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Joe and his first husband, Brian, raised big cats. They rescued two tigers, took care of their baby cubs, and even built cages for them. Unfortunately, Brian passed away in 2001 from complications relating to HIV. Later, Joe bleached his mullet, got face lifts, and even had his penis pierced with a padlock.

JC Hartpence

Joe Exotic’s ex-husband, Jeffrey Charles ‘JC Hartpence’, is a convicted pedophile and is currently in jail for murder. While in jail, Joe Exotic was still grieving the loss of his first husband, Brian Rhyne. Joe had paid a hitman to kill Baskin, but he didn’t kill her. Hartpence later murdered her. He also paid a hitman to kill animal activist Carole Baskin. In an act of polygamy, Joe Exotic also had tigers killed so that he could fit more cats in his animal park.

Joe Hartpence had several different piercings on his ear. In one episode, he had a tattoo of a zebra on his left ear. Joe was married, but his second husband had a history of violence. He once put a gun to Joe’s head during a drunken rage and was on a sex offender list. Hartpence is now serving a life sentence for first-degree felony murder.

In the second season, Exotic dated J.C. Hartpence, a former events producer. During an argument, J.C. Hartpence held a gun to Joe’s head. Hartpence later pleaded guilty to murder. He is now serving a life sentence in prison.

Before appearing on the reality show, Exotic underwent a complete makeover, including an extra-long pinkie nail. He also had several tattoos on his body. He had a monkey tattoo, a peacock tattoo, and a deer-antler tattoo. He also had a small hunk of skin that he saved for a meaningful tattoo.

Travis Maldonado

The tragic story of Joe Exotic and Travis Maldonado is heartbreaking. Both men suffered from addiction and were in an unhappy relationship when Maldonado shot himself. Despite this, his death was not a suicide, but rather an act of hubris.

Maldonado, then 19, was an aspiring zoologist with a history of drug addiction. He was recommended by an acquaintance to work at Exotic’s zoo. Exotic hoped that working with animals would help Maldonado deal with his addiction. Over time, the two became romantically involved. He even married his friend, a woman who was 32 years his junior.

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The relationship between Maldonado and Exotic was portrayed as a love story that is as real as it is ridiculous. They were dating for a short time before Maldonado shot him. During their relationship, Exotic dated 20-year-old events producer J.C. Hartpence, who was found guilty of murder. He is currently serving a life sentence for the crime.

Travis Maldonado accidentally shot himself in the head with a gun. Because of this, Joe’s behavior changed. He began to have visions of his dead husband. He also began to sense Travis’s spirit in the presence of a blue-heeler dog and honeybees. He also spent a lot of time staring at the sky.

The story of the relationship between Joe Exotic and Travis Maldonado has gained wider popularity after the release of The Tiger King. It follows the two ex-convict’s lives from start to finish. However, the movie has a darker side. Joe Exotic has a violent past, and his wife has a harrowing rap history.

The piercings are a symbol of Joe Exotic’s growing fame, but are the tattoos necessary for Joe’s career? The show’s most outrageous moments are when he’s dressed up as a cleric, armed with a shiny chrome gun, or singing a country song. Despite these controversies, his charisma has a way of making his fans swoon.

Joe and Maldonado’s relationship was rocky. Joe was reportedly gay, but his first husband was straight. He had affairs with a girl at the front desk and a pregnant woman, who was later married to Joe Exotic. But the truth is, the two men were a couple. Their relationship was complicated by their sexuality and their need for security. They were both young and in rough circumstances, but ultimately found happiness together.

Joe Exotic is the more palatable of the two. He has multiple ear piercings and an eyebrow ring. He’s also got a mullet and a Prince Albert genital piercing. He even has fake bullet holes on his chest and uses them to symbolize martyrdom.

The story of Joe Exotic’s ear piercings has some dark history. He once ran for the US presidency, despite his meth addiction and animal abuse. Unfortunately, he lost by a few hundred votes. He also had a wife, Carole Baskin, who was a big drain on his finances. Hence, he hired a contract killer. The hitman took Joe’s money and disappeared to spend endless days on bar stools in South Carolina.

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Carole Baskin

In the Netflix documentary series 2020 Tiger King, Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic became rivals, and he was even obsessed with Baskin, who was an animal rights activist and owned a big cat sanctuary. However, their feud grew and Joe was arrested on 17 animal abuse charges. The documentary series also featured many other high-profile drama series based on the characters’ lives.

The show also included a music video featuring Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic, in which Baskin, a big cat advocate, feeds fake body parts to a lion. The video has garnered controversy because of its controversial subject matter. The series attempts to provide a balanced view of Carole Baskin, a character who has become a victim of misogynist memes after its premiere.

The show was wildly bizarre at times. Many people were tempted to think that Baskin was involved in the disappearance of her husband. While this may have been an extreme example, there was still a common theme throughout the show: unbridled craziness. Even the most minor details, like an ear ring, were ridiculed by many.

Although Joe Exotic swore to be honest, he was not always forthcoming. He thought that $1 million was an achievable sum of money. During an April 2021 interview in jail, Joe denied paying two people to kill Baskin. He was also concerned about the jail conditions and questioned the motives behind it.

The couple met at a cocktail party in 2002. He was eleven years her senior, and the two of them later married on the beach. It is unclear if they had a secret relationship, but it is clear that they were dating dangerous men. They may have even exported their content to youtube.

Joe is an incredibly interesting character. In one episode, he took Radio Raheem out for dinner. He was wired and looked haggard. He claimed to have cancer, which included bone marrow and prostate cancer. He also claimed to be dying from cancer. He later told the table he’d bought a semiautomatic rifle and would hunt down Carole Baskin when he had two months left.

The Tiger King documentary has made it to the top of Netflix’s most popular content list despite the fact that there is no trending #TeamJoe hashtag. The omnipresence of the series and the subjects’ flamboyant personalities have been the subject of many memes and jokes online. Although the internet is divided on whether Joe Exotic is guilty of murder, the internet seems to agree on that the two are just terrible people.

The former husband of Carole Baskin, a delusional millionaire, visited Costa Rica at least once every month, usually during the week of her menstrual cycle. The couple were married, and he had two daughters. But Don was promiscuous and he didn’t want to pay his daughter’s cable bill.