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We’ve all seen the Brad Stevens meme, but who is this ‘Australian Rules Footballer’ guy? The Aussie played high school football and led the Celtics to a deep playoff run. And then, he fractured his main. But what makes him such a popular character on the internet? Read on to discover the true story behind this famous Aussie. And if you haven’t yet, here’s a quick primer on the Australian Rules Football player.

Bradley Stevens is an Australian rules footballer

Former Australian Rules Football League (AFL) star Bradley Stevens is no longer playing football. He retired from the AFL and accepted an ambassadorship role with the VCFL. He coached the NSW/ACT Rams at the 2008 AFL National Under 18 Championships. Stevens’s vocation is coaching, so he spends most of his time working with youth teams. He has also played basketball, volleyball, and karate.

Previously, Bradley Stevens played for Claremont in the WAFL. He helped his team reach the grand final but was sent off twice during the game. He retired from the AFL after the 2005 season. Stevens is the cousin of former Australian rules footballer Steven Dodd, who is the head coach of the Boston Celtics. The two are now friends on Twitter. Stevens has also published two novels and is the director of Yoghurt Media and Citiboy Entertainment.

In his prime, Rich was a star in WA football. He was tall and mobile and won the Sandover Medal in 1980. He was a member of the best and fairest team of the century and the Geel Team of the Century in 1978. Despite his injury, he played 17 matches for the Western Australians and won the All-Australian award in 1983. His last AFL game saw him play with a broken collarbone in the Grand Final, but he remained a star player and a major contributor to the Geelong success story.

Brad Stevens was a gifted high school student

The Boston Celtics signed Brad Stevens to a six-year, $22 million contract. Although Stevens’ burgeoning career started slowly with a 25-57 record in his first season, he soon soared to the top of the basketball world and has helped the team to five straight postseason appearances, including back-to-back Eastern Conference Finals appearances in 2016 and 2017.

Although Stevens’ coaching career is in its prime, it seems strange that he would jump from the bench to the executive suite so early. Such transitions are typically reserved for great coaches in their seventh decade. For instance, Pat Riley became president of the Miami Heat at 63 and Bill Parcells tried his hand in the player personnel department at 66. But Stevens is still only 44, and he’s already led the Celtics to three straight Eastern Conference Finals and twice to the NBA Finals.

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In 1995, Stevens led Zionsville High to a sectional championship. In the game, Stevens scored 13 points and made clutch shots on the baseline and in the paint. He also showed his legendary hustle. Zionsville’s team won the game and Stevens was named the tournament’s MVP. Stevens ended up scoring 97 points in three games and was named the sectional tournament’s MVP.

Stevens led the Celtics to a deep playoff run

After guiding the Celtics to a lopsided regular season, Brad Stevens now has the opportunity to make his mark in the playoffs. His new system is allowing the Celtics to win more games than they normally would, and they’re leading the Eastern Conference semifinals 2-1. The Celtics’ success has been based in part on the play of Brad Stevens, who has the Midas Touch, to inspire his players to play their best.

Brad Stevens has the potential to make Boston a title contender again. Despite his young age, Stevens was a star at high school in Zionsville, Indiana, where he set a number of school records. While he played less at DePauw than he did his freshman year, he’s still very confident in his team’s ability to compete with the Warriors.

Although Stevens has the potential to lead the Celtics to a title, the Celtics’ current roster is not stacked with superstars. They still need to add more talent to improve their overall quality. While Stevens has the ability to improve his roster through trade, he’s faced with a difficult job. A good place to start is with the team’s roster. Stevens will be the anchor of the new lineup.

The Boston Celtics have plenty of young talent. Some of them have been drafted recently. Most recently, Romeo Langford and Aaron Nesmith were acquired. Grant Williams and Payton Pritchard were also traded. A third first round pick, Robert Williams, could be the team’s long-term center. It’s important for Stevens to focus on developing these young players while quickly trading any players who don’t fit his vision.

Stevens fractured his main

The Boston Celtics are trying to bounce back from their Game 1 loss to the Bucks, and Stevens’ exit seemed to be the catalyst. After losing to the Bucks 91-75, Stevens appeared to quit the game, and the NBA Twittersphere was all over it. Stevens was quoted as saying “I’ve seen enough” and “I’ve been there.” Well, we can’t blame him; he probably just spotted his ex in a bar.”

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Stevens was a frequent finalist for Hugh Durham Coach of the Year award

During his storied career, Stevens was often a finalist for the Hugh Durham Coach of the Year award. A three-time Horizon League Coach of the Year, he was also a regular finalist for the Jim Phelan Award and was named the team’s MVP twice. A three-time all-conference player, Stevens was a frequent finalist for the Hugh Durham Coach of the Year award.

In his first season at Butler, Stevens was named the Horizon League Coach of the Year, an honor bestowed on the top coach in the conference. His teams won the Horizon League regular-season title and advanced to four postseason tournaments. His teams also advanced to the NCAA Tournament, advancing to the Sweet 16 in 2006-07. One of the most memorable moments of his time with the Butler program came in the national semifinals against Michigan State.

Away from coaching, Stevens enjoys a professional life. He is married to Tracy Wilhelmy, an employment lawyer, and the couple has two children. Brad Stevens is active in numerous charities, including Coaches Vs. Cancer and the Youth Foundation for Kids. He is a fierce competitor, focusing on solid basketball fundamentals while promoting teamwork over individual performance. Stevens is often called a coaching prodigy.

Stevens’ net worth in 2022

If you are curious about the net worth of Bradley Stevens, then you have come to the right place. Brad Stevens is an American basketball coach and former player. He is currently the head coach of the Boston Celtics. Currently, his net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. As a former basketball player, Stevens has won many honors. He is also known for being a calm and successful person.

His net worth will reach $20 million by the time he retires. He will be 82 years old by that time. In addition to his salary, Stevens’ wife Tracy has a huge net worth. She is his legal representative and spokeswoman. She married Stevens in 2003 and has two children. Brad Stevens’ net worth in 2022 is expected to rise as his net worth continues to grow.

His annual salary of $3.6 million is expected to add a substantial chunk to his net worth in the years to come. This salary puts him in the middle of other NBA coaches, with the highest paid coach Gregg Popovich earning $11 million per year. Others earning similar amounts are Doc Rivers, Tom Thibodeaux, Rick Carlisle, Stan Van Gundy, Dwane Casey, and Jason Kidd.