NFL Draft Expert Mel Kiper Eats Pumpkin Pie For Breakfast

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If you’ve watched any ESPN draft coverage, you’ve probably noticed Mel Kiper Jr.’s penchant for pumpkin pie. After all, it’s his favorite food. His recent appearance on the network’s draft coverage was capped off by a slice of pumpkin pie topped with fat free whipped cream, followed by a commercial in which Kiper breaks down every topping on a salad bar. In a recent interview, Kiper’s producer, Trey Wingo, revealed that he has eaten pumpkin pie many times before.

Mel Kiper’s quirks

ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. recently revealed one of his strange habits: eating a pumpkin pie for breakfast. The ESPN draft analyst is not the type to stick to a diet, but he does eat it regularly. During the 2012 draft, he ate a piece of pumpkin pie for breakfast. In addition to eating pumpkin pie, he eats pizza differently than most people.

ESPN’s NFL Draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. was born in 1984 and joined the network as an analyst in 1985. His first mock draft was published on Jan. 26, and his second was published on Feb. 7. His first mock draft had the Washington Redskins taking Florida wide receiver Kadarius Toney. Despite his age, Kiper remains the voice of the NFL Draft, and his quirks with pumpkin pie only make him more charming.

When asked about Jaylen Waddle, ESPN’s NFL draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. admitted to having an unhealthy relationship with the rookie running back. The two men share a family history of racism and sexism. His father, who grew up in Baltimore, was a religious man. He later married a woman who he met while attending a high school football game. The two of them have a daughter together.

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His signature dish

NFL Draft analyst Mel Kiper admits to eating pumpkin pie for breakfast. His diet varies from day to day, but he is known for his unique quirks. For example, he has never used an ATM card and watches the Dallas and Johnny Carson shows on DVD. In addition to being unvaccinated for COVID-19, Kiper eats pumpkin pie for breakfast. But aside from that, he doesn’t eat the crust of pizza.

Mel Kiper, who began reviewing food in 2009, has a unique perspective on the world of food. He eats pumpkin pie for breakfast with a fat-free Reddi Wip. His recipe is as creative as it is bizarre. Kiper also eats pumpkin pie for breakfast with milk. The two are a deranged pair, but they must share a special connection to eat and sleep in peace.

ESPN’s NFL Draft guru doesn’t have any signature dish, but pumpkin pie is his most famous dish. Fans and followers of his show love to celebrate Mel’s accomplishments without involving themselves in a larger conversation. As a result, he is praised as one of the world’s most authoritative voices on the NFL Draft. And while this obnoxious troll may not have a group of friends, he still has a signature dish.

His pizza habit

NFL draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. recently discussed his psychopathic pizza habit on ESPN Daily. While many people cut off the cheese and pile the mashed potatoes on top, Mel keeps it on the pizza to add flavor. What does Mel Kiper eat? It’s hard to guess what he likes on a pizza, but it sounds like a pretty good meal. Probably a good substitute is mashed potatoes.

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It’s hard to believe that someone who has worked for ESPN for almost four decades would have a pizza habit like that. But this ESPN Draft expert isn’t just any old guy, and we all know it. He is an expert in the NFL Draft and has been covering the event for nearly three decades. His pizza habit is so bizarre, in fact, that he should have his own show about weird foods. And it doesn’t stop there. On his ESPN Daily segment, Kiper also recommended eating his pizza with mashed potatoes.

He also has a few strange habits, which we learned from a recent ESPN Radio segment. Mel Kiper Jr. eats pizza without the cheese, while Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay is notoriously picky about food. He even rents a printing press so that he can reproduce old Dallas Morning News issues. If you ask him, he resembles Anthony Bourdain to me. You can read his entire interview below.

If you haven’t seen it yet, Mel Kiper’s pizza habit may have surprised you. While it’s true that the ESPN draft expert eats pumpkin pie for breakfast, Kiper has another pizza habit. He eats pumpkin pie for breakfast every morning. However, it’s not a daily habit – he doesn’t always have it available. When asked about his pizza habit, Pablo Torre revealed that Kiper enjoys pumpkin pie for breakfast.

His pizza with cheese

If you are looking for a great way to satisfy your craving for pumpkin, then his pumpkin pie pizza with cheese is just the thing for you. This unique pizza recipe is from Villa Italian Kitchen, a chain in New Jersey. Pumpkin pie filling is spread across the hand-stretched pizza dough, and then it is covered with mozzarella cheese. The topping is then drizzled over the baked pizza. The result is an absolutely delicious pumpkin pie pizza.

His mashed-potato pizza

ESPN NFL draft expert Mel Kiper Jr. once shared a very odd way to eat pizza with Pablo Torre on ESPN Daily. Mel Kiper ate his pizza with mashed potatoes. While he kept the cheese on the pizza for flavor, he removed the top layer of cheese, leaving only the toppings. The end result? An unusually delicious pizza that you’ll love! What are the reasons behind Mel Kiper’s mashed-potato pizza?

The ESPN draft analyst recently revealed that he enjoys eating pumpkin pie as often as possible, even for breakfast. While this doesn’t happen every day, Kiper will have it as breakfast on occasion, and the pumpkin pie does not always make an appearance in his kitchen. Pablo Torre once asked Kiper about the process of eating a pizza. Kiper replied by saying that he doesn’t eat the crust and that he’d eat it without a crust.