Josh Smith and Doc Rivers

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After the Sixers missed the playoffs for the second straight year, head coach Josh smith was tearing into 76ers coach Doc Rivers. In this article, we look at Smith’s comments about Paul George and the 76ers’ playoff failure. Is smith correct? And is he justified in criticizing Rivers? The article answers these questions and more. Read on to find out! Also, check out our previous article on 76ers head coach Josh smith and doc rivers.

76ers head coach josh smith rips 76ers head coach doc rivers

After losing Game 7 to the Atlanta Hawks, Philadelphia 66ers head coach Doc Rivers has been ripped by his former player. Smith took to social media to blast Rivers and his offensive scheme. Smith also ripped Rivers’ wife. Both men have strained relations over the years. But Smith’s latest attack may be the most pointed. Read on to find out what Smith said about the 76ers head coach.

While ripping Doc Rivers, Smith points out that the Sixers have had an excellent season under his leadership. Embiid was on the verge of an MVP campaign, Simmons had his best season on defense, and Seth Curry is Doc Rivers’ son-in-law. In addition to Embiid, the Sixers also boasted a legit NBA weapon in Furkan Korkmaz.

The 76ers had high expectations for Rivers’ first season, and were hoping to advance past the second round in the playoffs. However, they couldn’t quite get past the second round, and Smith’s comments raise questions about whether anything will change in Philly. However, he did show some promising signs. Despite the pitfalls, Doc Rivers has some bright points.

While it isn’t fair to judge Doc Rivers by his coaching record, he still has a respectable CV. His teams have a lot of talent, and his coaching record has a strong track record. While it isn’t fair to analyze the 76ers’ coaching history as a whole, it is possible to break down each stop he has made.

While Josh Smith is right to defend his former colleague, he also seems to be defending his team’s star. While he might not be defending himself, the 76ers aren’t far from the second round and have been saying the same thing for two years. Moreover, he’s defending Paul George in this instance, so we’ll see if this new relationship gets heated.

Whether Doc Rivers is right or wrong, one thing is for certain: the Sixers will not go far without him. In fact, it will take a team with Doc Rivers’ philosophy to make it far into the playoffs. But Doc Rivers’ success was evident in his Orlando Magic team. After losing in the first round, they would most likely lose to the Spurs. They would then go on to defeat the Warriors in the second round, where they were eliminated. Then, Doc hit the game-winning shot in the closing seconds to seal the series.

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Moreover, the 76ers are in a rut against the Hawks. The Atlanta Hawks are talented and possess a lot of talent. Moreover, Doc Rivers is making adjustments against Trae Young, a talented player whom the Sixers should have learned to guard. While Ben Simmons has done a good job against Trae Young, the Sixers are struggling on the defensive end.

76ers head coach rips doc rivers for playoff failure

After the 76ers blew a 3-1 series lead against the Hawks, 76ers head coach Josh Smith ripped a former teammate, Doc Rivers, on social media. The 76ers have had a disappointing season and Rivers has been criticized for the lackluster play of point guard Ben Simmons. Rivers was a favorite of NBA fans until the team went 0-4 in the playoffs this year. However, the 76ers’ point guard is taking some heat himself for the performance.

Despite a good roster, Doc Rivers has had some disappointing playoff seasons. His teams have consistently failed to advance past the second round since taking over the Celtics. Despite this, the 76ers have been blown out twice in Doc Rivers’ tenure. Josh Smith also ripped Doc Rivers for his lack of success, calling him “a failure” who is causing the team’s lackluster playoffs.

A former 76ers player ripped Doc Rivers for the team’s postseason failure on Friday. Josh Smith also criticized the coach for comments about Paul George and Tyronn Lue in the past. Josh Smith doubled down on the criticism, saying, “There is no room for ego here.”

Doc Rivers has never been shy about sharing his opinions about social injustice issues and politics. He’s publicly criticized President Donald Trump and U.S. Senator Josh Hawley. However, many of his critics, including former president Barack Obama, have praised Rivers’ thoughtful commentary on politics. However, his controversial comments have caused a stir. In recent weeks, Doc Rivers’ name has been linked to a racist president.

Another team that has a chance to upset the 76ers is the Atlanta Hawks. This team is the most athletic and mature team in the Eastern Conference. Joe Johnson is an athletic prodigy, while Josh Smith is an underrated post-season player. This team is poised for a postseason run. If the Hawks advance to the next round, they’ll be in the finals.

In addition to the dissent from the 76ers’ fan base, there are also some positive signs about Doc Rivers. The Sixers have drawn some talent to Philadelphia under his watch. Andre Drummond came to Philadelphia on a minimum contract and became the best backup for Embiid. George Niang, meanwhile, has credited Doc Rivers for making him want to join the team. The Sixers have even attracted James Harden and Daryl Morey to Philadelphia.

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Whether the 76ers are going to make the playoffs is another question. Whether they have the talent and determination to make it, or if they need a different coach, the 76ers need to address the issue head-on. Taking responsibility for the team’s postseason failure is a collective process and should be done in a collective manner. The 76ers’ head coach is a good example of how to handle pressure.

76ers head coach rips doc rivers for comments he made about Paul George

In a recent Instagram video, Philadelphia 76ers head coach Josh Smith took a shot at Doc Rivers for comments he made about Paul George. In the post, Smith called out the former Clippers head coach for not being able to make adjustments on his team. This explains why he traded Danny Green to the 76ers and played only three games with the Houston Rockets this season.

Despite his long coaching career, Doc Rivers hasn’t been able to catapult his team to the NBA Finals. His talent wasn’t enough to make them competitive. Despite the lack of talent on his team, Rivers was able to get superstars to sacrifice. However, he still didn’t have the tools to make his teams competitive against the best coaches.

In addition to his offensive comments about George, Rivers’ comments about the enigmatic point guard were made in light of the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The incident sparked protests and fearmongering about unruly Black people at the RNC. Smith took to social media to criticize Rivers for his comments and called him a “disgrace.”

Whether or not this is the best way to judge Doc Rivers’ coaching style, the 76ers head coach is clearly in the wrong place. Whether he is right or wrong, Rivers’ comments about George have hurt the Sixers’ chances. The 76ers have a lot to prove and Smith is willing to take them on. And if he does, it could make the playoffs that much easier.

Doc Rivers and Josh Smith have a long history of bad blood. Smith spent one season with Doc Rivers when the Clippers signed Doc Rivers. However, the Clippers traded him back to Houston after 32 games. During their one-year stay in Los Angeles, the Clippers were swept in six video games by the Portland Trail Blazers.

After ripping Doc Rivers, Josh Smith has taken a dig at the man who was responsible for the Nets’ recent trade. Having said that, the two have a long-standing history of misunderstanding each other, which could ultimately make it difficult for either of them to work together. Nonetheless, he has proven to be a great coach and a good motivator. But is his latest move the right move?

If the Philadelphia 76ers are looking for a new head coach, they may want to consider hiring a veteran. A veteran coach with plenty of experience and a successful team has more credibility. A coach with a proven record could be one of the top five coaches in the NBA when his contract is up. But it is important to remember that it is hard to evaluate a coach by his own words. It is unfair to make a judgement on an individual’s rant without any data.