How Credible is Adam Schefter on Twitter?

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The number of followers that Adam Shefter has on Twitter is impressive. While he is well-liked by his followers, he does have some problems, including lack of credibility. For example, he has over 1.1 million followers, which means that his followers are all primarily interested in sports. This is a major problem because most people use Twitter for sports. However, it’s worth noting that Schefter has more followers than any NFL or NBA team.

1.1 million followers

ESPN’s Adam Schefter has 1.1 million followers on Twitter. The ESPN top NFL reporter has become one of the most influential people on the platform, and his Twitter feed is full of interesting tweets. He also has an impact on Wojnarowski’s 5.2 million followers, making one of his NFL reports worth an entire day’s programming. This trend isn’t limited to the NFL, though.

However, there’s one major issue with Schefter’s tweet. It’s not the fact that his daughter is in the NFL, but the way he is promoting her. Nepotism is rampant in the NFL, and the promotion of his daughter isn’t going to help his career. The tweet is a clear example of nepotism, and many people are worried about this.

In recent weeks, Schefter has been doing some good with his Twitter feed, such as helping raise $1 million for the Parker Dickerson Fund and garnering the support of NFL players. But he also has made a lot of unforced mistakes in judgment, and he’s still not learning from his mistakes. His tweet on Dwayne Haskins’ death was a controversial one, and he deleted it immediately. However, his followers are still adoring him on Twitter.

Credibility problems

With his recent backlash, Adam Shefter’s credibility has taken a hit. The reporter, who is in his final year with ESPN, was found to have relied on an untrusted source when reporting on an NFL player’s assault and battery. The story was erroneous, and Schefter apologized for the story. The reporter also admitted to emailing a pre-published story to the NFL’s agent, Bruce Allen, which led to accusations that Schefter did not follow proper protocol. The reporter also admitted that he sent the story to Bruce Allen, referring to him as “Mr. Editor.”

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Schefter’s credibility problems are not likely to affect his job security. ESPN has a long history of hiring analysts who have proven to be a reliable source of information. His relationship with players is another plus. As long as Schefter is paid, there is a high likelihood he will stay with the network. However, there are other questions to ask about Schefter’s integrity. Whether he is a legitimate analyst or a fake news reporter, Schefter is still a popular source of NFL news.

One of the most troubling questions is why Schefter allowed Allen to “tweak” the story. Allen and Schefter were in contact with each other during the lockout. The emails were exchanged, but not in a professional way. It was a very unprofessional way to get a story published. In addition, Schefter has a history of questionable reporting and has had credibility issues in the past.


NFL insider Adam Schefter has been getting a lot of criticism lately, mainly for retweeting Ciara. The singer had just signed with the New York Jets, and Schefter retweeted her a few days earlier. The NFL Twitterverse took offense and roasted Schefter for his tweet. But retweets can mean a lot. Unlike Ciara, NFL players aren’t particularly jealous.

Although the retweeting of his tweet caused a bit of outrage, some people were just trying to make Schefter look bad. Others were just fishing for retweets and likes. Still, others questioned whether Schefter was sincere or not. And now, that he’s apologized for it, many people are glad he’s taken responsibility for his tweet.

In addition to retweeting Schefter, the NFL retweeter has a reputation for tweeting obscene topics. Some of his tweets have been deemed “un-PC,” while others have gotten tens of thousands of likes. However, his tweets have received far less attention than those of others who have a broader audience.

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Ciara cover model for 2022 SI swimsuit edition

If there’s anything that sports insider Adam Shefter isn’t, it’s a simple retweet. It’s hard to imagine a more simple compliment, but a retweet of Ciara can go a long way, as NFL Twitter recently took to Ciara. The NFL star is no jealous guy, but it does seem that simple compliments aren’t appreciated enough anymore.

Deleted tweet

The deleted tweet by ESPN reporter Adam Schefter was the subject of some debate on Twitter. A screenshot of the tweet was shared with scathing criticism from many people, including friends and former teammates. Although the tweet was not malicious, it was tone deaf and deserved criticism. Regardless of the tweet’s original intent, the deletion of the tweet reflects a lack of judgment on Schefter’s part.

While the original tweet was likely meant to be a joke, it was still inappropriate. Schefter’s apology for the tweet doesn’t undo the damage done by the initial tweet. However, the apology is a respectable gesture, and it is an excellent opportunity to promote his podcast. However, it is unlikely that anyone should believe he deleted the tweet for political reasons. If he truly felt that his tweet had a partisan agenda, he may want to reconsider his tweet.

In the last 24 hours, the ESPN reporter has been under fire for his tweet about Dwayne Haskins. Haskins, who passed away in a car crash last month, was training with Pittsburgh Steelers quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers. A Twitter user who commented on Schefter’s tweet called the reporter out on his choice of words. However, Jones argued that Schefter should not have made the tweet. The NFL star was a good human being who had a difficult start in his career.

Schefter’s tone-deaf tweets

There has been a lot of talk recently about Adam Schefter’s tone-def tweets. He took aim at a Texas judge who ruled that the NFL’s six-game suspension of Deshaun Watson was too light. But the judge also addressed the fact that Watson was never charged with a crime in the state of Texas. The tweet was later deleted, but it still made waves.

Adam Schefter’s reputation has slowly been eroded due to his recent tone-deaf tweets. While it was not horrible to see his tweets about Michael Jackson, the fact that he added, “struggling to catch on” to his tweets about the ’90s star, who is now dead,’ isn’t very appropriate for a professional reporter. The tweet garnered widespread criticism, and Adam Schefter eventually apologized for his actions.

While Schefter has a history with ESPN, his tweets have tarnished the sports broadcaster’s image. While his Twitter account has lost over 11,000 followers in one day because of the Haskins tweet, he still has more followers than any NFL team or NBA team. That’s a pretty big problem, especially given his lack of news credibility and shoddy reporting.