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You may have heard of Elijah Holyfield, the son of former world heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield. While his father is a successful businessman, Holyfield is an all-around athlete who has many strengths. His toughness and vision make him an explosive runner and a threat to break tackles. If you’re interested in learning more about Holyfield’s skills and what makes him so unique, read on.

elijah holyfield is the son of former heavyweight champion of the world in boxing

Evander Holyfield is the son of a legendary boxer. He was a heavyweight champion of the world and was mortally pinned for induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2017. Holyfield’s career saw him win more than $200 million in purses and earn the respect of fans around the globe. His son Elijah plans to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Evander Holyfield is the only four-time heavyweight champion in the history of the sport. During the late 1980s, he was considered undisputed cruiserweight champion. Evander Holyfield was recently defeated by Vitor Belfort in a controversial Triller card. Evander Holyfield has 11 children and is the only boxer to hold an undisputed title in two weight classes.

As the son of Evander Holyfield, Elijah has had a breakout high school season, rushing for over 1,000 yards and scoring seven touchdowns. Despite losing a fumble early in the season, Holyfield fought back to score two touchdowns. His touchdown catch against the Steelers is a highlight, too. And unlike his father, Elijah Holyfield doesn’t let his boxing background hinder his college football career.

Elijah Holyfield is the son of Evander Holyfield, a former heavyweight champion of the world in box–and a four-time NFL running back. Holyfield is 5-foot-10 and two15 pounds, and had a season full of high school action. He played at Georgia University and averaged more than six yards per carry as a junior.

he is a tough runner

Unlike most NFL RBs, Elijah Holyfield does not sit out his senior season. He has already made a name for himself as one of the toughest runner in the league. He is an imposing presence on the field, with the speed and strength to avoid tackles and get away with it. He has the heart of gold, and his work ethic in practice shows. This is apparent in Holyfield’s voice when speaking about getting tackled.

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Holyfield does not have elite speed, but he has the strength and ability to run outside and push the pile against tough run Ds. His vision is excellent, and he can break big runs outside when the middle lacks clearance. His running style isn’t a downhill runner, so he can make a big play outside when he has the ball. Holyfield’s athleticism and hard work have earned him a spot on the Panthers’ roster.

The Georgia defense has a survival-of-the-fittest model at the tailback position, and Holyfield has stood out as the most fit this spring. That makes him the favorite to take the No. 1 role on the team, a spot that is vacant right now due to the absence of Sony Michel and Nick Chubb, and an injured D’Andre Swift. However, he must clear waivers and wait until tomorrow to make his NFL debut.

he can break tackles

Elijah Holyfield is a talented running back who can break tackles in the NFL. His speed allows him to make chunk plays on offense and defense, and he has the ability to manipulate defenders. Holyfield uses this skill to exploit gaps in the defensive line. When he first sees an open inside gap, he initially goes for it, but then he recognizes that a defender is outside the gap. Holyfield then uses his speed to punish his defender by breaking the tackle and taking the ball into the end zone.

Running behind a lead block, Holyfield has the speed and strength to evade defenders and break tackles. His speed is comparable to Mike Tolbert and Jonathan Stewart, but he’s not as strong. By breaking arm tackles, Holyfield is able to add yardage after contact. This makes him a valuable piece of a running back. He also has good vision and is an excellent option for a shaky Bengals backfield.

While Evander Holyfield can break tackles, Elijah Holyfield has an edge. Holyfield is shorter and stronger than Jacobs, but his low center of gravity allows him to finish with ease. Holyfield is also able to evade arm tackles, allowing him to get away with more yards. And he has great balance. Evander Holyfield, his father, is one of the most successful running backs in history.

he has vision

While many players lack vision and athleticism, Elijah Holyfield is an underrated athlete with both. Though he didn’t wait until his senior year to enter the NFL draft, his vision and athleticism have earned him an early selection. He’s not a switch-hitter like Swift, but he’s tough to tackle because of his balance. Holyfield can also spin off tacklers, and he has only lost one fumble.

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Evander Holyfield is an incredibly strong man, and his son is no exception. Elijah looks remarkably like his father, boxer Evander Holyfield. The two have the same drive, commitment, and work ethic as their father. As a result, Evander Holyfield has given Elijah the best start possible in life. He’s the most successful boxer in boxing history. And he’s also the youngest.

Evander Holyfield has had numerous television appearances. His first appearance was a Christmas special in 1990, where he played himself. From there, he had minor roles in three movies. He also produced one of the most successful movies of the 1990s, Blood Salvage. Evander Holyfield guest-starred on the Nickelodeon series GUTS in 1994, and in Phineas and Ferb, where he appeared as a half-ear.

Elijah Holyfield is an elite athletic athlete with a high work ethic. He has good acceleration and can push piles against tough run defenses. His vision and work ethic are important, but his fumbles are not. He lost a fumble on his third touch last season, and Josh Woods made a great hit on him to force him to fumble. That was Holyfield’s first fumble in the NFL, and it was the same play that cost him that game.

he is physical

Elijah Holyfield is a running back for the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League. He has also played for the Philadelphia Eagles and Carolina Panthers. Despite his relatively young age, Holyfield has already received offers from 33 different teams, including the Philadelphia Eagles. Holyfield has a huge fan base, mainly because of the celebrity of his father, Elijah Holyfield Sr. He is a hard-working player who never behaved like a rich person.

Although Holyfield does not have elite speed, he has the quickness and lateral agility to blow up defenders when he comes into contact with them. He is also very decisive, approaching the running lane without hesitation. Holyfield has a great blend of power, burst and speed, and his size makes him difficult to tackle in one-on-one situations. He has good vision, but can get swallowed up in the backfield for minimal yardage.

As the son of Evander Holyfield, Elijah Holyfield is very physically impressive. Standing 5’10” with a weight of 217 pounds, he has the strength to dominate opponents. He has a squat frame and keeps his feet pumping while making contact with opponents. His excellent balance means he can break arm tackles and still maintain balance. As with his father, Elijah Holyfield is also very active on social media, where he interacts with fans.

he has a knack for attacking holes at the line of scrimmage

Georgia has one of the best rushing attacks in the NFL, averaging 251.6 yards per game and ranking third in S&P+ offense. Elijah Holyfield and D’Andre Swift combined to force 62 missed tackles last year, and the offensive line is strong enough to open holes for the running backs. Georgia’s rushing attack is a battering ram that can also go home with a big play.