Would You Do 20 Years In Jail To Sign The Declaration Of Independence?

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I was resting at a bar with good friends a couple months back as well as we were discussing Nic Cage motion pictures and certainly National Treasure turned up. So I asked the question would you do two decades behind bars to break into the structure holding the Declaration of Independence and also authorize it? Instantly primarily every person said no and I could not understand why. Two decades for my legacy to last permanently? Authorize me up. I would certainly leave jail at 48. From currently till 48 what am I mosting likely to do that would certainly have any kind of significant influence on the world? What is 99% of the people in this nation mosting likely to do? What would you miss out on in two decades? A couple weddings, possibly a baptism, and some trips to Disney World? As well as not to mention 48 is still young. Depending upon just how much the prison food abuse my withins or how many times I get shanked I possibly have near an additional thirty years in this globe. Simply to have my name on one of the most vital record in American history for the remainder of infinity? Literally sign me up.

Check out exactly how remarkable this looks!

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Check out that file and inform me who’s trademark stands apart the most? I outrank Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, whoever else authorized. I totally cucked John Hancock. The individuals that signed this most likely disliked John Hancock. What’s he over making up for having his trademark so big? John Hancock is the man with the spoiler on the back of his Honda Civic. And also currently 4th quality courses permanently are mosting likely to ask their instructors “who’s trademark is that?”. And their teachers are mosting likely to have to clarify exactly how a psycho carried out an Oceans 11 kind heist to sign his name on a piece of American history. I would certainly get my very own chapter in the history publications. Shit I would certainly get a fly the structure! They’ll probably make one more National Prize film based on the events. A Lot More Nic Cage in your life? You’re welcome.

And also before you attempt to tell me “Kyle how might you be alright ruining an icon of democracy.” I say fuck off. The British aren’t simply mosting likely to waltz in and repossess our independence. We currently defeated the British. We’re one of the most powerful country worldwide until China launches their following bioweapon. Me authorizing the statement would be a news story for 72 hours and also I would certainly do 20 years simply to be one of the most famous person from Montgomeryville ever before? Conform ROZES. Easiest choice of my life.

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P.S. I most likely wouldn’t also obtain 20 years according to this Reddit blog post from u/cpast. Simply made this decision also much easier.

As far as I can inform, the burglary itself (leaving out any type of conspiracy theories, crimes in advance, or criminal activities after that, as well as numerous matters for the same criminal offense) would come under 18 USC 668 (theft of significant art work) and carry the full 10-year maximum sentence (the Declaration is instead useful). You may get nailed for more time if tried in DC court, in fact (theft in DC has a max sentence of 15 years), yet I don’t recognize if you really would. If you can at the same time be billed with 641 (theft of government residential or commercial property), after that you ‘d be bumped approximately the suggested sentence– 10-12.5 years if it’s worth over $20M, 12.5-15.5 if it’s over $50M, 15.5-20 if it’s greater than $100M (generally). If you’re charged with both, however, the court could determine to transcend the guidelines and also strike you for twenty years.

Much of the sentence results from the worth (a very first printing chose $8M in 2000, which is >> 11M these days, so also if the original is simply worth that– which it’s possibly worth even more– you would certainly be dealing with 5-6.5 years); however, a bunch of it is because of the reality that the Statement is a social heritage item. Nevertheless, none of it is since the Declaration is the Affirmation. It’s not treasonous to steal the Declaration; the Constitution states “Treason against the United States, shall be composed only in levying War against them, or in sticking to their Adversaries, giving them Help and also Comfort.” The killer is that it’s 2 points: one, it’s a social heritage object, and also 2, it’s federal residential property. Both justify government fees, and they can stack.