Best NFL Week 15 Picks

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If you are looking for the best NFL Week fifteen picks, you will need to pay attention to a few key factors. Despite a bad start to the season, the Saints offense has a chance to surprise. The Niners have been inconsistent and the Chargers’ run defense has fallen into free fall. Green Bay’s defense has struggled to stop turnovers, but with a healthy Taysom Hill, the Packers could be a good bet.

Saints’ offense with Taysom Hill has a chance to surprise

It’s hard to look past the lack of production by Taysom Hill, who has made only 18 attempts in his career. While Winston has been the better quarterback this offseason, Hill has been a legitimate option since Brees’ injury. Hill is 3-1 as a starter when Brees was out. His completion percentage is 72.7%, but he struggles with third and fourth reads.

The Saints’ offense with Taysom Hill can surprise with its running game. He was given $16 million in guarantees in the offseason. In the two games Siemian started, the Saints went winless. But when Winston was injured, the Saints won one of them. Hill’s versatility can also help the Saints’ running game. The Saints’ read-option with Taysom Hill could make the offense one of the league’s best rushing offenses.

With a quarterback injury, the Saints’ offense with Hill has a chance to surprise. While the coaching staff focuses on preparing for the playoff run, the front office should also be looking to the future of the team. If they believe that Hill is the future quarterback, they will have problems in the playoffs. This is why the front office shouldn’t believe in Hill as the quarterback of the future.

While the quarterback situation is a question mark, Hill’s early-season numbers have been encouraging. He’s been a three-game starter, which gives him the opportunity to prove himself against other NFL contenders. The quarterback position will be decided at some point this season, but it’s worth keeping an eye on Hill’s progress in the offseason. If Hill can prove himself as a reliable passer, he could surprise many people.

Chargers’ run defense has gone into free fall

The Chargers’ run defense has been in free fall since the beginning of the season. The first game of the season saw the Chargers hold the Raiders to a measly 77 yards rushing on 25 carries while holding Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb to just a combined 222 yards on 26 carries. But the defense has shown signs of improvement in recent weeks, and this week they face the big-playing Denver Broncos running back who had a 100-yard game against the Chargers.

Despite the lack of playmakers on the outside, the Chargers’ secondary still looks good in general. Andrew Brown missed Saturday’s practice, but is listed as day to day. The Chargers will practice in helmets on Saturday and will get their first practice in pads on Monday. The Chargers have a number of other injuries to their secondary. This is why they have been able to scout the Jacksonville Jaguars’ secondary well.

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The Chargers’ offensive line was good enough to finish third in the league last year, but the run defense was an issue. The Chargers’ front seven was lacking, and the secondary wasn’t good enough to contain Melvin Ingram. Even if the Chargers had good pass-rushers, they finished near the bottom in yards per carry. That isn’t good enough in this offense, and this is why Staley’s defensive scheme requires the front seven to muddy up the line of scrimmage. Staley’s defensive philosophy was used by the Rams, and they finished as the league’s top-ranked defense last season.

The Chargers’ run defense has suffered since Mack’s signing. Although they still have good talent in their secondary, they need to get more consistency from the other linebackers. As a result, the Chargers will struggle to stop opponents’ running plays. This is a problem that the team needs to address immediately. If it can’t do that, it’s probably not worth a playoff spot.

Niners’ run defense has been inconsistent

The Niners’ run defense has been inconsistent in its last three games, but they’ve been better against power & counter runs. The 49ers have allowed 8 runs of 15 yards or more this year. That’s over 20 percent of the 15-yard runs allowed in the NFL this season. Still, the defense has played well in the passing game, which helps it to remain competitive. This article looks at some of the factors that can make or break the run defense for the 49ers.

The 49ers’ pass defense has also been inconsistent this season, but not as bad as the team’s run defense. In fact, the 49ers’ pass defense has not faced as many challengers as the run defense. They have also given up yards in tight games and when the 49ers were trailing. That’s not a good sign. But they have the potential to be better. With a better pass defense and a better run defense, the Niners should be a contender in the NFC West.

The Rams are the only team in the NFL that can match the 49ers’ run defense in terms of sacks. They rank seventh in adjusted sack rate, but their pressure is also low. The 49ers rank ninth in pressure rate and fifth in pass rush win rate. But their run defense has been inconsistent all season. They have given up too many long touchdown runs, and they’re not a team you can count on.

The Texans’ offense has been inconsistent, but their offense is filled with castaways. The only player that has been consistent is quarterback Davis Mills. The Texans’ offense has been better when Mills is on the field. It usually means that the quarterback has the “it” in this situation. Mills should have plenty of confidence against the weak cornerbacks on the 49ers. So, while it’s impossible to predict the outcome of this game, it’s important to look at all the factors that go into a Texans victory.

Green Bay’s defense has struggled with turnovers

The Green Bay Packers’ defense has not been able to force many turnovers in recent weeks. The team has forced just eight turnovers over the past five games. During the 2010-11 season, the Packers’ defense forced 51 turnovers and allowed 45 sacks. However, the defense has struggled with turnovers and has forced only seven turnovers in five games this season. Despite the defensive issues, the Packers’ offense still has the potential to win games. However, the offense needs to be able to move the ball effectively on offense.

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The Packers have struggled with turnovers during the last two seasons and have lost four of their last five games. While they have a solid offensive line, the Packers’ defense has been plagued by mistakes. Last season, the Packers had four interceptions, two of which were dropped by the quarterback. As a result, they were able to win only one game. With a healthy defense, turnovers aren’t going to be an issue this year.

The Packers’ defense has been unable to force turnovers over the past five games, but they are starting to turn that around. The team forced 41 turnovers and forced 17 fumbles. The offense scored six touchdowns in that stretch, with Don Hutson setting a franchise record with 29 points in the second quarter. In Week 10, they held the Chicago Bears to just three touchdowns and forced a punt.

The Packers’ defense has also been a problem this season. After the bye week, the Packers have only forced eight turnovers. Moreover, the team had a negative turnover differential. Only three teams in history have won with a negative turnover differential. They must get better at this to win consistently. And that is a tall order for a team with such a short turnover differential. However, a good defense should be able to make more than one interception a game.

Seahawks’ defense has struggled to contain Derek Carr

The Seahawks’ defense has struggled to stop Carr this season. They have allowed a whopping 267 passing yards per game. If they can’t contain him, they’ll be in trouble. But they should be able to find a way to slow him down and win this game. Here are three players to watch in Week 15.

Oakland Raiders: The Raiders have been a nightmare to cover the pass in recent years, but they’ve gotten much better this season. The Raiders have allowed only two touchdowns this season. The Raiders’ offense has been more consistent and efficient, so we expect them to do better this week. The Seahawks’ defense has struggled to contain Carr this season, which has led them to rely on other options.

Bengals: With Eli Manning struggling to contain Derek Carr, the Bengals’ offense should be able to get the job done. The Jets, meanwhile, have a strong defense and a good QB in Sam Darnold. They’ll put up a fight in this game, but will fall short. And the Seahawks’ defense has struggled to contain Derek Carr this season, so a win here could be a good bet.

The Raiders’ defense has struggled to contain Derek Car this season, but Nick Bosa has been a key contributor. He’s tied for third in the league with 15 sacks and leads the league with 18 tackles for loss. If he can get the job done, he could become only the fourth player to have a sack in eight straight road games since the league began tracking it.