new frozen treat, while Wendy’s fans and media will be excited for the chance to score free Frostys. What’s more, fans will enjoy the chance to win free ice cream in exchange for a purchase at the Wendy’s in Philadelphia. What could be better than a free frosty?

Fans of the Philadelphia 76ers are known for their boisterous behavior, and this promotion is no different. If the Sixers score a point, fans can get a free Frosty at Wendy’s. If the Sixers are leading, fans can score with loud cheers. While free food is always welcome, fans will be even more excited when they can get it for free. So, go ahead and make sure to go to Wendy’s this season to enjoy the promotion.

On Sunday, video of a 76ers fan confrontation was released. It appears to corroborate Thomas’ version of the incident. The video shows the point guard approaching a group of fans. In addition to this, the 76ers are offering a free Frosty to fans who cheer for their team. The 76ers will reward fans for showing loyalty by giving them free frozen treats. That’s pretty awesome, right?

The Wendy’s Frosty Freeze Out has become a popular promotion with the Philadelphia 76ers. It was first introduced in the 2017 season, and it is back for the 2019-2020 season. Fans of the Sixers can get a free small frosty and a medium fry every time the opposing team misses two free throws in a row. The prize is more lucrative than a free frosty, and there are more opportunities for fans to win the promotion.