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Levin, a native of Northeast Philadelphia, is a long-time contributor to the Sixers blog. He grew up around Newtown, Bucks County, and attended Council Rock High School South. He is the former editor of the Liberty Ballers and has been a contributor since 2009. He is also the co-host of the podcast “The Rights to Ricky Sanchez.” His podcast was instrumental in making “Trust the Process” into a rallying cry for Sixers fans.

Liberty Ballers

The Liberty Ballers blog is a new series from SB Nation that follows the Philadelphia 76ers. It is aimed at fans of the Atlantic Division, which is the team’s home market. Michael Levin is the lead writer on the site. He has watched his fair share of mediocre basketball, so he understands what a Sixers fan goes through. The blog is a mix of satire and analysis, and Mike has a great writing style.

Spike Eskin’s podcast

Spike Eskin’s Sixers blog podcast is a popular way to keep up with the latest news in the team’s world. In it, he and co-host Michael Levin discuss the biggest Sixers stories from the past month. While the content is often serious, there are also moments of comedy sprinkled throughout the podcast. Listeners are likely to find a lot of interesting conversation topics, such as the team’s lottery win and the Nerlens Noel trade.

While many fans are celebrating the Sixers as the underdogs, they may have to change gears once they start a rebuild. With their third overall pick in the draft and a promising duo in Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, the podcasters have remained optimistic, despite the fact that other analysts aren’t so sure. But while they’re not sure how to look at the future, they see some good things in general manager Brett Brown and the emergence of a young Joel Embiid.

RTRS’ popularity is well-known, and the show has interviewed 76ers coaches, players, and executives. The 76ers’ podcast has garnered national attention, even being mentioned in the news by several prominent figures in the media. It even encourages Hinkie worship, as well as mocking of Paul Millsap. Hopefully, this will lead to a more positive atmosphere for the Sixers and the fans.

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Levin’s blog

It is a rare occasion when you can read a book with a’sad story’ and laugh out loud. But for Vanessa Levin, writing was a way of coping with her son’s illness and the pain that accompanied it. It was also a way to connect with a wider audience. Though she didn’t have the money to pursue her passion, she managed to make her passion a profitable business.

Trading of Dario Saric

The rumors about the trading of Dario Saric in the NBA draft swirled around the league for a while. The rumor was that he was the next Sixers big man. The problem was that Saric was actually drafted by the Orlando Magic with the 12th overall pick. He ended up being traded to the Sixers and spending the next year in Croatia. The Sixers were frustrated and joked about using a first round pick on him.

Regardless of who was chosen, the 76ers are still lacking continuity. Two years ago, they won 52 games despite having little expectation. Last year, they made the playoffs, but there was no continuity between the players. Until this year, the Sixers were a solid team. They have acquired Josh Richardson and Jimmy Butler. They need a stretch four or five. Dario was a good fit for that role in Phoenix.

The Sixers were also looking for a center to complement their small forward rotation. Saric is a power forward who excels in this role and can step in when the other two do not play. While Saric is a capable bench player, he has had many injuries throughout his career. Despite his size, he only averaged 192 games over the past five seasons. However, he’s still an excellent option.

Trusting the process

The Philadelphia 76ers’ fan base has been hanging on to the message of the “process” for years. Even though their performance records have been embarrassing for a long time – they haven’t made the playoffs in 15 years and only won 10 games last year – they remain dedicated. They are “die hard” fans of their hometown sports teams and have waited years for the franchise to win a championship.

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The motto “Trust the Process” has become a popular sports mantra. Former Philadelphia 76ers general manager Sam Hinkie first used it around nine years ago. Hinkie emphasized the importance of the long-term process of building a winning team, rather than the short-term results of the players’ performance. That meant making tough decisions and sacrificing short-term gains to achieve long-term goals. Although the Sixers are not yet the best team in the league, their progress has been encouraging.

Before the Philadelphia 76ers reached the NBA Finals last season, they were headed to the conference finals. But an injury ended their season, removing the team’s first-round pick and making it a lottery pick. While the Sixers didn’t win the championship, the team was able to acquire other pieces to put on a championship contender. While the Sixers’ rebuild was painful, it was worth the wait. With high draft picks like Joel Embiid, the Sixers’ team played more like a true team, and finally made it to the Finals.

New partnership with WIP

As the 76ers lock down their play-by-play broadcast rights at WPEN Philadelphia and crosstown CBS Radio sports “SportsRadio 94,” WIP-FM has decided to ratchet up its coverage of the team. In addition to adding veteran basketball beat writer Derek Bodner to its lineup, the station is also extending a partnership with Sixers blog Liberty Ballers. The two sites will share content via Facebook live shows, link-sharing and an on-air radio show.

Philadelphia 76ers fan Jon Marks will host a daily podcast on WIP, which will include “The Process Pregame Show” prior to tip-off each night. The podcast will feature “GameTime React” segments, during which Jon will interact with fans through phone calls and social media. Similarly, WIP will also air Philadelphia Eagles games. While the podcast may not be a “live” broadcast, WIP will have exclusive access to select games.

Among the 76ers’ newest corporate sponsors, Color Star is a Chinese company involved in the metaverse, a concept that has recently emerged in the sports world. Color Star is a company that specializes in the application of artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry. Although Color Star’s website is difficult to find, Capetian was named chairman and CEO of Color Star a week prior to the partnership. He replaced the former CEO, Basil Wilson, in the last week.