The French Are Ready For Hoagiefest

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— ammattipyöräily (@ammattipyoraily) June 28, 2021

The fucking French! Oui to those motherfuckers! I take back whatever I stated regarding the French being snobby pussies who needed the U.S to bail them out of every little thing. I take back the fact that their President is the most significant pussy worldwide and if this guy that slapped him isn’t being hurt in a shelter beneath the Bastille Palace after that Macron is an embarrassment to Les Blues.

French head of state macron slapped by a private. Put was wonderful #macron #macronslapped #Frenchpresidentslapped

— Labaik Ya Aqsa (@Rizvi_Youth) June 8, 2021

Cursed French Head of state faces one more humiliation.!! On an institution browse through, a youngster asked the head of state how the slap was. #چوبیس _ شہداہزاروں_زخمی

— KaShMiRi RaJpOot (@KHR_Aati) June 19, 2021

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The French understand that the dominant gas station food chain in Pennsylvania is! I need Mbappe to be knocking a Timeless Italian after a hat technique. If this was Sheetz this message would certainly be cut right into cow shit. Sheetz wants they had a cultural moment like Hoagiefest. $4.99 for a traditional Italian with meats, American cheese, hot peppers, pickles, little bit of vinegar, little of oil, no tomato or onions, light oregano. Cook’s kiss.

You understand that eat’s at Sheetz? Murderers.

You can not spell Sheetz without Sheet.

Quick power positions of the Hoagiefest songs:

# 1: Submarine Guy

Boogieman’s Delco sibling Sub Guy is a person that simply squashes LSD and also meatball belows. Can be on the Signboard Hot 100 if it was signed to Mobility scooter Braun’s tag as well as had an advertising engine behind it.

# 2: 2015 Oh Hoagiefest

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This song is sub mind control. It just seems like you’re cruising down 55 to Wildwood and also you need to make a pit stop to the Maurice River Wawa as well as order a timeless hoagie.

# 3: Hoagiefest 2016

Not a bad one. Not a terrific one. But it gets the job done and the “enjoyable fun fun” is a great deal of enjoyable to say.

# 4: 2010 Hoagiefest

The one that started it all. Deserves it’s blossoms and # 4 is a good area to pay tribute.

# 999: Hoagifest 2017 Rap

This happened in Florida. Do not even understand if it’s in fact Wawa who launched it, yet I uncommitted. This is the Florida of Hoagiefest songs. Easy on the bath salts Vanilla Cappucino w/ Ice.