How Old is Mike Sielski?

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You’re probably wondering, “How old is Mike Sielski?” It’s no secret that the former Glen and Ray co-hosts of the popular sports talk show were both straight-laced sports talkers. Jody and Mike share similar traits. They both have a laid-back style, but their shows are far more sophisticated. And unlike their predecessors, Sielski doesn’t feature vapid listener phone calls.

Age of Mike Sielski

As a sports columnist for The Philadelphia Inquirer, Mike Sielski has gained national attention. The Associated Press Sports Editors have named him one of the top 50 sports columnists in the country. Column writing is judged based on style, originality, and local appeal. A native of Philadelphia, Mike graduated from La Salle University with honors. He served as editor-in-chief of the university’s student newspaper, The Collegian, and was selected to deliver the commencement address.

A sports columnist, Sielski was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and grew up outside of Philadelphia. He attended Columbia University and La Salle University, and has worked as a sports columnist for The Philadelphia Inquirer since 2013. He was named one of the best sports columnists in America by the Associated Press’ Sports Editors in 2015. His book Fading Echoes is a true story about the rivalry between two high school teams in suburban Philadelphia.

In addition to writing about Philadelphia sports, Mike also contributes to The Washington Post, the New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Mike is also a former member of The Morning Call and a sports writer for The Philadelphia Inquirer. He also earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at La Salle University and a Master of Journalism at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. He is married and the proud father of two sons. Mike’s salary is $70275 per year, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer Sports Columnists.

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Kobe Bryant’s transformation from an unknown basketball prodigy to an NBA superstar is another highlight of Age of Mike Sielski’s film. The whirlwind around Kobe Bryant and the NBA star is captured in this documentary. While Kobe was a local curiosity, an Adidas executive and college coaches saw him as the next meal ticket. Fans lined up after games, and the team manager even had to carry Kobe Bryant’s bags.

Salary of Mike Sielski

Listed below is a breakdown of the salary of Mike Sielski. In his job as the sports columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Mike is paid $70275 a year. He also serves as the co-host of a weekly podcast. Prior to this, Mike was a sports reporter for The Wall Street Journal and he covered the Philadelphia Phillies. He has been in the industry since 1995 and is currently a veteran journalist.

In addition to his column for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Mike Sielski is also an author of several books, including Fading Echoes: A True Story of Rivalry and Brotherhood From the Football Field to the Fields of Honor. He lives in Bucks County, Pa., and has two sons. As of 2018, Mike Sielski has a salary of $71,275. Listed below are his other notable accomplishments.


Mike Sielski’s family has two sons, one in the fifth grade and one in the second grade. They are the subject of many rumors and speculations. While Mike is a frequent caller to the 94WIP Morning Show, there’s little information about the rest of his family. While his mother died in 2020, Mike’s grandmother remains the only person who was allowed to call him Mikey. His social media accounts are very active, but he doesn’t talk about his family much. In addition to his mother, Mike is married and has two sons. His firstborn son is in the fifth grade, and his second son is in the second grade. Further information about the Sielski family is not publicly available.

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The Sielski family is comprised of his wife and two sons. Mike was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and raised outside Philadelphia. He holds degrees from Columbia University and La Salle University. He currently works as a sports columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer. In 2015, the Associated Press named him one of the country’s top sports columnists. In 2015, he was named the country’s top sports columnist. He has also written two books.

Kobe’s childhood is a major topic of his new book, The Rise of Kobe Bryant. Sielski begins the book on Kobe’s birthday, Aug. 23, 1978. Throughout the book, Sielski paints a portrait of Kobe’s family, from his father playing basketball in Italy to his mother nurturing him in suburban Philadelphia. And his mother, who remained home, became a successful businesswoman, and is married to a high-ranking executive.

Books authored by Mike Sielski

A Philadelphia Inquirer columnist, Mike Sielski has written several books and columns on various topics. His latest book, ‘The Philadelphia Inquirer’, explores the city’s complexities. Sielski writes with candor and intelligence, and readers should enjoy his insightful, entertaining insights. If you’re looking for a new read, try one of his best sellers. These titles are packed with useful information about the city.

Besides writing for The Philadelphia Inquirer, Sielski is also a sports columnist. In 2015, he was named the country’s top sports columnist by the Associated Press. Sielski lives in Bucks County, Pa., with his wife and two sons. While he continues to write, Sielski is also busy tackling topics that are close to his heart. Here are just a few of his latest books:

During his first professional career, Sielski covered Central Bucks East vs. Central Bucks West basketball rivalry, and discovered two players who later became teammates. They were also teammates in the military. In his latest book, “I Am Kobe,” Sielski has reflected on the evolution of his life. The book has garnered much praise from sports fans. However, some fans say the book is too dry for their tastes.

Kobe Bryant was an extremely polite teenager, sheltered by his mother and older sisters. He was only thirteen when he declared that he would play in the NBA. Mike Sielski spent a year talking to over 100 people in the NBA and has compiled a detailed account of his interviewees’ experiences. His research reveals the secrets of Kobe’s childhood and how he learned to become the player that he is today.