Denzel Mims Highlights

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The Jets have signed wide receiver Denzel Mims, who played at Baylor University. This versatile player can fit into any NFL scheme and is underrated. In this video, we take a look at some of his most memorable plays. It shows Mims’ route-running savvy and his physicality.

Denzel Mims’ contested catch in tight coverage

Despite his age, Denzel Mims has shown flashes of potential during his brief time with the Jets. The second-round pick from 2020 had a promising rookie season but slid off the radar last season. He now enters his second season as a Jets player with the hope of earning a spot on the 53-man roster.

Mims is a dynamic pass-catcher, capable of making highlight reel catches. His athleticism, length, hands, and leaping ability make him a valuable commodity on offenses looking to gain first downs and touchdowns. In addition, Mims has excellent body control and concentration. As a result, he projects to be an NFL touchdown machine.

Mims’ ability to get out of tight coverage makes him an intriguing prospect. He has a long stride, but tends to slow down waiting for the football. Despite this, Mims does not tend to gain much YAC. However, his elusiveness makes him a great option for contested catches.

Mims has shown flashes of his athleticism during the first four games of the season. The 6-4, 207-pound former Baylor standout showed off his athleticism during training camp and in minicamp. He played with the third-string offense, despite his lack of experience. The rookie was able to haul in a pass from Chris Streveler while skims atop Luq Barcoo.

Mims’ penalties were just flat-out silly

One thing is clear, Mims was in trouble during training camp, and his penalties were a prime example of that. He committed a number of penalties, including several for illegal use of hands. As a result, he was benched during the second half of the game against New Orleans. While he deserved the punishment, his penalties were just flat-out silly.

Mims was stuffed on a slant route by a cornerback playing way off his size. With his 6’3″ and 207-pound frame, he should have been beating the cornerback, not being jammed up by him. However, the blunder was exacerbated by Mims’ poor awareness upon the arrival of the ball.

Mims’ route-running savvy

Denzel Mims’ route-running is a key element to his success. As a receiver, he can make highlight-reel grabs with his hands and a great sense of direction. He can also extend and go up over defenders to catch the ball. He is also an excellent tracker and has a natural feel for the ball. Moreover, his releases are precise and account for his opponent’s actions.

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As a blocker, Mims is also aggressive. His physical traits make him an excellent fit for that role. He is also athletic enough to play the X position, but isn’t quite as big as a traditional Z receiver. Still, Mims has good route-running ability and could contribute right away with the Jets.

Mims had an impressive senior season as a Texas native and was a four-sport athlete in high school. He finished with 186 receptions for 2,925 yards and 28 touchdowns. During the NFL Combine, he ran a 4.38 40-yard dash and a 6.66 3-Cone, which is pretty fast for a player his size. Many draft experts believe that Mims will go in the top 50 of the draft.

Mims is now the sixth wide receiver on the Jets’ depth chart, and he has already leapfrogged three other rookies during the offseason. He is also trying to figure out a new offensive scheme. In a month, the team will have to make a decision whether or not to cut him or keep him on the roster.

His physicality

Mims’ physicality can be easily seen in his route running and his power. While he isn’t a barrel-through-the-tackle guy, he has enough power to win contested games. His long strides, strong arms, and elusiveness will allow him to gain ground quickly. He is also an effective blocker in the run game.

Mims is a huge-bodied wide receiver who can make big plays downfield. He’s also capable of blocking on plays intended to get other receivers in space. He’s a 6’3″, 215-pound wide receiver out of Baylor. He’s expected to be one of the top receivers drafted this year, and his size will fit well into the Ravens’ offense.

The Jets’ offensive coordinator, Mike LaFleur, added to the hype by saying that Mims is in his best physical shape. The athleticism Mims showed while playing for Baylor was evident. However, he appeared to have difficulty adjusting to the new playbook last offseason.

Mims’ physicality is also evident in his route running. While he’s still considered a “raw” route runner, he has shown some signs of potential. He’s not a stop-go runner, and he doesn’t consistently execute sharp breaks. On the other hand, his stop-go moves have been well-executed and he’s starting to add more complexity to his routes. He doesn’t appear to be an exceptional receiver, but he’s a good player who can contribute to your offense.

His intelligence

Denzel Mims is a third-year wide receiver who is in great shape and has had a strong spring. He has been considered one of the top wide receivers in the 2020 NFL Draft. He has a 4.38 second 40-yard time and a 26.0% target share in college. He was drafted by the New York Jets in the second round. He played football at Daingerfield High School in Texas and committed to Baylor University. During his high school years, he also ran and played basketball.

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Mims is a talented runner and possesses great dexterity. He can reach over defensive players to make a catch. He can even come down inbounds on the sideline and save quarterbacks from making inaccurate throws. His one fumble in 2018 came from his lack of concentration and not his lack of strength.

Despite not mastering the techniques needed to run route routes, Mims has shown some promise. If he can master the techniques, he has high potential. His other skills and gifts can make him a productive player.

His route-running savvy

Mims has all of the physical tools to be an explosive force in the NFL. He has an uncanny wingspan, good speed and good length, which will allow him to be a reliable red-zone target. Mims will need to improve his route-running savvy in order to play up to his physical tools.

Route-running savvy is a key attribute in the LaFleur offense. Without it, a slot weapon is limited. Route-running savvy will allow Mims to be a dynamic threat on every play. But it takes a lot of route-running savvy to excel as a slot weapon.

Mims’ route-running savvy can help a team score points in the passing game. He possesses an excellent sense of when and how to move in tight spaces, which translates to his success on the field. This skill is applied at the line of scrimmage, at the breakpoint of his routes, and after the catch. His route-running savvy is consistent, and his hands are rarely not framed in tight position. His breaks and releases account for the actions of his opponent.

The lack of reps and opportunities to work in the offseason limited Mims’ production during his rookie season. Despite his savvy in the offense, he missed a handful of practice sessions, causing him to miss significant time. While he did play well in early training camp, he was limited to a mere two-thirds of his regular season. He was targeted twenty-seven times last season and caught eight passes. The new playbook and coaching staff have emphasized route-running and precision in the offense.

His ball skills

As a rookie, Denzel Mims had some solid moments on the field. Among his highlights were two contested touchdown catches and his impressive jump ball skills. But despite his athleticism and body control, his ball skills aren’t elite. JJ Arcega-Whiteside possesses more natural high-pointing ability and superior body positioning.

Denzel Mims is a Texas native who was an all-around athlete in high school and college. He finished his career with 186 receptions for 2,925 yards and 28 touchdowns. In college, he started 13 games for the Baylor Bears and recorded 66 receptions for 1,020 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Mims had a disappointing 2021 season. Though he had a strong draft position, he was often a healthy scratch and did little to impress when he was put in the starting lineup. The Jets drafted him in the second round of the 2020 draft and had high hopes for him. In his first two seasons with the Jets, he was the second-most-drafted wide receiver, but he has yet to live up to expectations. Still, his work ethic and dedication to the game are commendable.

Before the NFL Combine, Mims was considered a mid-third-round pick. However, his impressive performance at the Combine helped him turn heads. He ran a 4.38 in the 40-yard dash, which tied him for fifth overall and third among wide receivers. He also recorded an impressive 38.5-inch vertical. These stats have helped him move up draft boards and push his stock into the late first or early second round.