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Dillon has been a force for the Boston College Eagles this season. A bruising power back, Dillon was one of the major factors in their 7-5 record. But while he is considered a “Green Bay guy,” he struggles with outside runs and tosses. Below are some of his best performances for Boston College. If you are a sports fan, you should definitely check out some AJ Dillon highlights.

AJ Dillon is a bruising power back

Dillon is a bruising power running back. He played at Boston College and is a huge frame for his position. Most power backs are limited to running north and south while smaller elusive backs can run east and west. He’s the rare specimen that can run the entire field and be devastating against defenses with good receiving skills. He’s worth watching out for if you like physical running backs.

Last season, the Packers had high expectations for Dillon, and the team signed him to a four-year contract worth up to $48 million with an option for a fifth year. He had just 46 touches in the red zone, but he scored seven touchdowns. Because of his size and power, Dillon could see more touches in the red zone in 2022. With the Packers’ cap space tightening up, they’ll likely keep Jones and Williams.

The Green Bay Packers selected Dillon in the second round. The Packers drafted Dillon after the Bruin’s Cup. In addition, they selected quarterback Jordan Love. The Packers made a decision to draft Dillon after watching him in practice. The Packers were able to get a high pick for Dillon, despite the fact that the Green Bay Packers had an extra pick. It’s also important to remember that AJ Dillon isn’t the only bruising power back on the team.

He was a key factor in Boston College’s 7-5 season

Aj Dillon was a huge factor in Boston College’s 7-5 season, and his development is an exciting story to watch. As a 6-foot-247-pound bruiser, Dillon put up school records for rushing yards and touchdowns in each of his first three seasons. He was counted on to carry the ball at least 845 times a game, and often faced stacked boxes. Then he was awarded a Heisman Trophy as the nation’s top back.

As a freshman, Dillon broke the BC freshman rushing record with 1,589 yards. He also became the first BC player to win the ACC Offensive Rookie of the Year award. He was named to the first team All-ACC Team and received the same number of votes as 2016 Heisman winner Lamar Jackson. The Eagles went on to finish 7-5 and a bowl-eligible season.

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Last year, the BC basketball team exceeded expectations, and it has continued to improve since then. The program has a reputation for finding hidden gems and developing them once they arrive. The coach in the Bruins’ program was confident in Dawson’s abilities, and he proved himself a solid player. But one thing is certain: the Boston College offense is going to be better this season. Despite the fact that they lost two key players from last season, the offense will continue to develop, and the Boston College team will benefit from it.

He is considered a “Green Bay guy”

Aj Dillon has a deep connection to Green Bay and can envision staying in the city once his playing days are over. The Packers’ second-round pick is a natural fit. He thrived in a family environment at Lawrence Academy and Boston College, and has shown tremendous growth in the NFL. Dillon is already considered a “Green Bay guy,” a title he earned after signing with the team.

Aj Dillon is a 250-pound pass-catcher who led the Green Bay Packers with 803 yards last season. He has developed into a reliable pass-catching defender in the NFL. His style is slightly different from Aaron Jones’, but his dual threat abilities will be helpful for the Packers’ offense as they adjust to life without Davante Adams. Aj Dillon is also a “Green Bay guy,” according to Rodgers and other Packers.

He struggled with outside runs and tosses

The Titans have no excuse for their defense, but A.J. Dillon dominated the Titans’ defense in his rookie season. The rookie’s struggles haven’t hindered Green Bay’s Super Bowl hopes, though. In fact, his performance boosted their chances in the division. In addition, Dillon’s vision is similar to James Connor’s, and he is also very durable. However, Dillon struggles with outside runs and tosses, and his utility as a receiver out of the backfield is minimal.

Green Bay’s process in selecting Dillon is still questionable. It’s not clear how the Packers scouted him, but Dillon’s speed and toughness will help them replace Jones. He’ll be paid like a top-five running back, so he’ll have to perform on those plays. In the meantime, he’ll need to show that he’s capable of handling the workload without the ball.

Dillon has a different skill set than Barkley, but he’s more than capable of punching the ball into the endzone from a one-yard line. He could serve as a more versatile back under new offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. Using Dillon in a similar role to Elliot in Dallas could be a wise move for the Packers. Dillon in the backfield can wear down defenders and open up play-action opportunities for quarterback Daniel Jones.

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He could be a key player for the Giants

Aj Dillon may not be flashy, but he’s certainly a big runner. Dillon’s 6-foot-1 frame and heavy lateral movements have been a boon for Giants offenses this season. While this lack of flashy play can make it tough for some teams to use him, Dillon has proven to be a productive running back in short yardage situations.

The Giants should be aware of Dillon’s injury history. Dillon suffered a fractured rib in the Packers’ Divisional Round loss to the 49ers. It’s unclear how much the injury will affect his ability to contribute. The Giants are hoping to retain him as a backup in the meantime. Dillon’s injury history could be another indication of how much the Giants will value him.

In the playoffs, Aaron Jones will be heavily relied upon, but this year has been very different. He has topped 100 yards rushing just twice this year. And his usage has decreased significantly. He had 201 carries in 14 games last year, but only 30 in 15 games this year. The Giants should be able to run Dillon between the tackles early in the game to establish the tempo of the game and to set up play-action later on.

Aj Dillon could be a key contributor for the Giants in 2019. As a sophomore, he had more carries than Jones in the first seven games of the season, but it was not enough to catch up to Jones’ production. In two games, Dillon logged more than twice as many carries as Jones. In addition to a strong receiving ability, Dillon is a solid pass catcher and he forced the most missed tackles among 2020 class wide receivers.

He has a strong handcuff off of Aaron Jones

The Packers’ A.J. Dillon and Aaron Jones have been a stale couple in fantasy football for years. However, Dillon’s strong handcuff against Jones may be the right call this time around. Both players have high flex values, but Dillon might be the better pick than Jones if he plays well. The Packers will need the stud running back to win their division, so Dillon may be the best option.

Despite Dillon’s mediocre rookie season, his upside is impressive. The second-year running back was limited to 16 percent of the Packers’ snaps and fewer than 50 opportunities. He wasn’t a buzz-worthy player heading into the 2021 season, but his performance was recognized as a solid handcuff following the departure of Jamaal Williams. ADP has climbed up by more than 100 spots since then, so Dillon has a good chance of breaking into the top-12 in the fantasy world.

The Chiefs are still unsure about Jones’ future. With Davante Adams’ suspension, Jones’ value is at an all-time high, but he’s not likely to be the lead back for the entire season. His upside is limited by the insecurity surrounding his status. The Buccaneers have a core offensive component in Leonard Fournette, and Fournette has been a productive fantasy player when given a real opportunity to shine.