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You’ve probably heard of the iconic “field goal” call from the legendary Merrill Reese. Now, he’s on Twitter. To follow him, go to @mreeseagles. We’ve rounded up a few of the best tweets from the legend. Keep reading for the latest. Whether you’re a fan or not, these tweets are worth following.

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Philadelphia Eagles play-by-play announcer Merrill Reese has been a part of the broadcast team for over 25 years. He works on CBS affiliate 94/WYSP. Reese began his career at WPAZ in Pottstown, PA. He later became part owner of WBCB in Levittown and General Manager of the station. He was previously the Sports Director for WIP for fourteen years. He has been honored with multiple awards, including being named Philadelphia Magazine’s Best Sportscaster and the recipient of several national honors. In addition to being the Eagles’ play-by-play announcer, Merrill Reese has also handled tennis play-by-play for Madison Square Garden Television with Billie Jean King.

As a football player, Reese served his country in the United States Navy and later joined the Eagles. After returning home from the military, Reese auditioned for his first paid broadcasting job. After working as a broadcaster for a few years, he landed at two stations, WCOJ in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, and WPAZ in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

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Reese hasn’t been shy about his disdain for FedEx Field, which has become the Eagles’ home base. Last season, he didn’t travel with the team and skipped the game in Washington. However, he’s still calling away games via satellite at the Linc, despite the lackluster conditions. This season, he is slated to call the home opener at FedEx Field.

Reese has said the Eagles’ quarterback Matt Hurts isn’t held back by talent. He’s got a strong offensive line behind him and a well-rounded offense, including several skill players. Moreover, the Eagles just signed A.J. Brown from the Titans. The trade made him one of the top sports broadcasters in the city, and he’s already a regular guest on shows at 94WIP.

his iconic “field goal” call

Throughout his career, Merrill Reese has become synonymous with the Philadelphia Eagles. Since 1977, he has served as the team’s play-by-play voice on Philadelphia Eagles radio. A graduate of Temple University, Reese has worked for Philadelphia’s WRTI FM radio station. During his college years, Reese also worked as an assistant editor for major blockbuster films.

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During his 41-year career, Reese has called several great moments for the Philadelphia Eagles. One of his most famous moments came in the 2001 Super Bowl against the New England Patriots, during which he called a field goal that split the uprights. In that game, Reese was also the announcer for the Eagles’ Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots.

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A co-owner of 1490 WBCB (AM) in Levittown, Pennsylvania, Reese is a veteran of both the television and radio industry. He has been a broadcaster since 1994 and has a book to his name, titled “Merrill Reese’s Autobiography.” His autobiography is the title of his field goal call, which he delivers at an extremely high pitch. His wife Cynthia is a sixth-grade science teacher at Keith Valley Middle School in Horsham, Pennsylvania, and his daughter Ida is a graphic designer.

Reese was born September 2, 1942. He worked as a sportscaster in Philadelphia, where he was a backup for Charlie Swift, the late Eagles play-by-play announcer. Upon Swift’s suicide, Reese was promoted to the Eagles’ play-by-play voice. However, Reese’s Twitter account is currently empty. That’s a sad day for Philadelphia sports fans, but Reese is using Twitter to spread the news about his career.

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It’s a sad day for Philadelphia sports fans after the Eagles lost their Super Bowl game to the Chargers. It’s hard to take the loss seriously, especially when you’re an Eagles fan, but Merrill Reese has a point. His comments on social media are indicative of how much he cares about the team and its fans. Reese isn’t the only person expressing these sentiments on social media. He has earned the respect and adoration of fans all over the country.

Throughout the years, Merrill Reese has become a familiar voice on Philadelphia Eagles radio and TV. In fact, he’s been the voice of the team since 1977, making him one of the longest-serving NFL play-by-play announcers. His calls have earned him a loyal following, and his comments on social media have caused a stir. Recently, Reese’s comments about Dak Prescott on Twitter went viral, with fans sharing their enthusiasm.