Pederson’s Eagles Tank Game

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The Eagles were expected to win a game against the Giants, but their method of playing the game surprised me. Pederson is a master of the defensive scheme, and both Nate Sudfeld and Jalen Hurts put up solid performances. And he also called upon his players to play smarter, a move that seemed to work. Still, the game wasn’t as easy as it looked, and the Giants responded well.

Pederson’s method

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, I can attest that I’m sick of hearing about Pederson’s “tank” game. The Eagles threw away a big opportunity to win when they had a chance to win the game and instead chose to sit their starters and rest their players. That strategy has been working for them for a while now, and I think it will continue as long as Pederson keeps his team competitive.

If you are a Philadelphia Eagles fan, you understand why the head coach pulled his starting quarterback Jalen Hurts from the game against the Washington Football Team. The game was meaningless, and the Eagles could have been punished for it, but they decided not to. They ended up getting DeVonta Smith, a first-round pick in 2022, extra experience for running back Matt Hurts, and a new head coach. This strategy was a good one for the Eagles, but it had its drawbacks.

After the loss, the Eagles are 0-16, and that’s not a good look for the NFL. The Giants, a six-win team, should not have relied on a team like the Eagles to win the division. The Philadelphia Eagles have a few good players, but the lack of depth hurts them in the end. That’s why Pederson benched Jalen Hurts and Nate Sudfeld for the rest of the game. It’s not the right way to win, and it doesn’t make much sense.

While soft tanking is acceptable league-wide, there are some questionable decisions made by the head coach. For example, Pederson decided not to dress Sanders, a starter with a proven track record. He also turned to third-string quarterback Nate Sudfeld in the fourth quarter. Both decisions could have been made if Pederson had pressure to lose the game. He might have been under too much pressure to play the same way in the playoffs as he did on Sunday.

This method was also implemented by the Eagles last week, when they faced a tough matchup against the New York Giants. Pederson was a former Packers backup quarterback who backed up Brett Favre in the 1996-97 Super Bowl. That’s why it’s a shame that he chose to play Jalen Hurts in this game, because it would have ruined the Eagles’ chances of making the playoffs.

Jalen Hurts’ performance

A 147-yard passing game and three touchdowns in the tank game against New Orleans was a huge accomplishment for Jalen Hurts, who has struggled to find consistency and rhythm this season. In fact, Nick Sirianni refused to name him QB1 before the season started. Despite the lack of play-calling ability, Hurts’ explosive running ability was an unexpected plus for the Eagles.

On top of that, Hurts continued to display his impressive dual-threat skills. In fact, his worst interception came before halftime, when the Eagles could have kicked a game-tying field goal. After the game, Hurts was angry with himself and his team for the play and blamed it on the inexperienced defense. However, the quarterback was able to get back on his feet quickly and took responsibility for his team’s loss.

The quarterback has been criticized for his poor performance in the Eagles’ last two games. However, he has been given time to show what he can do and has earned the trust of his coach. It’s a shame that he couldn’t perform at the highest level. He’s been a fan favorite since he was a freshman at Alabama. Now, the Eagles have the chance to draft him with the 53rd overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

After Wentz’s injury, Philadelphia has prioritized speed and downfield passing offense. Unfortunately, their offense is lacking both. They rank 28th in passing yards per game and have the worst time to throw the ball. Jalen Hurts’ longest completion was 13 yards, and the quarterback completed just two passes of 15 yards or more. In addition, Philadelphia’s offensive line has been a major issue since Wentz’s return.

If you’re wondering about why the Eagles benched Jalen Hurts against Washington, take a look at the NFL website’s report on the decision. While the Eagles lost the game 20-14, the Giants would have won it. However, even with the loss, the Eagles received the sixth pick in the NFL draft, while a win would have dropped them to the ninth pick.

Nate Sudfeld’s performance

NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt blasted the Eagles on Good Morning Football for benching Nate Sudfeld. Despite the fact that Sudfeld only took two snaps in the previous three seasons, he clearly was playing to lose the game. Tim Sullivan and Nick Faria agreed that the move was extreme. But did Sudfeld really make the Eagles worse? It’s too early to tell, but here’s what we do know.

The Philadelphia Eagles benched Jalen Hurts for Nate Sudfeld in the fourth quarter of their tank game against Washington. The decision was criticized by fans and Sunday Night Football broadcasters. While Pederson defended the decision, many others questioned it. After all, the Eagles would have lost to the Giants and lost the division title anyway. But why bench the quarterback who’d given them a chance to win in the first place?

There are many reasons why the Eagles would bench Sudfeld. First, the quarterback had not played in three years and therefore was rusty. Second, Sudfeld’s lack of mobility hurt the offense. Washington took advantage of his lack of mobility. And it wasn’t just Sudfeld’s performance that made the Eagles lose the game. Doug Pederson has since signed Sudfeld with the San Francisco 49ers, but he’s still the third option in the Philadelphia Eagles’ backfield.

The Eagles intentionally benched their starting quarterback in the Week 17 game. Sudfeld had a poor game and was clearly not prepared for the job. Pederson’s decision to bench Sudfeld didn’t do the team any favors. Instead, he made the decision to stick with the third-string quarterback. The Eagles would have ended up ninth overall had Sudfeld won the game.

Giants’ response

When the Eagles played the Giants on Monday night, they seemed to have a tank game in mind. The Giants had a chance to win the NFC East if the Eagles beat Washington, but instead the coach decided to pull his starters in order to do a tank job. That decision cost them the game, and it was clear that the team was not pumped about it. But the Giants were furious, and they responded in kind.

The Giants’ head coach, Joe Judge, didn’t hold his tongue when asked about the Philadelphia Eagles’ game against the Washington Football Team on Sunday. He felt the Eagles were disrespecting the league and the players by ignoring the game’s outcome and playing a mediocre fourth quarter. The Giants had 16 opportunities to win the NFC East this season, but left their fate in the hands of others. In the end, New York needed to win at Dallas to stay alive. And on Sunday night, the Eagles needed to beat Washington to remain alive. But in reality, the Eagles were a blown-out mess, with a significant contingent of players inactive. They benched rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts in favor of Brad Sudfeld late in the game.

The Eagles gave the Giants a chance to win the NFC East. Had they won, the Giants could have won the division title with the No. 6 pick. And, had the Eagles won, they would have had a first-round pick next year in the draft. So, this loss stings, and the Giants’ response is understandable. After all, if Washington loses, the Giants are guaranteed to be in the playoffs.

After the game, the Giants players and fans expressed their disappointment. Players and fans cried on social media and made a big fuss about it for three days. Despite the sour reaction, this loss is not an excuse. They need to get their house in order and move on to the next level. After all, they were just implementing a new gadget play and a Greg Ward pass, both of which were introduced last week. The Giants need to stop blaming themselves for such a loss and start winning games.