Henri’s Bar at Sea Isle to Expand

Henri’s Bar at Sea Isle to Expand photo 0

In order to expand Henri’s Bar on Sea Isle, Braca’s Café has torn down the house adjacent to the bar. The new building will triple the bar’s space, which will increase its seating capacity to three times its current size. The bar has already grown into a popular hangout, but its new space will be an even bigger addition to Sea Isle. Braca’s hopes to have the expansion completed by late August, so the new bar can be open by then.

Henri’s Bar

The Henri’s Bar, Hilton Beach Resort is a place for relaxation and a nice meal. The menu consists of sandwiches, crab cakes, Daiquiris, wine, and coffee. Live music is often performed here and the service is friendly. The prices are moderate. The atmosphere is peaceful. You can enjoy live jazz on weekends. You can also enjoy a casual drink before or after dinner.

Expansion plans

The Henri’s Bar at Sea Isle is expanding to triple its size this winter, and the public will have the chance to weigh in on the project during a public hearing on the funding plan on Feb. 8. Located on Sea Isle’s historic main street, the small outdoor bar has become a hidden gem, and the expansion plans are expected to be completed by late August. The restaurant is known for its friendly, casual atmosphere and locals have been praising the new space since it opened in the early 2000s.