Robert Griffin III’s Worst Tweets

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In a recent tweet, Robert Griffin III revealed his fractured thumb. The NFL star has been under a lot of side-eye ever since his first season, when he proclaimed his love for Rebecca Liddicoat. But since then, he’s gotten married to a white woman named Grete Sadeiko. Despite the obvious racial sex gap, the tweet has earned him a lot of followers and is the subject of much commentary.

RG3’s fractured thumb

The Baltimore Ravens’ Robert Griffin III has fractured the thumb on his right throwing hand. This news is devastating for the team, as it leaves the Ravens thin under center early in the season. A tweet from RG3 on Twitter shows how he is trying to stay self-aware while dealing with his injury. This tweet has prompted many to ask if the quarterback will be ready to play against the Miami Dolphins in Week 1 or Week 2?

It is possible that the injury is not as serious as first thought, but it is nonetheless still a significant blow for the Ravens. The team is still working through the procedure. Griffin’s thumb has been bandaged, but he will miss the rest of the season. The team may be able to return to practice as soon as early October. The Ravens are still evaluating whether or not he will be able to play in Week 2.

Griffin is expected to be out for four to eight weeks. His injury is a setback for the Ravens, but the team is optimistic that he will be able to return in time to start Week 1. If that’s the case, the offense will need to find another quarterback quickly. The Ravens could look to Lamar Jackson to step in. However, the rookie quarterback is notoriously reckless in the NFL, and he will most likely put himself at risk more often than other quarterbacks.

However, there are other reports that say Griffin isn’t on the inactive list. The Redskins’ team doctor, Dr. Andrews, has told the team that Griffin has a “mild sprain” in his right knee. The team tweeted that Griffin will be available to play in Week 15 if the injury doesn’t interfere with his practice. It seems like it is a bit of a gamble on Griffin’s part.

RG3’s self-own

Robert Griffin III’s tweet about “self-own” is ironic given that the Baltimore Ravens’ quarterback is currently out with a fractured thumb on his throwing hand. The tweet was meant to show that he was self-aware when dealing with the injury and that he wanted to play for the team again. However, it doesn’t seem to have worked. Instead, it has led some to suggest that the quarterback is merely trying to make himself more attractive to potential employers.

Griffin’s tweet was widely panned by fans and critics alike. Some defended Griffin’s message, while others chastised him for being so publicly visible. Though he didn’t state if the tweet was a response to anything in particular, many fans assumed that he was referring to the fact that his teammates had made him so visible. In comparison, only Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson have tweeted more frequently than Griffin, and Andrew Luck has no social media presence at all.

Robert Griffin III (RG3) had a very close relationship with his parents. They were in his inner circle, and he needed them. After his surgery, he turned to his father for support. The two spent countless hours together in the hospital to help their son recover. His father made sure he had the best medical care possible, and was also there to provide moral support. Despite all these challenges, RG3 was able to overcome them all.

Although Griffin’s tweet is controversial, his message is well worth considering. Not only is he making headlines, but he’s setting an example for young football players to emulate. It’s also a good way to show the world how important self-care is. If we want to make our communities a better place, we need to start doing our part to promote health and wellness. But we can’t expect athletes to be perfect.

RG3’s tweet

Robert Griffin III has consistently tweeted terrible things. One recent example was when he tweeted about Jameis Winston’s crab legs incident at Florida State. We know what happened to Winston, but he clearly has a problem with tweeting about things that were not relevant at the time. The tweet, however, is a good reminder to keep your cool when defending your team or yourself. Here are some of RG3’s worst tweets.

Robert Griffin III, also known as RG3, tweeted out his thanks for four years with the Washington Redskins. Although his career has taken a turn for the worse, many fans can’t deny his great rookie season. In fact, he’s trying to lobby for a comeback tour in Washington. The Redskins have struggled this season, and many people are questioning why Shanahan benched him.

LeBron James Jr.’s choice to be a milkman

In his most recent statement, LeBron James said that he planned to play his final season with his son Bronny. This statement has trickled down to the recruiting trail. Bronny James is a high-four-star prospect in the 2023 recruiting class. The father-son duo have made their son’s basketball aspirations a reality. James, one of the best players in NBA history, is also entering the twilight of his career.

James, who has won three NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, and Cleveland Cavaliers, has an Instagram account that boasts more than 6 million followers. He has been in the recruiting spotlight for years, thanks to his famous father. He was even recently acknowledged by Kentucky Coach John Calipari, who had sent Bronny scholarship papers when he was two years old. Although the gesture was likely made more as a courtesy to his family friend, it has garnered widespread interest.

Though this may seem like a small detail, it is important to remember that James has four children. While two are going to live in Portland, the other two will live in Los Angeles. Although LeBron James’s choice to become a milkman reflects his desire to stay in Portland, it is still worth noting that his son has expressed interest in playing basketball with LeBron. Eventually, he may be drafted by an NBA team, so keep an eye out!

Though LeBron James may have a tough decision to make this offseason, his son’s choice will bring significant attention and notoriety to the school. And he will have eight years to make his college choice. So, what is the significance of LeBron James Jr.’s choice? It will be important for Bronny to continue to do what’s best for him.