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The first round of the 2019 NBA Draft produced a few intriguing players, but Peoples-Jones wasn’t one of them. His route tempo and ball skills are inconsistent, and His upside as a WR1 is questionable. But as a raw talent, his size and frame make him an intriguing red zone option. His lack of speed will limit his development as a perimeter option, but his physicality could help him develop into a dependable slot option. As a rookie, his potential is incredibly raw and he gives the Browns a great deal of room to work with.

Peoples-Jones’ route tempo is sluggish

Donovan Peoples-Jones was a five-star prospect coming out of high school, but he failed to produce over three seasons at Michigan. He does have excellent ball skills and has a high catch radius, but his route tempo is slow and his route tempo is sluggish. Peoples-Jones may be able to compete for a slot role in the Browns’ offense, but he won’t be able to make a difference on the outside. He is a good option as a big slot receiver, but he has a low ceiling and could go even higher in every draft before 2020.

Donovan Peoples-Jones was drafted as the 187th overall pick by the Cleveland Browns in the 2020 NFL Draft. He had a breakout year last season with 34 receptions for 597 yards and three touchdowns. That was impressive, and peoples-Jones’ strong training camp performance had him on the edge. With a mediocre quarterback, he may turn draft adversity into a motivational factor. Ultimately, God’s timing will work out for the best for DPJ and the Cleveland Browns.

Peoples-Jones has an excellent size-strength combination. He can focus on contested catch situations and fight for the ball against defenders. However, his route tempo is sluggish and he struggles to create quick routes. Despite his size and impressive ball skills, Peoples-Jones’ route tempo is sluggish, which can limit his fantasy value.

Though his route tempo is slow, he is a talented prospect and has plenty of upside. He’ll probably get more opportunities to develop as a playmaker in training camp. If his route tempo remains high and his route tempo is fast, he may emerge as a valuable addition to the Browns’ offense. But if his route tempo is slow, he will struggle to make an impact in the NFL.

Although Peoples-Jones hasn’t quite broken out, his potential as a No. 1 wide receiver could help Cleveland in its running game. His 4.48 40 time and 106.7 speed score suggest he could stretch the field for the Browns, where he will likely be a No. 2 receiver. Amari Cooper may help Peoples-Jones as an outside receiver.

His ball skills are inconsistent

Donovan Peoples-Jones declared for the NFL Draft on Friday and has since been listed as 6’2″ and 208 pounds. He reportedly ran a 40-yard dash in 4.4 seconds and was ranked as the nation’s top wide receiver coming out of high school. He was the sixth-highest overall recruit in the modern recruiting era and was the No. 1 wide receiver in his junior year. While his ball skills haven’t been consistent, he does have the physical traits to grow into a productive NFL target.

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The biggest concern about Peoples-Jones is his inconsistency as a receiver. While he possesses exceptional size and strength, his ball skills are inconsistent and he struggles to make plays against NFL-level corners. Peoples-Jones is a high-upside target with high upside and is highly competitive. He also lacks short-area quickness, which can prevent him from making the most of his athleticism.

The most obvious concern is Peoples-Jones’ inconsistency in the pass-catching department. He was a five-star recruit out of high school, but his production was inconsistent his last two seasons at Michigan. He is inconsistent because his route tempo is inconsistent, and he doesn’t run fast enough to play the outside position in the NFL. However, his tape as a big slot receiver suggests he can be a solid backup.

Although his ball-handling skills are inconsistent, his ability to break tackles is strong. He will have to work on his route-running and nuances. If he can improve his ball-handling, Peoples-Jones could be a good No. 2 wide receiver in the NFL. So, what are the concerns? Inconsistency is a common trait among first-round wideouts, and Peoples-Jones should be assessed accordingly.

Donovan Peoples-Jones was drafted by the Cleveland Browns with the 187th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. He is a five-star recruit who played for Michigan and was one of the few Wolverines to make a dynamic offense. But his draft stock remains high as his ball skills are inconsistent. A lack of consistency could cost him his chance at the NFL.

His potential as a WR1

Donovan Peoples-Jones is a promising talent with size and strength, but his college play hasn’t quite lived up to the hype. Although he has a tendency to be quiet in big games, his athletic numbers suggest that he will be an effective secondary target in the NFL. His six-foot-two frame provides an appealing combination of size and speed, and he projects as a physical slot receiver.

Although DPJ did not have a blockbuster college career, he was able to rack up 103 targets and 14 touchdowns in three seasons with the Wolverines. While he may not be the most spectacular player, his numbers are impressive and he has a good rapport with head coach Ryan Day. The Browns have added depth and youth, and they are expected to build a strong WR corps around DPJ.

The Bears may also be able to use Donovan Peoples Jones as a WR1. He was a five-star prospect when he first signed with the team. He ran a 4.48 forty-yard dash at 6-2, 212 pounds, with a 106.7 Speed Score. In addition, he has a 44.5-inch vertical leap, a 139-inch broad jump, and a 145.2 Burst Score.

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Unlike the previous tier, Peoples Jones has a long way to go before he can be considered a top-tier WR1. However, his aging may be a concern, and he is likely to remain on the bench for a while, even if his production is low. If he plays well, his fantasy owners could benefit from investing in him as soon as the draft opens.

Though his raw athleticism might not help him stand out among the top wide receivers, Dotson’s speed is impressive and should help him break big plays. He has 12 twenty-plus yard TD receptions, which puts him first in college football. Dotson also has elite hands. He could easily be a top-tier WR1 in a PPR league.

His contract with the Browns

Donovan Peoples-Jones is entering his third season with the Cleveland Browns. The sixth-round pick was a steal and will count for $941,652 in cap space in 2022. However, that does not mean his future is over. With an outstanding college game and a strong work ethic, the rookie could find himself as the team’s third wide receiver by training camp.

As the sixth overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, Peoples-Jones has already surpassed expectations. He is set to receive his biggest opportunity since turning pro in 2022. Although he did not have the same production numbers as Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr. in his rookie season, he has already put up career-highs in receiving yards and touchdowns. His ability to compete at the next level is particularly attractive given the upgraded offense.

The Cleveland Browns have signed two of their draft picks. Harrison Bryant was drafted in the fourth round and is a talented pass-catcher. The team also signed Donovan Peoples-Jones, who is an athletic project. Donovan Peoples-Jones’s cap hit will be $656,652 in 2020, which makes him the seventh highest wide receiver.

If Watson is healthy and able to play, Donovan Peoples-Jones’ production will improve. The Browns are counting on him to supplement Watson and Amari Cooper. If he can develop into a quality second receiver, he can take pressure off the rest of the room and help the passing game. If he doesn’t, the Browns could face the same struggles in the passing game as they did last season.

While Landry and OBJ are likely to remain with the team beyond their contract terms, DPJ will soon be in his mid-twenties and ready to assume the leadership role among wide receivers. The Browns have added depth, youth, and speed to their team with the DPJ draft contract. As a return specialist, DPJ excelled in college and will continue to build his pedigreg as a WR1 for the Cleveland Browns.