A Family Tree Based on Your Grandparents

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Is this family tree based on your grandparents? Or are they completely fictional? Is it more like a fairy tale? Read on to discover the true stories of these four people who shaped my life. Adeline Edna Gienger, Jim Schaack, Vernon Leroy Wentz, and Madison Oberg. These are the people who inspired me to become an author and to share my knowledge of the world with the world.

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Adeline Edna Gienger

Carson Wentz is an American football quarterback who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles. He is the son of Cathy Wentz and Doug Wentz, and married to Madison Oberg. He is descended from ethnic Germans from the Russian Empire. His parents, Vernon Leroy Wentz and Martha Wolff, were born in Germany and the United States, respectively. His paternal grandparents were Jacob B. Fischer and Freda Staus.

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Jim Schaack

During the NFL season, Carson Wentz is very busy. However, he keeps in contact with his parents through email or text messages. Bev Schaack recently visited her grandson during homecoming weekend in Fargo, North Dakota, and she was very pleased to see him. She and her brother, Zach, were both in attendance at the event. They spoke to the NFL Network after the game and said that they are very proud of Carson and their family.

Despite being an Eagles fan through, Bev Schaack is content to watch the game on TV. She says she and Carson Wentz are very close. She spent the holidays with Carson in New Jersey. This was just a couple of years after Wentz’s season-ending wrist injury. The two also became mentors for one another. Bev Schaack is from Jamestown, New York.

Vernon Leroy Wentz

The family of American quarterback Carson Wentz was very diverse. His parents, Cathy and Doug Wentz, are from the Oil Hill area of Philadelphia. His grandparents, Pauline Fischer and Harold Wentz, were Russian immigrants. His grandparents are buried in Grantsville, Md., where he grew up. His grandparents were members of the East Holbrook church. They were also active in the community and were members of many other organizations. His mother, Mary, was a member of the church. He was a member of the church and pitched for the Morris Oil team in the junior baseball league. He is survived by his parents, two sisters, and one brother, as well as by his grandmother, Minnie A. Cloyes.