Chiropractor Found Dead in His Office

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A Florida chiropractor found dead in his office has been identified as Dr. William LaTorre. According to the St. Petersburg Police Department, Dr. LaTorre’s death was a suicide. No foul play is suspected in the shooting death of the chiropractor, who was working at LaTorre Wellness Center, 2150 49th St. N., on Sunday. The St. Petersburg Police Department is investigating. Police have not released a motive for the shooting.

James Sowa

In September of this year, a chiropractor named James Sowa was found dead in his office. Joseph O’Boyle had been complaining about pain in his jaw for years and had made an appointment with Sowa in Bensalem. When he failed to receive the relief he had been looking for, he decided to sue the chiropractor for making his suffering worse. He broke into the office and beat Sowa to death. Police believe that the chiropractor was suffering from a mental disorder and was unable to communicate with his family.

Surveillance video captured O’Boyle entering Sowa’s office on the morning of the murder. O’Boyle allegedly spent less than a minute inside the office before fleeing the scene. While inside the office, he struck Sowa multiple times in the jaw and hit him in the head with a blunt object. The investigation into the murder is ongoing.

O’Boyle confessed to killing Sowa to police, but his father told detectives that he didn’t kill the chiropractor. The detective had questioned O’Boyle about the murder and he became agitated. Then the detective tried to get him to confess to the crime, but the defendant’s father hid the confession from police at first. Ultimately, O’Boyle admitted to the crime and remains in jail on $100,000 bail.

O’Boyle’s trial will be held in June. After O’Boyle pleads guilty to the murder, he will face sentencing for his crime. If convicted of the crime, O’Boyle will spend the rest of his life in prison. The sentencing hearing is scheduled for June 6, 2022. The prosecution hopes to convict the defendant to a minimum of three years in prison.

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Dr. James Sowa was found dead in his home last November. He was 64 years old and ran a solo practice in southern Bucks County. He and his wife, Barbara, had been in the area for about 40 years, and the family said he was a volunteer during the coronavirus pandemic. Joseph O’Boyle was recently found guilty of murder and sentenced to 37 to 74 years in prison.

John Kolonich

A prominent New Jersey chiropractor is dead after fatally stabbing his wife Melissa in the chest. Kolonich was 46 years old and was found dead at his Franklinville home on August 5. Investigators believe the couple had a bitter feud that led to the fatal stabbing. The couple had been married for ten years and had three children. Melissa was a mother of three. John Kolonich, a chiropractor, had been accused of killing his wife in an unsolved crime in 2015.

The family of the deceased has released a GoFundMe page to help the girl. The chiropractor and his wife had started their practice in 2004 and had supported veterans and law enforcement. They were also raising a daughter together. Melissa Kolonich’s family is also mourning her husband’s death. The funeral for Kolonich and his wife will be held at the Gloucester County Community Church on Friday morning.

A Facebook profile for John and Lisa Kolonich shows birthday wishes for the deceased couple. The dates of their birthdays match exactly. Facebook also reveals that John and Lisa Kolonich were both supporters of law enforcement and veterans. John Kolonich’s page mentions fund-raising efforts for Franklin police officers. On the night before their deaths, they changed their profile pictures. While it is unclear whether they were killed while driving, they were known to be supportive of each other.

The Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation into a murder-suicide. Two separate crime scenes were investigated. The incident began on Sandra Way in Franklinville, NJ. John Kolonich had left his Florawood Court residence, left the roadway, and crashed his vehicle into a home on Sandra Way. He then proceeded to commit suicide in his vehicle. While his wife was inside the house, Melissa died of apparent stab wounds.

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Dr. William La Torre

A St. Petersburg chiropractor named Dr. William La Torre has been found dead. He was a famous chiropractor with a troubled past. In 1989, he was involved in a fatal accident in which four teens were killed. He was cleared of all charges and hired a prominent Tampa attorney, but had several pending issues, including federal liens, foreclosure, and bankruptcy. This may have led to his suicide.

Todd La Torre is grieving the loss of his father. On Oct. 16, he was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head. The deceased was the owner of a St. Peterburg, Florida, chiropractic clinic called La Torre Wellness Center. He was an experienced chiropractor who believed in holistic health care. A gun was discovered near his body, but no note was left behind. A search for a suspect is ongoing.

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Dr. David Bailey

The case of Dr. David Bailey, chiropractor found dead inside his office in North Huntingdon, PA, is still a mystery. His body was found around 9:45 a.m., 30 minutes before his office’s opening time. Although no arrests have been made, investigators believe foul play may have been involved. Bailey was considered a homicide. His family has offered a reward for information that leads to an arrest. The incident is a tragedy for the Bailey family.

The family of the missing doctor are seeking the public’s help in locating his killers. The case has been complicated by the fact that Bailey was a Vietnam veteran who was saved and born again in the U.S. Army. Bailey was married to Cheryl Bailey for 35 years. They shared a love of ballroom dancing. They have two grown sons, two godchildren and one grandchild. Those who knew Dr. Bailey are trying to come to terms with his death.