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For Raider fans, you should watch the rookie Henry Ruggs highlights video. Not only does it show his impressive play in high school basketball, it also shows his 40-yard dash time and top speed on a 75-yard run. It even features an old-fashioned friendship between him and Roderic Scott. But, did you know that Ruggs was a runner who played high school basketball while playing basketball?

High school basketball highlight tape

You’ve probably seen the Henry Ruggs high school basketball highlight tape, but what about his football skills? He racked up a whopping 20 inches in the vertical. That’s pretty impressive for a wide receiver of his size! And while the highlight tape doesn’t show his explosiveness, he has great speed and a high vertical. Despite his size, he is a legitimate candidate for the first pick in the 2020 NFL draft.

A high school basketball highlight tape of Henry Ruggs shows that he has the talent to play at the next level. He’s a savvy athlete, too. His college basketball highlight tape will show you why, as he was a star in both sports. He averaged 10.7 points per game and caught 44 passes for a total of 1,010 yards and 10 touchdowns. But the highlights of his high school basketball highlight tape are more impressive.

A good college recruiter will have a few reasons to recruit Ruggs. First of all, he’s a coveted four-star recruit. He’s a great athlete who will be able to make a quarterback look good. You’ll see why he’s so popular with college coaches. Ruggs’ highlights show that he can jump out of a gym and block. He’s a proven blocker, too, and has the physical tools to become a college football player.

During his junior year, Ruggs proved his versatility by outscoring his defender for a touchdown. His career-high total of 26 touchdowns in 100 offensive touches led to him being considered the third-best receiver on his team. He blasted a 4.27-second 40-yard dash. At six feet, 188 pounds, he showed off his hoops skills as well with a 42-inch vertical and an 11-foot broad jump.

One thing you may not know about Ruggs is that he also bowled with his brothers for three hours straight when he was a kid. He continued bowling throughout college, too. He loves pulling a Steph Curry move during the game. He turns his head as the pins crash. He may also add the infamous diabolical staredown to his routine. It’s hard to say when he’ll pull off a Steph Curry move.

40-yard dash time at NFL Combine

Wide receiver Henry Ruggs III, a former Alabama standout, has flashed some elite speed in a recent workout at the NFL Scouting Combine. One of the fastest players in the draft class, Ruggs tried to break the NFL Combine record for the 40-yard dash in his first run. He ended up running 4.27 seconds on his first attempt. His second attempt came in at 4.31 seconds.

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Although his first attempt was unofficial, Ruggs’ official time of 4.27 seconds was better. It was the first sub-4.3 time for an Alabama wide receiver since 2016. While he ran in the low 20s throughout his three-year Crimson Tide career, he had to compete against a loaded receiving corps at Alabama. Ruggs was the only one of the three true freshmen in the 2020 class to break the 4.3-second mark.

With his 5.11 height and 188 pounds, Alabama wide receiver Henry Ruggs III has become the fastest receiver in the past 21 years in the 40-yard dash. His 4.27-second time pushed former NFL receiver J.J. Nelson off the top spot by 0.01 second. Other top times at the NFL Combine include the times of Washington wide receiver John Ross, Tennessee running back Donte Stallworth, East Carolina running back Chris Johnson, and Kent State wide receiver David Williams.

Ruggs’ time at the NFL Combine is not indicative of his NFL draft stock. However, he did post a 42-inch vertical jump earlier that day, which is the first player since 2006 to jump 40 inches. In the latest mock draft by ESPN’s Todd McShay and Mel Kiper, Ruggs is the most likely candidate to break into the first round, but the NFL Draft process will determine his ultimate fate.

While his 42-inch vertical leap and 10’11 broad jump put him in the top 10 among all combine participants, Ruggs’ initial attempt to break the Combine record proved to be a misfortune. He was injured during the second 40 and missed the on-field gauntlet drills. Ultimately, a 4.28 time is a good enough mark to secure a spot in the draft.

Top speed on 75-yard run

During his freshman season, Alabama wide receiver Henry Ruggs caught a backwards pass from Tua and ran for 80 yards, earning an official scoring of 75 yards. In the NFL Combine, he ran a 4.27-second 40-yard dash, the top time for a running back in 2020. The time was the third-best of all time, according to NFL combine times.

This carries highlight Ruggs’ explosiveness and his ability to leap over goal posts. He also showed excellent separation, and he is an adept WR screen blocker. However, his size could pose a challenge in contested catches. While he is still a developing talent, Ruggs is a versatile big-play option for the Broncos. He also shows promise as a route runner.

The NFL Scouting Combine traditionally favors the fastest player. At the combine, Ruggs’ top speed on a 75-yard run was 23 mph. He said he’d been working on the 40 every day to improve his time. Only four players in NFL history have run faster. The NFL has also praised the speed and athleticism of the wide receiver, who ran a 4.27-second 40 at the NFL Scouting Combine in February.

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While Hill has been known to have tremendous speed, many players lack it. In addition to Ruggs, other NFL players with great speed include Tyreek Hill and John Ross. Tyreek Hill has an NFL record of 4.22 seconds, but this was not the fastest time. The time of the four-time world record holder Usain Bolt is still 4.26 seconds. While that time may be a bit slower, Ruggs is certainly impressive and a great prospect for the NFL.

While it may have been surprising that a speed receiver could reach such a high speed, it’s not a bad sign for the Las Vegas Raiders. Ruggs has racked up 297 yards in the first three games of the season, but his speed has been his greatest asset. On Monday, the Raiders’ top speed in a single game against the Los Angeles Chargers was 156 mph. Although it wasn’t a touchdown, the speed was impressive nonetheless.

Friendship with Roderic Scott

One of the defining moments in Henry Ruggs’ life came on March 3, 2016, while he was bedridden with the flu. Unable to leave his bed or face the world, he picked up the phone and spoke to his cousin, Roderic Scott. Scott, a classmate from the same high school, had died in a single-car rollover accident on his way to Birmingham, Alabama. In a moment of pure tragedy, Ruggs listened to the tragic news from Roderic Scott’s mother and watched her grieve in silence.

The two teenagers were high school friends who played basketball together. Rod, a number two on the basketball court, urged Ruggs to join his team in football. They later became teammates in the Jacksonville State basketball program, where both played point guard. Their friendship continued even after college when Scott accepted a scholarship to Jacksonville State. Scott was a talented athlete, and his friendship with Ruggs made him a top recruit.

As the death of Rod Scott shocked the basketball community, the coach of Alabama Football, Nick Saban, sent condolences to the family. Oakland Raiders quarterback David Carr also expressed his support for the star. Sadly, Rod Scott’s death comes just five years after Ruggs’ best friend, Roderic Scott, was killed in a car accident. Despite numerous surgeries, Scott passed away at the age of seventeen.

The tragedy occurred when Scott was driving and lost traction in an accident in Alabama. He was supposed to be in the car with Scott, but he was home sick with the flu. Scott had been driving, but Ruggs rushed to the hospital when he heard about the accident. Unfortunately, he did not make a full recovery. The story has since been featured on ESPN. The story also garnered the attention of local news station WSFA 12 News.

The accident that killed Tintor also led people to visit his best friend’s accident site. The crash occurred at the same time that Rod Scott and Ruggs were supposed to attend the AHSAA 2016 State Finals. Unfortunately, both men were unable to make it to the game, and he did not attend his funeral. This tragedy led many to search for answers. In the wake of the tragedy, many were drawn to Henry Ruggs’ friendship with Roderic Scott.