Irene Aldana vs Yana Kunitskaya Betting Odds

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If you are betting on the Irene Aldana vs Yana Kunitskaya fight, you may be wondering how to best bet on this event. This article provides you with an analysis of the betting odds as well as yana kunitskaya fight stats. Also, you can read up on the Cris Cyborg odds. Read on to find out which fighter has a better chance of winning the fight.

Irene Aldana vs Yana Kunitskaya

In this UFC women’s featherweight matchup, you can expect a dirty boxing match between the two. Aldana is three years older and three inches taller than Kunitskaya, though the latter is equal in height and reach. Both fighters are orthodox, and both have similar striking styles. Aldana is 5-4 in the UFC, with one KO, one submission, and three decision wins. Kunitskaya is 4-2 in the UFC and has five knockouts in her career.

The fight will take place at UFC 264 in Los Angeles on Saturday. Yana Kunitskaya is the number four woman in the UFC, but Aldana was defeated by Holly Holm in UFC 264, which was televised live on ESPN. The odds for this matchup are favorable, but it is important to note that both women are dominant strikers. If Aldana wins, she’ll be the top-ranked female fighter in the world.

The matchup between the two featherweights could be very close. Aldana has shown a tendency to use her power from the bottom but has been unable to return to her feet. Kunitskaya is more disciplined and athletic, but has a shaky takedown defense. As a result, she’s a better choice to win if the two fighters keep to their game plan.

The women’s bantamweight fight is the most anticipated match of the year. The UFC has been a major attraction for both women for quite some time. Yana Kunitskaya is a former 135-pound champ. In the UFC, she was an immediate title challenger to Chris Cyborg. Kunitskaya has gone 4-1 in the promotion, and she’s a very well-rounded fighter.

Irene Aldana vs Cris Cyborg

The UFC will feature a fight between Yana Kunitskaya and Mexican Irene Aldana at UFC 264. The Russian is ranked No. 5 in the UFC rankings. Since her UFC debut against Holly Holm in July 2015, Kunitskaya has consistently ranked in the top five. Both women have strong takedown defences and have impressive grappling skills.

Holly Holm is a tough competitor at 135 pounds and has fought a number of opponents in the past. She has two losses and one decision in her career. She is an excellent kickboxer and has knockout power. On the other hand, Cyborg is more effective on the ground and is a more complete grappler. The fight is a great test for both fighters.

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The Mexican fighter is also known to be mentally imposing. Aldana has a habit of charging forward, and her recklessness may wear a fighter down mentally. Kunitskaya is an excellent long kicker, and she can take advantage of this. The Mexican fighter can be frustrating on the mental side, so it’s wise to stay out of her range and take advantage of her aggression.

Holly Holm is a veteran of headlining fights and has been in several UFC bouts. She has proven herself as a versatile striker, but her last submission came against Bethe Correira in May. The two fighters are one inch apart in height. Both of them have good fight IQ and have solid grappling skills. It is hard to say which fighter is the more skilled in this regard.

Irene Aldana vs Yana Kunitskaya betting odds

Irene Aldana will take on Yana Kunitskaya at UFC 264 in July. The bout will be televised live on ESPN+. Both fighters are ranked in the top five in their respective divisions. In the bantamweight division, Aldana is ranked fourth while Kunitskaya is ranked fifth. Betting odds for this fight are available here.

Irene Aldana has a 12-6 record, and has won two of her last three fights. She last fought Holly Holm, but lost by unanimous decision. Aldana averages 5.52 significant strikes per round, and she absorbs five-and-a-half significant strikes per fight. She also averages 0.23 takedown attempts every 15 minutes. Kunitskaya stops 84 percent of takedown attempts and has a career-high 158-punch output.

The UFC 264 event is the first to feature two ranked bantamweights. Yana Kunitskaya is the current bantamweight champion, and Irene Aldana is ranked fourth in the division. She is the only woman to defeat both Amanda Nunes and Yana Kunitskaya. However, this does not mean that Aldana will lose to Kunitskaya.

While Aldana is the more popular choice, Kunitskaya is a better option for MMA DFS. In her last two fights, she has won by unanimous decision and scored nineteen and 109 fantasy points. Her two fights were both unanimous decisions and both women landed 40-plus significant strikes. You can make good decisions by backing either fighter in your DFS lineup.

If you’re looking for MMA betting odds, Yana Kunitskaya is the underdog with +100 odds. She is receiving 66% of the handle and 45% of the total bets. Her professional MMA record is 14-5 (1 NC), making her the fifth-ranked fighter in her weight class. Kunitskaya has two straight wins under her belt, and her size is a major advantage.

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yana kunitskaya fight stats

If you’re interested in learning more about Yana Kunitskaya’s fight statistics, you’ve come to the right place. She’s an underdog in 27% of her UFC bouts, but her win percentage is impressive. This is Kunitskaya’s second straight win, and her most significant victory to date. The fight was also notable for showing off Kunitskaya’s defensive grappling game, which has been a strong point for her.

Yana Kunitskaya’s professional record includes 14 wins and six losses. She has stopped seven opponents and won 1 match by way of submission. Her overall knockout ratio is 50% and her average fight lasts two rounds. She’s ranked 7th in Women’s Bantamweight and has fought for 13 years and two months. She’s won one of her five fights by decision.

In addition to being the current Invicta bantamweight champion, Kunitskaya is being promoted to featherweight. Her pedigree is strong and she’s comfortable at 145 pounds. Her stance is intimidating, and her striking is powerful and precise. Cyborg’s stand-up skills are not going to intimidate Kunitskaya, and she’ll counter with long, sweeping strikes.

Yana Kunitskaya is a Russian MMA fighter. She made her professional debut on May 23, 2009. She won her first fight by KO, and went on to win two of her next three bouts. In November 2010, she challenged unbeaten prospect Cindy Dandois for the UFC Bantamweight title. However, her submission was overturned due to incorrect referee instructions. In March 2017, she lost the rematch against Dandois, who signed with UFC. Since that time, Yana Kunitskaya has been looking for another chance to claim gold at the UFC.

yana kunitskaya fight prediction

If you’re looking for a good bet for the next UFC female fighter match-up, you’ll want to consider Yana Kunitskaya. This Russian prospect has a solid record of 14-5 and has won two of her last three fights. Her most recent fight was a unanimous decision victory over Ketlen Vieira, and she out-struck her opponent by 47-7. Her striking statistics are particularly impressive: she averages 4.22 significant strikes per minute and 1.62 takedowns per 15-minutes. Her takedown attempts are effective; she stops fifty percent of opponents’ takedown attempts.

The fight between Aldana and Kunitskaya has plenty of controversy in the betting odds, and it could prove to be a tight battle. Aldana has been beaten by many of her opponents, but her recent struggles with weight may come into play. Kunitskaya won her last fight by unanimous decision, and she’ll look to build on that momentum against Aldana. If she wins against Aldana, she’ll become one of the top contenders in the division once more.

Yuna Kunitskaya’s last four fights have ended in knockouts, but she does most of her damage on her feet and in the clinch. While she’s made gains in her wrestling, her defense still needs work. Kunitskaya will be looking for her sixth straight win. It will be interesting to see if she can continue to impress with her impressive striking and clinching.

Although Kunitskaya is a top contender, Aldana looks awful in her last fight. The Russian will likely find some early success and wear down Aldana’s opponent. That’s a good reason to bet on the favorite. So, what are the odds for Yana Kunitskaya vs. Holly Holm? It’s difficult to say without fighting Holly Holm.