The Voice of the Sixers Marc Zumoff Is Retiring

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Thank you @marczumoff #HereTheyCome

— The Freedom Line (@LibertyLinePHL) June 29, 2021

Thank you for the memories, @marczumoff.

Sixers basketball will not coincide without you.

— Did The Sixers Win? (@DidTheSixersWin) June 29, 2021

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What the fuck guy. Also Marc Zumoff has actually had sufficient of Ben Simmons.

You recognize when someone is such a constant in your life you believe they’re mosting likely to exist forever? That was Marc Zumoff. Since I bear in mind enjoying the Sixers he’s been the only thing that remained the very same. The Sixers without Zumoff is like the Dodgers without Vin Scully. Kinda self-centered on Marc to not provide us an entire season to get adjusted. He could’ve taken place a retirement tour like Derek Jeter and received presents like commemorative boots from the Firecrackers and a Sixers celebratory kayak from the Pelicans.

I mean what the fuck Marc. Would certainly’ve behaved to recognize when I was mosting likely to listen to the last “turning garbage right into gold” or “YESSSSS” to appreciate the minute. Complete Andy Bernard ‘I desire there was a way to know you remain in the good ol days’ feeling.

Instead currently I have to put on a take on face and act like this isn’t influencing me. Because like Slim Charles said the thing concerning the old days is they the old days.

What a career by Marc Zumoff. 18x Mid-Atlantic Emmy award winner for Ideal Broadcaster. Paid attention by everybody from you to Kendall Jenner.

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Satisfied minutes and unfortunate moments.

My view of the end of this one … @marczumoff @Jacko2544

— Amy Fadool Kane (@amyfadoolNBCS) May 13, 2019

The man might make oozing basketballs sound interesting.

Hope and Marc Zumoff obtained us via a 9-73 period and it draws he won’t be along for the trip when Joel Embiid as well as Damian Lillard are the best PnR combination in the league following year.

If you need me I’m going to be walking your house stating Zoo catchphrases like I’m some Sixers introducing activity number.