Carson Goz and Lukas Kusters

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The Dutch are famous for their beautiful football players, and the same goes for Carson Wentz. The Dutch have many great football players, but few can match Carson Wentz. He is the favorite of a young boy named Lukas Kusters. Here is why. Despite his age, Lukas has a huge crush on the German-born player. In this article, we will explore the many ways in which he stands out.

Max Shott

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Lukas Kusters

Last May, Carson Wentz and Lukas Kusters visited the Eagles’ practice facility, and Wentz presented a wristband with the words, “Dutch Destroyer,” to Wentz. Lukas had already received autographs from every player in the game, and Wentz brought him a smoothie. After the game, Wentz and Lukas embraced and Wentz rubbed Lukas’ bald head.

Lukas Kusters, the second youngest of five boys, was diagnosed with stomach cancer at age eight. Known as “The Dutch Destroyer,” he had long dreamed of playing in the NFL for the Philadelphia Eagles. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at a young age, and his battle lasted many months. He met Carson Wentz through ESPN’s “Make-A-Wish” series, and the two met for the first time during this journey.

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Although Lukas Kusters had a limited life expectancy, his family was still able to grant him one of his wishes. He had been given a “Dutch Destroyer” wristband by his mother, who was wearing his jersey to the game. Lukas’ family buried him wearing the jersey he had signed during the Make-A-Wish day in 2013.

The first time Max and Lukas met was at a training camp in August of 2015. After the game, the Eagles put Max’s story on Rebecca’s radar, and invited him and his family to attend the team’s practice. Lukas’ parents couldn’t have been happier. Despite the sad news, the two had a good time getting to know each other.

Carson Wentz

Did you know that the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is Dutch? The name might surprise you, but that does not mean you should be embarrassed. The young fan of the Philadelphia Eagles has been fascinated by Wentz since he first came on the scene. His Dutch descent helps him make sense of his newfound fame. In fact, it is not the first time that Wentz has been referred to as Dutch. In fact, the nickname was coined to differentiate him from the other American quarterbacks.

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback has a unique connection to his native country. Lukas Kusters, a Dutch destroyer, was a friend of Wentz’s family. This connection was made through a piece aired by ESPN last October. Kusters had recently lost his son Lukas to cancer. This story inspired Wentz to make a sign for the boy and donate it to the team.

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The Dutch Destroyer bracelet was inspired by Wentz’s visit to Lukas in the hospital. Wentz, a proud family man, was inspired to give the boy a Dutch Destroyer bracelet. This story inspired people around the world, and the proceeds from the bracelets helped other families with children with cancer. That’s how proud he is of his Dutch heritage! There’s nothing quite like having a Dutch-American dad!


Since the first Eagles game in 2013, Max Shott and his wife, Gabrielle, have made it a tradition to attend the first home game of the season. The couple was married seven years ago, and are proud parents of two boys – Max, born Dec. 22 and Maximus, born on Oct. 30. Both Max and Gabrielle have survived leukemia, and the love of their lives continues to inspire them.


The late Jerry Carson Goz was active in the Grant County Roping Club. He served as president and took part in numerous weekend ranch rodeos. He competed in calf roping, team roping, bareback riding, and team penning. His family was also active in the club, serving as secretary and heeling partner. He also rode with his horse Elmer in saddle puling competitions and won a few of them.

Sharon and Jerry were married for 59 years and reside in North Platte, Nebraska. They have four children and five grandchildren. The couple has two great grandchildren. The Goz family has two grandchildren and two great grandchildren. While Jerry’s career in real estate is well-known, his family is also active. In addition to being a realtor, he is a real estate developer, generating more than $15 million in sales annually.