DeVonta Smith and His Mom Moved Into a New House

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The first-round pick of the Philadelphia Eagles is taking care of his family by buying his mom a new home. The former collegiate football star is putting his efforts into her new place in New Jersey. Smith purchased the home for his mother, Christina Smith-Sylve, and they are moving in together. Read on for more details. Here’s the scoop. Here’s a sneak peek of the home.

Christina Smith-Sylve

DeVonta Smith-Sylve’s mother was born in Amite, Louisiana, which is under the jutting chin of the Mississippi. As a teenager, Smith-Sylve played basketball, but chose football instead. She listened to the social worker at a career day. Then, she went to Southern University in Baton Rouge, where she studied social work and became a certified teacher.

DeVonta Smith-Sylve was born to Christina Smith-Sylve and Kelvin Dickerson. His parents met in college and eventually married in 2001. Christina Smith-Sylve’s mom is a teacher, while her father works as a vehicle detail manager. DeVonta’s father rarely saw his child, even at the end of the day. However, they were photographed celebrating DeVonta’s Heisman Trophy victory.

Heisman Trophy winner

Philadelphia Eagles rookie wide receiver DeVonta Smith surprised his mother with a new home. Smith posted a video of his mother, Christine Smith-Sylve, crying when she walked into the house. Smith’s mom was so moved that she broke down and gave her son a big hug. Smith, a rising star in the NFL, was selected with the No. 10 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. He signed a four-year deal worth $20.1 million and a $12 million signing bonus with the Philadelphia Eagles.

In addition to the home purchase, Smith’s mom recently moved in with him. She will live in the home for many years to come and will surely be proud of her son. Smith also said that he intended to put most of his rookie contract into the bank after graduating from Alabama. Smith has received encouragement from his former teammates and the alumni of his alma mater. It’s clear that this is one of the biggest reasons he won the Heisman Trophy.

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After graduating from Alabama, DeVonta Smith surprised his mother with a new home and two brand new cars. The Heisman Trophy winner said he had no plans to use his money when asked about it on June 3. However, the star wide receiver revealed on his Instagram page that he had purchased a new house for his mom, Christine Smith-Sylve. His mother was a social worker who worked in Amite City.

Heisman Trophy winner Devonta Smith’s mother, Christina, is a social worker. She earned a social work degree from Southern University and the Agricultural & Mechanical College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Smith also worked for Alabama’s Eagles Wire and later joined the Crimson Tide as a senior. Smith’s stellar play earned him the Heisman Trophy, making him one of the most decorated wide receivers in SEC history.

The former college football star is now a first-round pick for the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL draft. He’ll receive a four-year rookie deal worth $20 million, with an option to sign for a fifth year. He will earn an average salary of $5,035,348 annually. Smith’s signing bonus will make up the rest of the contract. The four-year deal includes a $12 million signing bonus and a $5 million guaranteed fifth year.


The Philadelphia Eagles first-round pick recently made the big move by buying his mom a house in Atlanta. Smith shared a video on Instagram about the surprise he had planned for his mother, Christian Smith-Sylve. They are currently in the midst of their offseason workouts, and training camp will start in less than a month. The new home will be the perfect place for her to spend her golden years with her family.

A recent video of Smith’s moving day to his new home showed him making his mom feel welcome. Smith also said he planned to put the majority of his rookie contract into a savings account. His deal is a four-year, $20.1 million fully guaranteed deal. The video went viral, and Smith has received a lot of encouragement from former teammates and Alabama alumni. While his mother was understandably upset about his decision to move back home, she still wanted him to get the best possible start in life.

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After signing his rookie contract, the NFL rookie surprised his mom with a new house. Smith showed off his new home on Instagram, and even recorded her first impressions of it. Christine even bursts into tears and congratulates her son. The two of them have been close since Smith was selected in the first round of the NFL Draft. She even shares pictures of the house with her son. She’s clearly thrilled about the gift her son gave her.

In the 2021 NFL Draft, DeVonta Smith was picked tenth overall. She will be featured on Monday Night Football. She won the Heisman Trophy as her senior at Alabama in 2021 and helped the Tide win two College Football National Championships. She is also the first wide receiver to win the Heisman Trophy since 1991. The Philadelphia Eagles are thrilled with Smith’s talent and will do everything in their power to give her a successful career.

New home

Philadelphia Eagles rookie wide receiver DeVonta Smith surprised his mom with a new home. The video, captioned “to the world, I am a mother!”, shows Smith’s mom in tears as she looks at the new crib. The Philadelphia Eagles star’s surprise was well received by Smith’s mother, Christian Smith-Sylve. She was overcome with emotion and expressed her gratitude on her Instagram account.

The Philadelphia Eagles rookie showed his mother Christine his new home during a video post on his Instagram account. Christine Smith-Sylve breaks down in tears as she looks around the new house. Smith then gives her son a hug and thanks her. Smith was selected with the 10th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. He recently signed a four-year, $20.1 million deal, including a $12 million signing bonus.

In April, DeVonta signed a four-year, $20.1 million rookie deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. He was selected with the No. 10 pick in the NFL draft. Smith played college football for Alabama, winning the Heisman Trophy and setting school records. He will forever be known as a Crimson Tide legend. His new house is a wonderful surprise for both him and his mother, Christina Smith-Sylve.