Eastern Motors’ Campaign With Clinton Portis and Ray Lewis Goes Viral

Eastern Motors’ Campaign With Clinton Portis and Ray Lewis Goes Viral image 0

There has been a recent campaign involving Clinton Portis and Ray Lewis. This ad featured both of them in a sports car. Portis even appeared in a rap song. The commercial was a success. The rap song was very popular with sports fans. It is still playing in rap clubs across the country. The company hopes that the ad will be as successful as the company’s cars.

Carmelo Anthony

If you’ve seen the commercials for Eastern Motors with Carmelo Anthony and Clinton Portis, you’ve probably heard of their new song “Beat the Heat”. However, you may not know the real meaning of the song. This piece is instrumental, and features various musicians. The song is also featured in the movie “Klokan Jack,” starring Levar Arrington and Carmelo Anthony.


In the 1990s, Eastern Motors was known for its low-tech advertising campaign that showcased Shaggy and his cars. The company had only 25 vehicles in Arlington, Virginia, but now they have a roster that includes NBA stars, NFL players, and former Baltimore residents. In a recent video, the company welcomed Carmelo Anthony, a former resident of the city. The company has spent $4.2 million on its marketing campaign and is estimating $250 million in sales by 2005.

Ray Lewis

Recently, Eastern Motors released a commercial featuring football superstars Ray Lewis, LaVar Arrington, and Clinton Portis. The commercial features the three stars in various rap songs, highlighting their love for the car brand. Ray Lewis is one of the most successful football players in history. The Eastern Motors commercial features Ray Lewis driving an upcoming sports car. This ad will be released until April.

LaVar Arrington

Arrington is a well-known actor, sportsman and commercial ad star. He was featured in several commercials with NBA players such as Carmelo Anthony, Clinton Portis and Sean Taylor. The actor also appeared in a TLC reality show, “While You Were Out,” where he helped his brother Michael redesign his room. He also served as a judge on the ESPN show Dream Job.

The company began in Arlington, Virginia, with 25 cars. By 2005, the company has grown from 25 cars to hundreds of thousands. In a new campaign starring NBA and NFL stars, Eastern Motors welcomes Carmelo Anthony, a former Baltimore resident, to their training camp. The ads are humorous and feature former Washington Redskins players. The company spends approximately $4.2 million on advertising each year and expects to make $250 million in sales.

Clinton Portis

Several years ago, an ad featuring former NFL and NBA star Ray Lewis and his new car brand, Eastern Motors, went viral. The video has garnered over 1 million views on social media. Originally, the company started out by selling 25 cars in Arlington, Virginia, in 1992. In 2005, it was expecting to sell $250 million worth of cars. The campaign was a way to unify the DC community and promote the company.

As part of the scheme, Portis purchased a house for his grandparents, arranged neighborhood picnics in Florida and Virginia, and even bought his mother’s car and house. But recently, he is facing a huge scandal, accused of defrauding health care benefits of retired NFL players. He has been charged with wire fraud and health care fraud. In addition, he is a defendant in a health care fraud case, and has been barred from doing any securities trading.