Leonard Washington

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Leonard Washington is a fictional character on the television show Trading Spouses. He is played by Chapelle Washington and first appears in a sketch on the show. In the sketch, he plays the patriarch of a white family for a month. Washington was born in 1877 in Tennessee and died in 1920.

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Famous quotes about Leonard Washington Trading Spouses

Leonard Washington first appeared on the sitcom Trading Spouses during its first season. During his first appearance, he would look out of the window when he entered a room that he had never seen before. He would also complain about white families not using washcloths. However, he would only back down when he was being shot. The show also gave him a son named T-Mart and a wife named T-Mart.

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Parody of Trading Spouses

Leonard Washington, played by Chapelle Washington, first appeared in the sketch ‘Trading Spouses’. The sketch was a spoof of a popular marijuana commercial and portrayed a black father and a white mother swapping their families. The sketch starred Mos Def and Talib Kweli.