K.J McDaniels Dunk


If you’ve watched basketball, you have probably seen the K.J. McDaniels dunk. The Sixers rookie dunk from a half-court pass from Tony Wroten is an entertaining highlight. But did you know that the Philadelphia 76ers aren’t a good basketball team? The 76ers have some talented young players, and rookie K.J. McDaniels has shown those skills against the Orlando Magic. The 6-foot-6 rookie has 46 blocks in just one season, which puts him 11th in the league and leads 6-foot-8 players.

His defensive skills are solid, and he can defend multiple positions on the court. He doesn’t have the shooting touch of a wing, but he can finish above the rim when necessary. His jump shot needs work, but he’s a good defender. Though he is a bit older than most college players, several GMs say he’s a real sleeper in the draft.

In college, McDaniels was the ACC’s defensive player of the year. After graduation, he turned pro and was selected in the second round of the 2014 NBA Draft by the Philadelphia 76ers. He turned down a four-year contract, but later decided to sign a one-year non-guaranteed contract with the team.

The nba dunk contest is set for this weekend, but k.j. McDaniels has declined the invitation. He has been preparing for the upcoming contest, but he’s decided not to take part. He tells cbssports that he doesn’t like doing trick dunks.

Against FSU, k.j. McDaniels had a nice dunk against the Falcons. The young rookie is sure to have his own highlight reel come the end of the season. The nba top 30 in-game dunk contest for 2016-2017 was presented by str8dunkcontest. He has dunked a lot on the 76ers but struggled to find minutes in the houston Rockets.

After a blatant foul call on McDaniels’ dunk attempt, the NBA ruled that McDaniels had a foul on the play. The game’s second half was not as exciting. The Rockets were able to take a lead at the end of the first quarter and eventually won. However, they didn’t win because of K.J. McDaniels’ dunk was spectacular.

Clemson has won 19 of its last 20 games, and it will be tough to stop them this time. Clemson had a strong second half and pulled within three points at the end of the game. But the Tigers’ defense had a strong showing and didn’t make many second-chance points.