Darrell Taylor Could Be a Long-Lasting LEO For the Seahawks

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We’re always looking for new and exciting players on the NFL’s edge, and Darrell Taylor is no exception. Despite his injury history, the former Stanford star still has plenty to offer. In this video, you’ll see why Taylor has the potential to be a long-lost LEO edge rusher for the Seahawks. Check out the over 8-minute video below to learn more. It’s a great way to learn about the latest news surrounding Taylor.


The Seahawks have had a good start to the season. As a rookie, Taylor did not have the same success as he does now. However, he was still a force to be reckoned with heading into his second NFL season. Taylor has already recorded five sacks, which is enough to make him a top five rookie. Below, we take a look at Taylor’s stats.

Darrell Taylor is the leading sacks man for the Seattle Seahawks and has the potential to exceed ten sacks this season. In addition, he is the only Seahawks defensive lineman that has proven consistent. The Seahawks selected Taylor in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft. He is an excellent choice for the defensive line position as he has the ability to cover receivers and the quarterback.

Last year, Taylor shifted to outside linebacker after playing defensive end for three years. The switch allowed Taylor to develop as an edge rusher. Because Jonathan Kongbo had a higher sack total, Taylor took a year to make his mark. Last season, he had eight sacks and led all SEC players in that category. The next year, Taylor is expected to double his output. In fact, he would have surpassed White’s mark for sacks for a first season since his sophomore year.

In his rookie season, Taylor did not play many games due to a leg injury. Despite that, he is now the leader of the Seahawks with four sacks. However, despite his recent success, the Seahawks do not have a reliable pass rush and Taylor is not a good fantasy streamer in this matchup. It is still too early to tell if he will play against the Saints.

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The Seattle Seahawks have been a disappointment in pass rush. Taylor has been inconsistent this year and hasn’t had many opportunities to play a big role in their success. The defense has struggled to develop since last season. Despite this, the Seahawks are now tied with the Detroit Lions for the most sacks. Despite this, Taylor is still one of the most effective defensive players in the NFL and should have a good career.


Darrell Taylor isn’t just a pass rusher. He is a legitimate edge rusher who uses his speed to get sacks. In the first preseason game, Taylor played with the starting defensive unit. He had three solo tackles and 1.5 sacks. His defensive efforts helped the Seahawks’ defense suffocate the Chargers. In the second preseason game, Taylor finished with four tackles, including one sack.

Taylor has been a key part of the Seahawks’ defense, which has won numerous Super Bowls. In fact, he is one of the best tacklers on the team. His sacks and fumble recoveries have helped the team in the past. He is a defender who is tough and will do whatever it takes to stop the opposing team. He can be dangerous on the outside, but he can also get burned on the inside.

After missing all of 2020 because of a shin injury, Taylor returned to the field in 2021 and has been a huge contributor. He has started every game this year and is currently on pace to post the most tackles this season. In his most recent game, against the San Francisco 49ers, he brought down trey lance. In his debut season, Taylor recorded four sacks and five quarterback hits. After missing the entire 2020 season due to injury, he is now playing in his second NFL season and has been a big contributor to the team’s success.

Darrell Taylor appeared to sustain a significant injury against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night, but it is unknown what caused the injury. On Monday, the team’s coach said that Taylor’s MRI showed that there was no serious injury. The MRI results suggest that Taylor’s injury could be related to his shoulder. However, the team’s medical staff is now trying to determine what is wrong with the defensive end.

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MRI results

The MRI results of Darrell Taylor are good, the Seahawks confirmed on Monday. The defensive end underwent testing at a local hospital and was able to fly home with the team. Early reports indicated that a CT scan of the brain was negative. However, the extent of Taylor’s injuries is still unknown. The injury is a setback for the Seahawks, who were defeated by the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime.

Pete Carroll said that the Seahawks are hopeful that defensive end Darrell Taylor will be able to return to action. The injury to Taylor came during the game against the Steelers on Sunday, when he was injured. The coach confirmed that Taylor did not sustain a shoulder or neck injury, but his status is day-to-day. “We’re hopeful that Darrell Taylor will be able to play again,” Carroll said.


Seattle Seahawks linebacker Darrell Taylor has undergone an MRI following a grueling season that included an injury to his leg. The team is hopeful that Taylor will be back to full health before training camp begins. The injury brought back hard feelings between the two teams. In 2017, Steelers star linebacker Ryan Shazier was nearly paralyzed after suffering a neck injury against the Cincinnati Bengals. Shazier underwent spinal stabilization surgery and will retire from the NFL in 2020.

While Taylor’s prognosis is currently unclear, there is no indication that the injury will cause permanent disability. The player’s condition will be monitored closely, and the prognosis for Taylor will be announced as soon as it becomes available. The team will provide updates as the situation develops. The following is a list of possible treatments for Taylor. It’s best to consult a doctor when determining a course of treatment.

A metal rod implanted into Taylor’s leg will help stabilize his leg. The athlete is expected to be up and walking in 11 days after surgery. There are steri-strips at the surgical incisions, which are sterile. Taylor will also receive an intramedullary nail, which reinforces the tibia and allows him to bear weight right away. In addition, the surgery will be easier on Taylor’s groin, allowing him to play through the pain.

The good news for Darrell Taylor is that he is likely to be back playing football by the end of the season. He has a 1 year old son, Ka’Marii. His son, Ka’Marii, was born in the summer of 2018, making his prognosis all the more complicated. The two will likely be playing in his first NFL game together. However, the toughest part will be coping with the stress of playing football while being a father.