Kirk Cousins and Justin Jefferson Frustrated Over Extending Kirk Cousins’ Contract

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If you’ve been following the Vikings for the past few seasons, you’ve probably noticed the efficiency of Kirk Cousins and his teammates. But have you noticed how Justin Jefferson is frustrated with Kirk Cousins? In this article, we’ll talk about the frustrations of Justin Jefferson and the Minnesota Vikings’ decision to extend Kirk Cousins’ contract. Plus, we’ll discuss the value of a true duel-threat quarterback in the NFL.

Kirk Cousins’ efficiency has carried over to the rest of the team

While Kirk Cousins’ statistics may not be all that impressive, they do show that his efficiency has trickled down to the rest of the team. This is a big sign of the team’s success. It’s hard to argue with the stats when Kirk Cousins is the starting quarterback. He’s accurate and has a high completion percentage, but he struggled against the Steelers, tossing two interceptions and having a completion percentage below fifty percent. It was not good. But then again, he’s a quarterback, and this is the NFL.

The Vikings’ offense has improved in the last two seasons, and the team is better with Kirk Cousins at the helm. Kirk Cousins led Minnesota to a 13-3 record last season and won a divisional game in Week 11. He has the second-highest passer rating since Week 3 of last season and has already surpassed Aaron Rodgers in the league. His efficiency has carried over to the entire team, and he’s been a leader for the Vikings since the beginning of the season.

Whether or not Kirk Cousins will extend his contract is an ongoing question. He has made it clear that he wants to remain in Minnesota past the 2021 season, but he hasn’t yet made it official. In the meantime, he is expected to make another move, possibly reshaping his contract to make it more affordable for the Vikings.

While a quarterback can’t control everything, he can influence the way the team plays. He is a big part of the team’s success, and he can make the team go far. Kirk Cousins is a big reason why the Redskins are 2-1 in the postseason. With the right coaching and guidance, the team can be successful and win.

Alex Smith’s stats are also impressive. He is the only QB in Redskins history to have four TD passes in three consecutive seasons, making him the first Redskins player to do so since Norm Snead in 1961. The Redskins quarterback also matched his career high of 187 pass attempts without an INT. This makes him one of the most efficient quarterbacks in franchise history.

Justin Jefferson’s frustrations with justin jefferson kirk cousins

As the Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback, Kirk Cousins has railed against the new WR, Justin Jefferson. The quarterback’s comments on Thursday were hardly surprising, since the playmaker has a history of publicly expressing frustration. Jefferson said he compared Cousins to Joe Burrow, and it’s hard not to agree. After all, the two played for the same team and were both Pro Bowl players. And now they’re competing to be the best WR in the NFL.

If Jefferson wanted to stay with the Vikings, he could do so by requesting a trade. But he’s under contract until 2024, so there’s no flexibility for him to hold out for his contract. Despite this, most fans will applaud Jefferson’s candid comments. However, he should keep in mind that the situation with Diggs is far from the same level of dysfunction as Jefferson’s.

Even if Kirk Cousins were to leave the Vikings in the offseason, he would still be the starting QB in September. It would be a blow for the Vikings, as Cousins is not cheap nor is he young. Nonetheless, a Kirk Cousins trade would not be a concession to Justin Jefferson, who has repeatedly denied the reports about the quarterback’s future.

After the game, the Vikings’ quarterback made Jefferson look frustrated. He yelled, “(Expletive), Kirk!” after a play where Cousins missed Jefferson. Jefferson also appeared to mention a flag. This one-sided exchange was captured on Fox’s on-field microphones. While fans are not privy to these kinds of moments, it’s a clear sign of a rift between the two players.

Despite his frustrations with Kirk Cousins, Jeffery still wants to see the Vikings be more aggressive in the red zone. While a more aggressive approach can lead to more points and wins, Jefferson has a different view. So he isn’t a fan of playing safe. The Vikings are a team that won’t make the playoffs.

Kirk Cousins’ contract extension

During his first two seasons with the Vikings, quarterback Kirk Cousins was in a contract dispute with wide receiver Justin Jefferson. Then the two sides settled on a two-year contract extension. While Jefferson played well enough to make the playoffs his first two seasons, his impact on the Vikings’ defense was minimal. The Vikings’ defense ranked second in the NFL from 2014 to 2019 before falling to 27th in 2020. In 2020-21, the Vikings were the NFL’s sixth-worst defense. But, it’s hard to imagine a situation where Jefferson would not be an important part of the team.

Although Kirk Cousins is not in the elite category of quarterbacks, he has a number of strengths that make him a valuable player for any team. He’s consistently accurate, and has thrown for more than four thousand yards with at least 30 touchdowns in three of his four seasons with the Vikings. That consistency is key. Then, there’s the durability factor. Jefferson is a great athlete and has played professionally in three NFL seasons, including a Super Bowl win in 2012.

While the new contract gives Cousins more money and allows the Vikings to spend more this offseason on other pieces, it doesn’t guarantee him the starting job after the 2022 season. After all, he will become an unrestricted free agent after that season. The new deal will allow the Vikings to add a number of defensive pieces. Ultimately, the new contract is the best deal for both sides. Kirk Cousins’ new contract is the best deal in the NFL, but it will take a while for his teammates to catch up.

The new contract is worth $35 million a year, which is higher than the salary that Cousins was demanding last year. The deal also contains a no-trade clause, which will save the Vikings $14 million in salary cap space this season. The contract also puts Cousins on track to make more than $231 million over the course of his career. This is an excellent deal for the Vikings, as it takes the quarterback off the trade market, and brings him back under the new ownership of the Vikings.

Kirk Cousins’ lack of a duel-threat quarterback

As an eight-year veteran, Kirk Cousins has had a roller-coaster season. He has won ten games in the regular season and five in the playoffs, but has failed to put up the same level of performance in the postseason. This may be in part due to Cousins’ lack of trust in former head coach Mike Zimmer, who made it clear that he did not trust him enough.

The best way to assess Kirk Cousins’ performance is to look at his recent stats. His QBR and overall stats have been fairly decent, but he has never finished among the top five signal-callers. Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Matthew Stafford all rank near the top of the QBR mountain. Cousins ranks fifteenth in that category, which makes him a risky bet for fantasy football owners.

Despite being an average NFL starting quarterback, Kirk Cousins is not a duel-threat quarterback. His lack of mobility is a concern for fantasy owners, and he will need a strong offensive line to succeed in the postseason. The Vikings will need to make the playoffs, and Cousins is capable of doing that. That’s not a bad thing, but it is a risk if he doesn’t develop his duel-threat quarterback qualities.

Although Cousins has two tremendous receivers in Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson, his lack of a run-first team upside is a big concern. Though his defense is expected to improve by 2021, he will likely struggle to reach the QB1 range. While he has some great attributes, his lack of duel-threat quarterback potential isn’t something that he can exploit.

Though Kirk Cousins isn’t a duel-threat quarterback, he’s still a valuable player in the Vikings’ lineup. His salary isn’t outrageous, but it’s lower than the average starting QB salary for other position-holders in the league. And his stats rank him among the league’s best, though he hasn’t put up Hall-of-Famer numbers. Despite this, Cousins is among the top-ten quarterbacks in the league in passing yards and touchdown passes.