A Horse Sexually Assaulted in Delaware

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In a shocking incident, a Delaware State Police officer arrested a man and his girlfriend for allegedly sexually abusing a horse. The horse, named Bella, had been receiving care at an equine clinic when the abuse was discovered. Police say the sting operation failed to uncover the suspect. They are now looking for the other suspect, who they believe may be involved. Read the full article for more information.

Riego allegedly sexually assaulted ponies at equestrian center

Since February, surveillance footage has revealed that a man named Riego has been sexually assaulting the ponies at an equestrian center in Delaware. He tied up the horses’ legs above the hoof, then started touching and sexually assaulting the animals. The most recent incident took place on May 21 at about 12:30 a.m. The man, wearing a dark jacket, was spotted entering a barn and sexually assaulting a 31-year-old mare. Police have not yet identified the suspect, but they are pursuing the case against Riego.

The investigations are still ongoing. The surveillance footage captured the alleged perpetrator entering the stables, taking the pony’s clothes off and sexually assaulting it. The suspect, Riego, was wearing dark clothing and was not seen by police until the surveillance cameras caught him. Police have charged Riego with two counts of felony bestiality, one of which is a felony, and two counts of burglary. The ponies are all recovering and have returned to daily routines.

After months of investigation, Riego was arrested at an equestrian center in New Castle County, Delaware. The investigation spanned several months, and he was charged with two counts of bestiality and one count of burglary. He is currently being held in jail on $12,000 bail. Riego allegedly sexually assaulted ponies at equestrian center in Delaware and has been charged with two counts of bestiality.

The surveillance videos also revealed a male suspect entering the park at night. Several incidents involving cords and the pony were caused by the same suspect. While the surveillance video was not clear enough to identify the suspect, the police installed hidden cameras in the barn to help in the investigation. After receiving several complaints, police began to investigate the incidents. The investigation is ongoing.

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Castillo arrested after trying to have sex with a horse

A Texas man named Cirilo Castillo was recently arrested for having sex with a horse. He had previously been jailed for having sex with a horse. But this time, he was caught on video. While Texas does not have a law against bestiality, Castillo may be facing charges for trespassing and animal cruelty.

Cirilo Castillo Jr. was discovered injured inside a barn on Feb. 17. The woman who called 911 identified him as Castillo. Castillo had been arrested two prior times for trying to have sex with a horse. When asked about the incident, he initially claimed he was hit by a car and crawled into the barn for cover. However, police suspect he was trying to have sex with the horse and was kicked.

According to reports, Castillo has a history of animal abuse and has previously been found guilty of sexually assaulting two horses. The horse owner was so upset about the incident that she immediately went to the corral and confronted Castillo. The horse owner was able to identify Castillo, who had a mask on his face. While Castillo has pleaded guilty to a crime, he is on probation.

Following the incident, a woman who owns the barn saw Castillo injured. She recognized him as the suspect and told him to stay away from the barn. Castillo had been warned to stay away from the barn, but he persisted. The woman contacted police and he was arrested on June 2. He faces a fine of $1,000 and a jail sentence of 180 days. The woman said that the horse that kicked Castillo did not belong to the horse with whom he previously had sex several times.

Ponies treated at equine clinic

A horse sexually assaulted in Delaware has been returned to its former life, treated at a veterinary clinic. The suspect, Michael Riego, has been charged with two counts of felony bestiality and two counts of burglary. It is unclear whether Riego has an attorney. The veterinarian who treated the ponies subsequently returned them to the field to continue their routine. In the meantime, the woman and her pony are recovering and returning to riding.

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The owner of the pony, who was subsequently treated at an equine clinic in Delaware, has reported the incident to the state police. The woman has said the pony suffered a significant trauma during the incident. The veterinarian, Dr. Amy Franklin, has said the object used to attack the horse likely caused significant trauma. The veterinarian has described the mare as a “mini horse” and said the injury was disturbing and upsetting.

The horse was brought to the equine clinic after Robichaud’s grandmother feeds her daily. While Bella is not yet fully recovered, she is expected to make a full recovery, at least physically. Dr. Amy Franklin of Country Roads Veterinary Service treated her. State police responded to the scene on Thursday. Police are currently looking for suspects. During the investigation, Robichaud plans to seek legal action against those responsible.

Besides equine therapy, the equine clinic is also a center for veterans. Besides treating veterans, it helps wounded soldiers, their families, and others struggling with emotional issues. The horses in the equine therapy program are exceptional animals. To participate in the program, the animals must display steadiness, control, and a smooth gait. Equine therapy is a great way to help those who are in pain, as it brings healing to both the horses and the people who use them.

Police say sting operation failed to find suspect

A horse sexually assaulted by a man at a Delaware stable overnight was caught on surveillance video. A man wearing a dark jacket entered the stall with a feed bucket and tied the mare’s back hooves. While the mare was writhing in pain from the restraints, she did not notice the attacker. The man then ejaculated into the horse and left the stall.

A sting operation was launched by Delaware police to find the suspect after a horse reported the incident. The suspect, Adelio A. Guzman, was arrested and charged in October. He was released on unsecured bond and is scheduled for trial in May. A warrant for failure to appear in court has been issued. Delaware State Police arrested Guzman, who has two previous convictions.

In the meantime, the state police, FBI, and Indiana State Police were collaborating to investigate the case. The state police also exhibited its new cyber forensics van and a special electronics detection dog, Mega. While the sting operation failed to find the suspect, it did help police in their investigation of the case. The state police and FBI praised the efforts of the sting operation.

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