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A phillies thong is not just a fashionable headgear. It is also a mandatory item to wear on Opening Day. The Phillies must start the tradition of giving out thongs to fans, either in the locker room or at an annual fan event. In fact, thongs have become the new uniform in Philadelphia and should be worn on Opening Day without fail. In addition, the Phillies must make fans lottery-qualified before being allowed in the locker room, where they should be allowed to wear the thong.

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“Papi’s Phillies thong” is a hot topic of discussion on baseball blogs and on Twitter. Papi is a premium lifestyle brand for the contemporary man. Its design is influenced by Hispanic heritage and South Beach culture. The thong is adorned with rhinestones. The Phillies’ thong has become a cultural icon, and Papi is proud to promote it.

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Papi thongs

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The company behind the thong, Papi, became aware of Huff’s superstitious powers and decided to send three giant boxes of thong underwear to AT&T Park, where Huff was playing. These boxes stood three feet high, so Huff could distribute them throughout the clubhouse. Eventually, the company decided to sponsor the Phillies, and they’ve been a hit since.

After a three-for-32 slump, Aubrey Huff decided to dig through his underwear drawer and find his rally thong. Papi thongs for the Phillies are now the talk of the postseason. And we can’t forget that Barry Bonds is rumored to do jumping jacks in his dress shoes! Despite his new wardrobe, the thong is a topic of debate in the Phillies.