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Feeding the Birds

If you have a love for bird watching and feeding, you should listen to this podcast. The hosts, John and Brian, discuss the different types of birds that visit our gardens and yards. They also talk about the Junco, or gray ghost. This bird is an excellent choice for your yard because it will provide you with both a variety of birdseed and a variety of insects. It is also interesting to learn about the secret life of birds.

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Whether you love backyard or faraway, you’ll find something for everyone in the BirdNote podcast. Dedicated to the different kinds of birds, the show features interviews with experts and focuses on individual species. It’s an excellent reminder to go birdwatching on a daily basis. The podcast is available in several formats, so it’s easy to find the right one for your listening preference.

The podcast also discusses the history of bird feeding and the current trends. In this episode, hosts John and Brian talk about seven ways to feed birds, including bird-feeding events and citizen science opportunities. In addition to giving tips on bird-feeding, the podcast also discusses the importance of protecting and observing birds. Throughout the podcast, you’ll learn how to feed birds properly, which will help you take care of your birds for life.

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The fall season is the perfect time to think about what kinds of bird food to give your backyard residents. With the changing seasons, you’ll be more successful in feeding the birds. John and Brian also discuss the importance of making your yard bird-friendly and how you can help prepare for the winter months. This podcast is a must-listen for bird-watching. It will make you feel as though you’re a real birder!

Feeding the Birds podcast

The Feeding the Birds podcast is a fantastic way to learn about the many different types of birds in our area. This podcast focuses on specific species and families of birds, and each one has its own characteristics. It’s an excellent reminder for any bird lover to get out into the field and observe birds. There are many different ways to subscribe to this podcast. It’s hosted by Ray Brown and is available in a variety of formats.

The American Birding Association produces a weekly podcast that brings together members of their staff and friends to share information on birding. The program’s host, Laura Smith, is a wildlife rehabilitator, columnist, and author of eleven books. You can listen to past episodes of the podcast HERE. You can also listen to a weekly episode of For the Birds, a radio program that began on KUMD in Duluth, MN in 1986. It is the longest-running bird-related radio program in the U.S.

Listen to the Weekly Bird Report with Mark Faherty on WCAI, Cape Cod’s local NPR station. This podcast is available on Nantucket and Cape Cod. Mark Faherty is the Science Coordinator for Mass Audubon and a former president of the Cape Cod Bird Club. He also serves on the Massachusetts Avian Records Committee. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional bird watcher, this podcast will inspire you to take an active role in the environment.