Groundhog Eating Pizza

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When you think of Groundhog Day, you probably picture him slurping down a delicious slice of pizza and taunting the dogs as he does it. This wholesome entertainment is an excellent choice for a rainy day. Perhaps he has seen his shadow, and it is a good sign that the spring season is right around the corner. But if you’re not familiar with this classic, read on to learn more about this famous Groundhog legend.

Groundhog eats pizza

You’ve probably seen the video of the groundhog eating a pizza. If so, you’re certainly not alone. It’s a viral video that’s gone viral, with over seventy thousand views and more than two thousand shares. The video shows a groundhog eating a slice of pizza outside a Philadelphia home. The video is quite the amusing view of a common occurrence. While it’s hard to see what a groundhog is doing, there is one interesting fact that may surprise you.

Kristin Chalela Bagnell filmed the groundhog eating a pizza outside her home in Philadelphia. Bagnell captured the moment on video and sent it to the local news station, 6ABC. It’s hard to miss the hilarious moment in this video. While the video has been making the rounds on social media, it’s clear that the video has a resounding impact on the groundhog community.

He taunts dogs

A video showing a groundhog eating pizza has gone viral. A Philadelphia resident filmed the rodent outside her sliding glass door, while dogs stood on the other side, watching. Despite the dogs’ attention, the groundhog never flinched from its tasty treat, eating it in a leisurely fashion and taking nearly an hour to finish the pizza. While many people compared the rodent to a pizza rat, it seems he was unfazed by the presence of large dogs and remained undeterred by their presence.

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Bagnell’s dog approached the groundhog, so she followed and began recording. As she watched, the groundhog stared straight ahead and began chewing a slice of pizza. The video continues to play for over an hour. Bagnell’s video is one of many touching moments that will stay in the memory of her dog and her children. A similar video shows a groundhog taunting a dog by eating a slice of pizza.

The video shows a groundhog eating a pizza for one. The dogs watch with interest, as the groundhog appears unaffected by the audience. It’s not often that they get to see an actual groundhog eating a pizza. It’s more likely that he’s an entertainer who enjoys taunting dogs with his attention. It is a hilarious video that’s worth watching.

He refuses to chuck the slice

If you’re looking for a funny video of a groundhog eating a pizza slice, you’ve probably come across one of the viral videos online. It’s hard to blame the groundhog: it is an unsung hero! Not only does he refuse to throw the slice, but he also doesn’t seem to mind that a second dog is watching him. Luckily, there are many ways to celebrate a groundhog’s newfound attitude and cute little grin.

Tony Mercuri knew the groundhog was going to take a sour approach and refused to throw the pizza slice. He was working the register at his dad’s pizza joint, and he was accustomed to dealing with aspiring mobsters who dropped by to do business. He would often ask for protection money or show of deference. However, the groundhog was in a different class of pest. He insisted on cedar shavings and anchovies on half of his pizza orders.

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The famous video of the groundhog eating a pizza slice between its teeth went viral in 2015, dethroning fellow pizza rodents. However, the footage of the groundhog gaining viral fame is not a new one, but it has brought back the species into the limelight again. In fact, it has even sparked an entire new wave of groundhog-related videos. And who knows, perhaps the next time you’re eating a pizza, you may be inspired to eat a slice.

The event itself has become a cult in the community. Groundhog Day has become a reason for huge parties in Punxsutawney. It is also the setting for the classic Bill Murray film Groundhog Day. The movie follows weatherman Phil Connors as he attempts to determine the future of the world by predicting the weather. Historically, the predictions have been hit or miss, with some predictions being accurate while others not.

He taunts Bagnell

Kristin Chalela Bagnell of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania recently filmed a video of a groundhog munching on a slice of pizza. Unlike the celebrated “Pizza Rat” of 2015, which was filmed trying to eat a slice of pizza and then huddle under a subway step to hide, this groundhog is clearly out in the open eating his pizza bounty.

Kristin Chalela Bagnell captured hilarious footage of a groundhog devouring a slice of pizza outside her Philadelphia home. Bagnell’s dogs approached the groundhog, and together they watched him munch on the pizza. Bagnell immediately began recording the video, which shows the animal staring at her dog while chewing on a pizza slice. In this clip, the groundhog is astonished as his actions make headlines.

Kristin Chalela Bagnell filmed the rodent munching on the pie while her dogs looked on, laughing. The video went viral, and Bagnell captioned the post ‘It’s not just people who like Philly pizza.’ Despite the fact that the dogs were positioned on the other side of the window, the rodent was unfazed by their presence and managed to take an hour to finish his pizza.