Wooderboys Picks of the Day

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We’re sharks. Not like Great White’s, yet like those amazing sharks that don’t murder innocent individuals. You know, like Whale Sharks, the one’s that have a mouth like your old ass grandfather when he takes his dentures out. That does not indicate we bring you picks that we don’t count on. Rather than analysis, this is all based on intestine instinct as well as homerism. Simply the way gambling was meant.

After everyday standings will certainly be held on which among us is making or losing you the most money.

Standings as of 8/30:

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Gary: 17-13-1

Kyle: 17-18

PJ: 21-19

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Nonetheless right here are the choices for today September 1st, 2020

Gary: New York City Islanders -115

Kyle: Raptors -120

The ol’ Game 2, lose Game 1 get better special for the Raps

PJ: Indians -187, Nuggets Also, Raptors -1.5, and also Flyers +102

4 PLAYS!!! Shoot to get hot, shoot to remain hot!!! I assure at least a 3-1 day on these plays. NO IF ANDS OR BUTS !!