Jalen Reagor – Pro Football Scout Rankings – Wide Receiver

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Jalen Reagor is a savvy route runner who can stretch defenses by running longer routes with deceptive changes of speed. He also has excellent concentration while catching the football. However, his route-running ability is limited by his inconsistent breakdown ability when asked to break down routes. Despite this, Reagor has a lot of explosiveness coming out of routes and should provide defensive backs with plenty of space.

a lack of targets for jalen reagor yac

The Philadelphia Eagles have taken a chance on Reagor, the former first-round pick. The 206-pound wide receiver has the perfect profile to play in the slot. Reagor has the speed to make plays in space. He has a good athletic build and is productive when called upon. He led the Horned Frogs in receiving yards in 2019 and was tied for second in career TD catches. He also played with young quarterback Max Dugan, who was able to utilize his speed.

Reagor is also inconsistent in intermediate in-breaking routes. The ball is not consistently placed in his hands and he tends to turn his head too early. That can lead to a drop if the receiver can’t make a catch. Also, Reagor’s targets aren’t deep enough for him to make a big play. This is an issue that can be remedied with a more accurate quarterback.

Reagor was a first-round pick last year and has been playing well in preseason. He caught two touchdowns and one interception. He was also a top punt returner. While he’s not getting enough carries on the offense, he’s in the best shape of his career. But despite his physical traits, he has not been able to carve out a big role for himself in Philadelphia.

Reagor’s route running is savvy

Jalen Reagor’s routes are not crisp, but he uses deceptive moves and creative breaks to create separation. The result is a wide receiver that can be a threat in the short, medium, and long terms. He is one of the best route runners in the NFL, and he has proven it in the special teams. The upside to Reagor’s route running is that he can get up to speed fast.

While Reagor’s route running is effective, his tackling and decision making are not. He often fails to make a clean catch when it is necessary. Against the Rams, he had a wide-open lane and ran into the teeth of a defender. Against Dallas, the Eagles tried to set up a screen pass to Reagor, but he was pushed into a defender’s arms.

While Reagor has a good arm, he often starts too early, and sometimes makes a mistake in a man-press coverage. In the clip below, he is attempting a pass on third down. However, he is not a speedster like Tyreek Hill. Reagor is quick enough and is able to elude defenders even if they don’t know where he’s running. Then again, he might have gotten six points on the play below, but he drew a flag while working back.

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The Eagles are likely to try to keep both wide receivers, even though Reagor’s ceiling is higher. The team is also committed to paying him more than Covey. But if Reagor hits waivers, he will likely get claimed by at least a dozen teams. That means he could play for the New York Giants, Washington Commanders, or Dallas Cowboys.

His concentration catching the football is good

Reagor has reliable hands and a strong route-running game. His concentration catching the football is good, though his drops aren’t as frequent as others. He is an excellent route runner who uses his false step to get defenders to bite. While Reagor doesn’t have the best body catching ability, he has the potential to become a great route-runner.

Reagor is inconsistent when running intermediate in-breaking routes and has problems finding open space between defenders. He also has problems getting his head up early on deep middle routes. Reagor’s concentration catching the football is good, but his athleticism isn’t up to par. His hands need to be more flexible and faster.

Reagor’s concentration on catching the football is good, but he needs to improve his blocking. Reagor has problems with corner coverage because he can’t use a fake to open up room. He also doesn’t have the aptitude to bang bodies on the inside. He should develop his route running skills and be more active on in-breaking routes to give him more opportunities to catch the ball.

Reagor has scary turf-burning wheels, but he needs to improve his concentration when catching the ball. He is a valuable complementary receiver for the Eagles. Though Reagor’s concentration catching the football is good, he needs to improve his keep away game skills to stay in the offense. If he can improve on this, his potential as a starter will be immense.

His route running is savvy

Reagor is more effective running long, fluid routes, using deceptive changes of pace to get open. His quickness and explosiveness are key, but he gets sloppy when asked to break down routes. The upside of his route running is that he can create spaces for himself and make defenders feel uncomfortable. He is a good fit for offenses that move the ball downfield.

Reagor’s route running is savvy, and his understanding of blocking and two entry points gives him the ability to make a big play out of nothing. His ability to break tackles and pick up yards after the catch has also been demonstrated throughout his career. However, his lack of experience in tackling at the line of scrimmage is another concern.

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Reagor is a good pass-catcher, but he has to learn the intricacies of the wide receiver position before he can contribute in the NFL. He has to be able to give it his all on every snap, and he must not let the play slip away. Reagor needs to work on his keepaway game to make the team better.

Reagor is a great talent on the outside. However, he needs to improve his route running to avoid these defenders. He’ll need to get better at in-breaking routes and develop his ability to take advantage of mismatches. The Eagles tried to use a screen to Reagor against Dallas and failed miserably.

His route running is good vs Jeremy Maclin

Reagor has underwhelming numbers for a receiver and is on the fast track to becoming a forgotten man in the NFL. Despite his route running being good, he is a slot receiver who will never be as good as Jeremy Maclin or DeSean Jackson. His mediocre performance will reflect on the entire coaching staff and Roseman himself.

Reagor is a pure athlete and speed merchant. He has incredible acceleration and deep speed. While not the most technically sound route runner, he has shown his ability to make contested catches look like a piece of cake. His game against Baylor was nothing short of highlight reel after highlight reel. And while he doesn’t have the same size and speed as Maclin, his route running is good enough to beat Maclin.

Reagor’s route running is good compared to Maclin, but he isn’t the best route runner in the class. His foot injury and inconsistency have hindered his production, but his guile and veteranism are enough to make up for it. His father is an NFL quarterback, so he has a lot of potential. In the end, the Eagles may have found the answer to a major problem.

His drop rate is worrying

The drop rate on Reagor’s routes is a concern, but he is still a very good pass catcher and should continue to improve in his career. He is an excellent deep threat and has a great understanding of the offense, but his accuracy is a concern. He has difficulty finding space in between defenders, and his head often turns too early.

In addition, his short arms and average hand size limit his deep threat capabilities. Because of these limitations, Reagor can’t box out defenders well and can’t play the back shoulder game. However, his body control is impressive. He is able to catch 50/50 balls. He doesn’t have the size and strength to be a big-bodied receiver, but he is able to adjust to his new position and play a better football game.

One of the biggest concerns for the Eagles is Reagor’s drop rate. In his sophomore year, he had nine drops on 92 targets, which is nearly 15%. That’s more than twice the rate of wide receivers selected after him in the 2020 NFL Draft. That includes Brandon Aiyuk, Michael Pittman Jr., and Justin Jefferson. If Reagor’s drop rate keeps up, he’s likely to miss a lot of open targets in the NFL.

As for Reagor’s drop rate, it’s important to note that he’s listed on the Eagles’ depth chart as a first-team kickoff and punt returner. His ability to play both types of plays is crucial in Doug Pederson’s offense. Any good offense needs both types of plays, so Reagor needs to be able to perform well on both.