2020 Eagles Opponents

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If you are wondering who the Eagles’ opponents will be in the 2020 NFL draft, you’re not alone. The Baltimore Ravens and Green Bay Packers have all been dreaded by Eagles fans since they were first introduced to their rivalry. However, there are several other interesting choices as well. If you’re not too worried about which team the Eagles play, you can read about them here. You may also be surprised to learn that they’ll be playing the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, New Orleans Saints, or the Green Bay Packers.

Dallas Cowboys

The Philadelphia Eagles have one of the most formidable schedules in the NFL this season. As the NFC East’s top seed, the Eagles will have an advantage over their Dallas Cowboys opponents in 2020. But they will also have revenge on their minds heading into the season. In fact, Dallas should have won the NFC East last year if they’d beaten Philadelphia. So who should the Eagles be looking out for in 2020?

The Dallas Cowboys are a division team, meaning they’ll play teams from their conference twice. Their toughest opponents will be the New York Giants, Washington Redskins, and Philadelphia Eagles. While teams in their division know each other better than anyone else, the schedule is never easy to predict. So what will be their schedules? Listed below are the teams they’ll face in 2020.

Philadelphia Eagles’ opponents for 2020: After a 7-10 season, the Eagles have been in a rebuilding mode. They are expected to improve greatly this year. The team’s defense is stronger than ever and will have more offensive weapons than in previous years. However, the offense will be in need of some help in the passing game, so expect a tough opponent in Dallas. The offense will need to be more consistent if they want to compete for the NFC East crown.

Despite the impressive draft picks, the Cowboys will have a tough road ahead. This team has won seven of its last eight games and is ranked 27th overall in total offense and defense. However, the offense will need to be better next year to get back to their winning ways. They could face the Seattle Seahawks in the wild card round of the playoffs. However, there is a lot to be excited about.

Houston Texans

The 2020 Houston Texans’ schedule is filled with a number of challenging games. In addition to the Ravens and Chiefs, Houston will play the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans, which are always competitive. The Texans will play these opponents both home and away. Here are their key dates and times for the two games. In addition, check out these other 2020 Eagles schedules:

As far as their offensive line goes, the Texans are in good shape. Their offense is getting better under head coach Romeo Crennel. Last week, the Texans got a major boost from wide receiver Damien Harris’ 77-yard touchdown pass to Will Fuller. The Texans are now 2-7. The Eagles’ offense has a strong defense and can score points from just about anywhere, so they won’t have a problem winning at home.

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Philadelphia Eagles: The Texans are a tough matchup. The Texans are a perennial contender and have a solid defense. The Eagles, meanwhile, have an inexperienced quarterback. Against Houston, Texans quarterback DeMarco Murray will be the top choice. The Texans will be the next big test. If the Eagles can win the NFC East title, they should have a winning season.

The Eagles’ offense is very impressive, with the Texans putting up a good fight. In fact, the Texans’ offense was able to score touchdowns on six plays in the first half and a field goal late in the fourth quarter. The Texans drive lasted seven minutes and ten seconds, and they had plenty of time to score on the ground. In the first quarter, they drove for 57 yards on seven plays and ended with a touchdown.

New Orleans Saints

The NFL will release its 2020 schedule this Thursday, and New Orleans is pumped to play against its division rival. The Saints are 7-4 against the Eagles dating back to 2006, but the Eagles have lost two of their last three games, including last year’s 40-29 loss. In both games, the Saints failed to keep up with quarterback Jalen Hurts’ dual-threat ability and zone-read plays.

Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles’ home field advantage is one of their biggest advantages. After all, the Saints have lost only once to Philadelphia in the last three years. But the Eagles won’t have it easy this time around. This road game against the Saints will be a battle for bragging rights and playoff positioning. Philadelphia fans are rowdy, so this game is sure to bring out the trash talk. However, if the Eagles win, they will get a big win, if they are still alive.

Philadelphia Eagles: The New Orleans Saints have a tough schedule next year. They have already played the Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons in Week 12 and Week 13 before. In 2020, they’ll face the Eagles. The Saints are a good team, but they’ll need to beat the Eagles to make it to the Super Bowl. It would be nice to beat the Philadelphia Eagles, but if they don’t, they’ll have to go to Las Vegas for their first game.

The Eagles had a good first half against the Saints. Their offense accounted for 11 plays for 74 yards and a field goal. However, it failed to score a touchdown on the first drive, which led to a Saints field goal. They were up by eight points at the end of the game and ended up winning the game. However, they were outplayed by the Eagles’ defense.

Green Bay Packers

The Eagles will face the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs for the second consecutive year. Their run game ruled the previous matchup last season, totaling 176 yards on the ground. However, Aaron Rodgers’s connection with Davante Adams was spectacular, accounting for 180 yards on ten receptions. The Packers haven’t been able to stop it, and it could be the same in 2020.

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The 2020 Eagles’ opponents will be known four weeks before the regular season begins. The Packers will play four teams from the AFC South and two from the NFC South. They will also play the New Orleans Saints and two teams from the NFC North. However, there is no clear cut favorite. In addition, the Packers will play the New Orleans Saints in Week 1.

Philadelphia Eagles: The Packers are in a prime position to win the NFC North title in 2020, but they need to be wary of Aaron Rodgers’ defense. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers’ defense have shown affinity for each other, as they are a top contender in the division. However, if the Eagles lose this game, Rodgers will be determined to get his revenge.

The Eagles’ biggest priority will be slowing down the Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson. The Eagles have yet to beat Wilson in two years, but they have extended plays against Seattle and New Orleans in recent years. In addition to this, they will face former No. 1 overall pick Kyler Murray in 2020. Likewise, the Eagles will visit Lambeau Field for a second straight year.

Philadelphia Eagles

While the Philadelphia Eagles have a relatively light schedule, the NFC West is loaded with quality competition. The Eagles’ 2020 opponents are 124-131-1 last season, which ranked them 25th in strength of schedule. These numbers don’t include free agent signings or the 2020 NFL Draft, but several of them will have opportunities to improve on their records from last year. Here are four teams that could challenge the Eagles in 2020.

The NFC East, including the San Francisco 49ers, is a tough division. The Eagles are playing the Packers from the NFC North and the Saints from the NFC South in 2020. The schedule is ranked from least to most intriguing, based on the Eagles’ previous records against NFC teams. In addition to the NFC East, the Eagles will play road games against the New Orleans Saints and the Seattle Seahawks.

The Ravens, who were regarded as the NFL’s best team, are also tough, albeit a team without the top player. In 2018, the Ravens were the NFL’s top team until an early playoff exit. The Eagles have a lot to be nervous about after facing such a talented team. However, the Ravens should have some momentum as the end of a difficult three-game road trip. The Ravens’ top three draft picks will also be formidable challenges for the Eagles.

The Philadelphia Eagles will look to avenge their recent defeat to the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks won both of their games in Philadelphia in 2019, with a combined score of 17-9. The Eagles haven’t beaten Seattle since 1989 and haven’t beaten them at home since 2008.