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In this Denzel Mims highlights video, we’re going to examine his ball skills, size and speed. We’ll also look at his ability to blend into any NFL scheme. He’s a versatile wide receiver who can fit into most offensive schemes. Despite his underrated status, Mims is a tremendous talent. JustBomb Productions created the thumbnail. Here’s a look at some of his best moments.

Denzel Mims

New York Jets rookie wide receiver Denzel Mims has shown promise in his short career in the NFL, but he has not quite lived up to his potential yet. Although the second-round pick in the 2020 draft has a tremendous work ethic, he has been limited in his two seasons with the Jets. Mims’s future with the team remains uncertain, but he has already shown flashes on special teams and will have the opportunity to make an impact if he is given the chance to play.

The Jets’ offensive line is a concern, but they do have a few weapons to bolster their offense. One of those players is Denzel Mims, who has made some impressive plays in training camp. Mims had an impressive touchdown catch last week, leaping over defensive tackles Elijah Riley and Luq Barcoo. Though Mims has tremendous athleticism, he struggles with fundamentals of his position.

The first mistake Mims makes is not getting to his intended destination. He gets jammed up on a slant route by a smaller cornerback. At six-foot-three, he should have dominated this cornerback. But instead, Mims fails to beat the safety with his speed. His poor awareness of the route after the ball arrives makes the outside corner quickly identify it and cover him. The ball is also caught in the end zone and no flag is thrown.

While his rookie season in 2020 was more promising, his sophomore year was not. His two strained hamstrings prevented him from playing the entire season. In addition, he dropped an open pass and was penalized for an illegal formation. These issues kept Mims from the field last year, and it would be hard to ignore his potential in the NFL. This season is another chance for him to show a team that he could be a great fit for the future.

His size

A big question mark surrounds Denzel Mims’ future with the Jets. He showed up for minicamp in excellent shape but was limited on offense and special teams. Despite this, the sophomore tight end has impressed with his size and talent on special teams. In a 12-7 preseason win over the Giants, Denzel had one of the best plays of the game. On third down, he converted a short pass into a 20-yard gain by running through the Giants defense. The play gave the Jets the ball and lead to the Jets’ only touchdown of the night.

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Despite his size, Denzel Washington has an impressive body. The actor’s big frame has a pronounced physical presence, a trait he uses to his advantage in the movies. During the Wild Card Game against the Bengals in 2013, Denzel was mic’d up and asked about his size. The resulting interview went viral, and he went on to get the ball and make a big impact on the game.

His speed

Mims’s explosiveness, fluidity, and physicality separated him from the rest of the North team throughout the day. He also showed off an impressive catch radius during one-on-one drills, which caused the scouts in the stands to say, “Wow.” While the Jets have not yet announced his future with the franchise, it’s clear that the young wideout has the potential to be a star.

His speed and agility were the two standouts from his Senior Bowl performance, and he was also one of the fastest players on the field during the Combine. In fact, he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.38 seconds and broke the three-cone drill in 6.66 seconds. While his speed was a highlight at the combine, his route running needs to be improved. The 2020 combine will be the first real test of his route running, and Mims showed it.

His size helps shield the football from defenders, and he shows good speed as a runner. He’s also very strong, and he can break tackles. He also has good body control, which can be especially helpful in sideline and close coverage situations. He’s a gritty wideout who has a competitive attitude. The Jets have made sure that Mims has the tools he needs to be a productive member of the wideout corps.

His burst off the snap and his quickness are two of his highlights. His acceleration and quickness are important for success in the NFL. Mims’s yards after catch per reception ranked 308th among college wideouts. The problem is that Mims rarely broke free of coverage when making a catch. Mims has to bring his acceleration back if he wants to make the best of it in his final season.

His ball skills

Denzel Mims has shown a great deal of potential during his NFL career, but his rookie season hasn’t lived up to expectations. Mims, a Texas native, was a star athlete at high school, finishing with 186 receptions for 2,925 yards and 28 touchdowns. At Baylor, he started 13 games and had 66 receptions for 1,020 yards and 12 touchdowns.

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The Jets are likely to keep Mims despite his limited breakout potential. Mims’ ability to get the ball is a big part of his game, but the team has a lot of receivers above him. Jeff Smith is above him on the depth chart. Mims could be traded to another team. A move to Carolina would make sense for Mims, as he’d likely be reunited with his former college coach, Matt Rhule.

Mims’ speed and agility are also among his highlights. He has an excellent range for catching the ball and has improved his route running skills as a result. Unlike many players who were once considered undersized in the draft, Mims is a complete receiver, including a strong route runner and a high-level of speed. Mims’ speed and athleticism will make him a valuable asset for any team.

Despite his age, Mims is a big and athletic wideout. He has excellent length and a strong upper body. He can shield the football and is very strong and powerful in the run game. His route-running and pass blocking skills are among his best attributes. The athleticism, agility, and size also help Mims be a valuable target in the red zone. He’s a very competitive wideout with great potential to play at the next level.

His penalties

Despite his physicality on the field, Denzel Mims’ penalties have been a source of confusion. His only pass interference was in the first quarter of last season, when he was flagged for illegal use of hands. He also drew a holding and false start penalty in the season’s first half. While these are baffling calls, Mims should still get the punishment he deserved.

The Jets should have given Denzel Mims the opportunity to prove himself against the Saints, but he wasted the opportunity. He had two costly penalties in the first half and ended up on the bench. He has played only eight games this season and has received limited targets from quarterback Zach Wilson. After being benched in the second quarter, he missed a third of them. In the fourth game, he had only one reception.

In training camp, Mims was in the Jets’ doghouse. His four penalties during practice have put his future with the team in jeopardy. It may also be a sign that the Jets have changed their offensive scheme, putting Mims on the bench. The Jets could move on from Mims in the offseason to make room for other players who can contribute at his position.

Despite Mims’ shortcomings as a defender, the Jets still plan to use him as a deep threat. As a result, the Jets should be open to trade offers for Mims, and they should do so soon. One team that might be interested in Mims is the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have been one of the league’s worst defenses this year.