Prince Tega Wanogho Scouting Report

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Whether you’re looking for a big-time wide receiver for your next draft, or a player to complement an already talented team, a Prince Tega Wanogho scouting report is the key to success. His athleticism and massive frame make him a tough matchup for quarterbacks looking to throw deep. In addition to his size, his athleticism and hand usage make him an excellent matchup for running backs, as well as tight ends.


In addition to his impressive athleticism, Wanogho’s background is impressive as well. The Nigerian native grew up in a family of eight, playing soccer, basketball, and pool. After a year, he switched to football and began playing offensive line. Eventually, he was moved to left tackle, starting all games. In his final two years on campus, he was drafted to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Although he left his native Nigeria largely unknown, his athleticism has translated into great success in the United States. In the National Football League, Tega Wanogho was recently drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles. His story embodies the never-say-die attitude of many Nigerian athletes. He initially chose basketball as his primary sport and didn’t know much about football.

As a basketball player, Wanogho’s athletic abilities have made him an intriguing prospect. Despite his size and strength, he plays with impressive balance. He possesses excellent hand usage and looks like an elite athlete in space. His athleticism isn’t limited to football though. He can also play basketball, baseball, and karate. The athleticism is a huge selling point and could make him a franchise left tackle.

At Auburn, Wanogho played as a blindside protector. He did an admirable job of blocking traffic to the pocket. His natural athleticism and ascension in technique will allow him to be a great defender in the NFL. If he continues to develop, he can be a top-10 selection. He’ll play for the Eagles and earn All-SEC honors.


Prince Tega Wanogho has an excellent mix of strength, speed, and agility. While he’s a relatively newcomer to the game, he already has a solid combination of physical attributes. In addition to strength and agility, Wanogho has good footwork and decent size. However, his technique could use a bit of work. His technique needs to be more refined, and he should focus on improving his hand placement, pad level, and forward lean.

While Wanogho’s hand usage can be better, his overall frame and footwork aren’t particularly polished. He also struggles to get inside his opponent’s shoulder and is prone to allowing defenders to get into his frame. However, despite these flaws, Wanogho’s overall motor is good and he’ll benefit from the opportunity to develop his nastiness. If Wanogho can’t stay healthy, he might be better served landing in a redshirt position.

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While his physical attributes are good enough to play on a starting offensive line in the NFL, his limited strength and speed are limiting factors for immediate NFL action. In the right situation, Prince Tega Wanogho’s athleticism should help him start playing immediately, although he will probably struggle for the first couple of years. With proper training, he should continue to fill out his frame and develop his technique and functional strength.

While Tega Wanogho’d rather play basketball than play football, he was a good basketball player as well. While he wasn’t a standout basketball player, he impressed Edgewood’s football coach by tossing a football during basketball practice. Although he only knew football from movies, Tega Wanogho decided to try out for the team as a defensive tackle.

Hand usage

Prince Tega Wanogho is an impressive prospect with the physical traits needed to thrive at the next level. In addition to his extensive basketball background, the 24-year-old is also the grandson of a Nigerian king. Hopefully, his story will become a movie one day! While some have questioned his length, scouts like his athleticism and regal pedigree.

In his Combine drills, Wanogho shows some impressive lateral agility, but needs work on his hand usage. His footwork is not always perfect, and he often ends up wide or high against pass rushers. Additionally, he is prone to swim moves. His lack of a set stance makes him vulnerable to a pass rusher who gets around him.

The best thing about Prince Tega Wanogho’s scouting report is his size and versatility. He was recruited to the U.S. from Nigeria during high school for basketball, but was spotted by a football team due to his size. Although he’s only been playing competitive football for a few years, his hand usage and play in space indicate an elite athlete with potential. He could be a year-after starter for an aging offense or a player who plays in a more specific scheme.

Although Wanogho is young, his technique is still raw, and his pad level needs to improve. He needs to improve his ability to stay low and generate leverage from his pads. He also needs to develop more lower-body strength, as he is lacking in this area. This could limit his ability to block powerful defenders. He should also improve his overall agility and hand usage.

Competitive toughness

A strong combination of size and athleticism make Prince Tega Wanogho a solid option at offensive tackle for the Packers. He can block the run and open up lanes for the quarterback, and he’s a good choice to keep the quarterback clean. He’s not as quick and strong as Rashard Lawrence, but he can still get his hands on the ball and keep his man from getting hit.

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The athleticism and physical strength that separate the two sides of this gifted offensive lineman make him an exceptional prospect. Tega Wanogho, a native of Nigeria, has developed a solid foundation in both sports. He grew up playing basketball and soccer and came to the United States as a teenager with the dream of becoming the next LeBron James. As a high school senior, he stood at 6’7 and weighed about 240 pounds.

Despite being a highly-tuned athlete, Wanagho has shown a strong competitive toughness. He consistently worked to the second level and completed screens with a defender on the ground. He adapted well to changes in angles and moved in different formations based on play calls. His athleticism and competitive toughness set him apart from his teammates. However, Wanogho has proven himself a valuable piece of the offensive line for the Tigers.

However, while his athleticism and mental processing are strong, his strength and speed are still questionable. Wanogho has an excellent frame and good footwork, but he needs to improve his ability to deliver blocks. His physical attributes are good, but his toughness and competitiveness need to be refined. He also needs to work on his aggressiveness. But that’s not to say that Wanogho can’t play the game.

Potential to be a good pass blocker

The scouting reports on Tega Wanogho are positive and he could end up being a solid pass blocker. His athleticism and length should be enough to get in front of most rushers. He can hold off opponents with his length, but needs to work on his tackling technique. Wanogho has good length and could be a good pass blocker if he can improve on his hand placement and pad level.

The former offensive lineman is still learning how to play on the offensive line, but he has some strong physical tools and can get knocked off base by defenders. His stance doesn’t seem to be very stable, and he struggles with complex offenses. Wanogho’s athleticism and strength will help him in the NFL.

The physical tools Prince has to be an effective pass blocker are solid and he shows solid lateral agility. While Prince lacks in speed, he does possess the size and strength to become a dominant offensive lineman. He also displays solid foot quickness and lateral agility. He might be too big to play tackle, but he has the athletic ability to be a solid pass blocker.

The athleticism and competitiveness of Prince Tega Wanogho are his biggest assets. He shows good lateral mobility and can absorb bull rushes in pass protection. His length and lateral mobility make him a tough target for a fast rusher, and his ability to ride speed rushers up the field makes him a valuable asset in the NFL. Wanogho will keep his opponents away from him and prevent them from using shoulder pads to get through him.