Carson Wentz Vs Kirk Cousins – Which Is Better?

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When you’re comparing the two quarterbacks in the NFL, you’re likely to find a few things that distinguish one from the other. For one, both have their strong points. Carson Wentz has more mobility than Kirk Cousins, and both have shown that they can run the ball. But if you want to know who is better overall, you need to look at their stats.


With Jimmy Garoppolo, the San Francisco 49ers are hoping that they can get a quality quarterback in exchange for Carson Wentz. While interest in Garoppolo has been lukewarm, Kirk Cousins and Carson Wentz are generating a lot of buzz. While trade rumors surrounding Garoppolo aren’t as prevalent as the ones surrounding Wentz, Adam Schefter is making headlines by suggesting that the 49ers may look to move Jimmy.

The 49ers are desperate for a quarterback, and they can’t afford to sit Garoppolo this offseason. However, if they are willing to take the risk, they can get one. It’s not impossible to get a great quarterback for three first-round picks. But the Broncos must be willing to be creative. Garoppolo is a promising young quarterback, and he has a lot of potential to develop into a Josh Allen type of quarterback. While Garoppolo’s future is uncertain, the Broncos need a star quarterback to compete with Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes in the AFC West.

The 49ers have been known to trade for a starting quarterback in recent years. In the past, they have been in the market for a quarterback for months and have already looked into several candidates. Garoppolo is a good fit for the team’s need, but it’s important to keep in mind that he’s still on a contract. If he’s not ready for the big stage, the 49ers should consider a trade.

If the Colts move up in the draft, they need a quarterback to take their team to the next level. They have a good team, but their quarterback position isn’t quite clear. A second-round pick isn’t an obvious choice, but the Colts’ past history suggests they aren’t getting too much help from their quarterback situation. Unlike the Packers, the Colts are in a winnable division and could contend for the AFC title.

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Kirk Cousins

Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins and backup Carson Goz are free agents. Both are expected to sign with other teams, but what will the future hold for them? It’s hard to say, because they were so good the past three seasons. But, they are both ready to step up and make the next level. And they are ready to compete with the best quarterbacks in the league. So, which of the two will you choose?

Nick Foles

If you are looking for a quarterback, there are two great options for you: Kirk Cousins and Carson Goz. Both are mediocre, but neither will make a huge impact on the team. If you want to avoid the injury bug this season, consider the former Carolina Panthers quarterback. He has a good arm and can throw the ball downfield. But if you want a more accurate passer, go with Goz.

If you want a veteran quarterback, there are a couple of great options available. The Chargers are a great fit for a young quarterback. They have depth in the secondary and can run the offense and get the ball out to the running backs. Kirk Cousins is more suited for the run, but he can be effective as a thrower, too.

Carson Wentz

The first comparison between Carson Wentz and Kirk Cousins is to compare their play during their first two seasons. Wentz has been on the rise in the past two seasons and is showing why the Eagles drafted him second overall. He’s outperforming Cousins in several key areas, including his accuracy, mobility, and overall efficiency. As the Eagles’ second quarterback, Wentz has a bright future ahead of him.

The two quarterbacks have similar skill sets, but they differ in their past experience and overall talent. Both are 34, so they are likely to command different price tags. Obviously, Cousins is the better overall player, but he is also more expensive than Wentz. If the Vikings get Wentz, the price is likely to go up. However, if the Vikings draft Wentz, the Ravens might be tempted to trade him for the top pick.

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Despite this, the Eagles and Vikings are not bitter rivals. They met as freshmen in college when Cousins was the offensive coordinator for the Washington Football Team. Since then, the Minnesota Vikings have made their quarterback the better option and have had some success. The Vikings have won four straight games with Cousins. During the preseason, Carson Wentz has gone 6 of 9 passes for 64 yards.

The trade of Wentz and Cousins is a cautionary tale. The Vikings need to make room for incoming rookies. Both quarterbacks have had sub-par seasons and are likely to be traded. Besides, the Colts traded Wentz to avoid a financial crisis. And despite Wentz’s abysmal season, the Vikings will likely be stuck with Kirk Cousins as their franchise quarterback.

Teddy Bridgewater

If you want to know who should be the starting quarterback for the 2014 NFL Draft, look no further than the Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars. Both Teddy Bridgewater and Chad Henne are top-notch quarterbacks who will be key contributors to their teams. With their different backgrounds and skill sets, they can offer a wide variety of things to teams. This season will be the first test for each of them, but the winner will have an edge in the NFC North.

In Week 6, the Vikings won their game against the Lions, and they are now atop the NFC North. However, the Vikings are in dire need of a boost. Teddy Bridgewater’s struggles paired with his inexperienced defense left many fans wondering if he’s ready for a full-time role in Minnesota. While the Redskins have a chance to beat the Titans this Sunday, the Vikings are in dire need of a win.

The Rams, on the other hand, are in desperate need of a quarterback. They need a quarterback who can help them win the Super Bowl. Kirk Cousins is a good option for this team, but the Seahawks should have a quarterback of their own. And they’re going to be a division rival. This is why they need to pick their starting quarterback well.

Regardless of the starter, the Packers have a lot of talent on the offensive side. Chip Kelly has the Eagles’ offensive players. Kirk Cousins and DeSean Jackson are both great players, but who’s better? The Seahawks have a history of winning. So, which quarterback will win the NFC East? A solid choice for either one of them is the one who’s more comfortable playing at the top level.