KJ Hamler Highlights For the Denver Broncos

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Unlike most rookie wide receivers, Jeudy Hamler is pro-ready, and his hands are decent. His route running could use some work, but he could fit in year one. The team made a good decision to add him on Day 2.

kj hamler is explosive in space

Redshirt sophomore WR KJ Hamler is a dangerous receiver. He was a top target in the draft and was a big reason why the Broncos selected him in the second round. Though he had minimal upside his rookie year, he saw an uptick in playing time once Sutton got hurt. Hamler has already made plays in space and has had some impressive contested catches.

He’s a great all-purpose player, as evidenced by his impressive numbers. He has six pass plays of 30 yards or longer this season, and has made at least 11 catches of 20 yards or more. He’s a big target, but he’s also a good route runner and can catch the ball quickly. He’s explosive in space, which makes him an ideal target for the spread offense.

Hamler has excellent speed and can run short crosses, screens, and beat defenses deep. His size helps him fight against defenders, which is another plus. His route running is his main strength, and he’s able to gain yards after the catch in space. While Hamler’s route running can use some refinement, he has the tools to make an impact in the NFL. The only concern is that he doesn’t have a lot of physicality.

Hamler’s speed and agility are among the reasons he’s a great NFL prospect. He had a breakout season last year and was the No. 1 recruit at Penn State. He has similar long speed and quickness to Travis Benjamin, but is smaller. Although he’s a little smaller than Benjamin, he’s a better athlete with the ball in his hands and explosive in space.

he can play outside or in the slot

In two seasons with Penn State, Kj Hamler caught 98 passes for 1,658 yards and scored 13 touchdowns. While Hamler can play both inside and outside receiver positions, he is most likely to line up in the slot. In the slot, he will compete with Noah Fant and DaeSean Hamilton for targets. His speed and athleticism will make him a threat to catch a pass on the 80-yard mark.

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The Broncos have a lot of versatility in their passing game. They can use Hamler outside or in the slot, depending on the situation. The best way to involve Hamler is to develop unique plays. Last year, Hamler scored the game-winning touchdown against the Los Angeles Chargers. His versatility is another asset. He can also play on special teams if he is able to get into a good position.

Unlike the other two, Hamler’s speed is his primary asset. He is a game-changing athlete with the ability to get into the open field. The Denver Broncos have been lacking a reliable slot receiver for quite a while. Welker and Brandon Stokley were two excellent examples of elite slot receivers, but Hamler is capable of making the difference in the offense.

Although he did not run in the NFL Combine due to a hamstring injury, Hamler’s 40-yard dash time of 4.27 seconds stands out. However, he is faster on film and hard to bring down at full speed. His 40-yard stretch time on his most recent 100-yard kick return against Michigan is 3.93 seconds. Despite being undersized, Hamler is expected to make an impact in Denver quickly.

he has good hands

In college, Hamler had poor hands. The number of drops he had was a staggering seven, but that number was spread out across the entire 2020 season, with only one game involving multiple drops. That’s a number that Hamler will want to lower to avoid being a fantasy liability. But with his speed, he could end up being a big asset. He showed great route running ability and showed improved speed throughout the pre-season.

The young quarterback was also a victim of a bad injury. He missed a 50-yard touchdown pass while on a rehab assignment. Luckily, he has had a good year since the incident. This is especially encouraging, considering that Hamler had checked into therapy earlier this year and learned how to cope with his struggles. He also met with motivational speaker Tim Grover, who has worked with Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

Hamler’s hands aren’t the biggest issue. He’s capable of receiving short passes and even making contested passes. He doesn’t possess great speed or agility, but he’s a playmaker. With his excellent hands, Hamler is capable of making big plays when given the ball. As a result, his role will expand when Jerry Jeudy is sidelined. The big question for NFL defenses will be whether Hamler can handle the extra responsibilities and be a productive member of the offense.

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A good quarterback is a must-have, but a player with a well-rounded skill set has the potential to make a difference. Hamler’s quickness and hands are a plus, and he can also win in man-coverage situations. While his role will be unknown for the time being, he’s a big piece of the Denver Broncos offense in 2021.

he needs to improve his route running

One of the biggest things Hamler can improve is his route running. Though he has scintillating speed and agility, he lacks a bit of wiggle on film that would help CBs diagnose his routes. His route runs were too mild to be effective against Ohio State because the CB broke early on the route. Without the wiggle, Hamler would be unable to disguise his intent.

Although Hamler is not a straight line burner, he is a capable route runner. His speed and agility allows him to snap off the top of defenses and change speed midroute. He also has excellent athleticism and can get moved off the line of scrimmage. While he still needs to improve his route running, there are a lot of positive traits to look for in him.

The Denver Broncos picked Hamler with the 46th overall pick this past spring. Hamler is a versatile player who can play wide receiver, slot receiver and running back. He will likely play a similar role, even though the Broncos have other versatile receivers, such as DaeSe Hamilton and Sutton. The Broncos need a player with a variety of skills, but Hamler is one of the most versatile receivers in the 2019 draft class.

Despite Hamler’s small size, he is very smooth in the air. His quickness enables him to erase safety angles with ease. However, he needs to improve his hands and his route running. Without a strong hand, he’ll struggle in contested situations. Despite his size and athleticism, Hamler is a high upside candidate. There’s no doubt he has the talent to be a top NFL receiver. However, he needs to improve his route running and other areas of his game.

he is a Taylor Gabriel prototype

If we are going to compare two wide receivers, Hamler and Gabriel, it should be clear that they are very similar. Both have a high upside, but Hamler is significantly quicker and stronger than Gabriel. Hamler averaged 12.7 Ypr and 4.1 yards after catch last season. Moreover, he was a starter in four games. He finished the season with 30 receptions for 381 yards and three touchdowns. The Broncos also have Tim Patrick, who is a stud in the passing game. Meanwhile, Hamler will have to compete with Noah Fant and KJ Hamler in the pass game. If Hamler is able to break through, he will be a major contributor to the Broncos passing game.