The Eagles Pro Bowlers

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The Philadelphia Eagles have selected eight players to the Pro Bowl. Vincent Jackson is among them, as he is the eighth leading receiver in yards (1304). Drew Brees is likely to make it as well. Here is a look at how each player did. Who was the most impressive? And who should be the next Pro Bowler? Here are some predictions. And don’t forget about Cam Johnston!

Cam Johnston

The Philadelphia Eagles’ punter cleared the concussion protocol on Monday and will be eligible to play Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys. Johnston, who left the game with a head injury, will handle the punting and holding duties for the team. He averaged 44.9 yards per punt in college. He once punted to Pro Bowl running back Alvin Kamara and knocked him to the ground.

Both Lovato and Johnston have a history of injury trouble, but both have thrived during their short NFL careers. Lovato and Johnston are also teammates and have great chemistry. During an August game against the Steelers, the Eagles faced fourth-and-3 from their own 15-yard line. They needed a punt, but were backed up to their own 15. Instead, the kicker had less room to operate at the sub-optimal location.

In addition to the three current Eagles players, the team also boasts several former Philadelphia players. Michael Bennett, Cam Johnston, and Jason Kelce are all Pro Bowl candidates. Cam Johnston will serve as the punter for the Eagles for the 2020 season. Lane Johnson and Jake Elliott were also viable candidates, but both players missed games due to mental health issues. However, these players aren’t guaranteed Pro Bowl selections.

After the game, Johnson and his teammates spoke to reporters. Lane Johnson, who escaped the Pro Bowl last year, discussed their disappointment and motivation for the upcoming game. They also said that Johnson’s omission was a boost for his motivation. After the game, Johnson’s touchdown against the Giants helped him overcome his demoralizing disappointment. But despite his disappointment, Johnson is still happy with his first career touchdown.

Malik Jackson

It’s a big day for the Philadelphia Eagles after the release of Malik Jackson, who had a strong season with the Jaguars. He signed a three-year contract with the team and is hoping to recapture the form he showed in the Pro Bowl last year. Jackson will play next to star defensive tackle Fletcher Cox and in Jim Schwartz’s aggressive scheme. He will also enter a locker room filled with leaders. Despite Jackson’s stellar play, he has never missed a game. In 2017, he suffered an injury that kept him from playing, causing him to miss the final months of the season.

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After being placed on injured reserve after his first game with the Eagles, Jackson hit the quarterback 13 times in his career. During the playoffs, Jackson has been named to the Pro Bowl five times, including three times in the last two seasons. His first playoff game was in Super Bowl 50, when he recovered Cam Newton’s fumble and returned it for a touchdown. Jackson played college football at USC and Tennessee, where he earned All-SEC honors as a volleyball player.

Before his season with the Eagles, Jackson played for the Miami Dolphins in a 4-3 defensive scheme. In that role, Jackson was named the starter at defensive end and was awarded the No. 90 jersey, despite the fact that No. 97 had already been assigned to Roy Miller. Jackson also won the NFL’s Pro Bowl MVP award in 2017.

Rick Lovato

The Philadelphia Eagles announced that long snapper Rick Lovato will be a part of the Eagles’ pro bowl squad. Lovato, a long snapper, is entering his final year with the team and has been handling the ball longer than normal since 2016. He is currently the longest-snapping long snapper in the NFL, and his long snaps have helped the Eagles score several touchdowns.

The Eagles selected Lovato to join their pro bowl team after seeing his performance during the NFC playoffs. As a rookie, Lovato was a backup on the special teams. He started out as a long snapper, but quickly made his way to the starting lineup. In fact, he has won five special teams tackles, which leads all NFL long snappers. Lovato also has been a reliable technician on the field-goal and punting units, helping to make the life of kicker Jake Elliott a little easier.

The Eagles’ defense is one of the best in the league, and it’s no surprise that Fletcher Cox is on the team. But while the Eagles have plenty of talented linebackers, they still need some depth at defensive tackle. Rick Lovato is one of only two Eagles whose long snappers were voted to the Pro Bowl by their peers. The selection is an honor and a well-deserved one.

LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy, a stud running back who retired after the 2013 season, will sign a one-day contract with the Eagles. He rushed for more than 100 yards in all but his last game with the team. The NFL has become a committee backfield with a handful of exceptions, including Christian McCaffrey and Najee Harris. A standout on the field, McCoy commanded attention with his combination of speed, elusiveness and playmaking ability. He carried himself with an uncommon mix of confidence and determination, and his desire to become an all-time great helped him reach his ultimate goal.

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McCoy, 26, will play in his second pro bowl in three years, a record for an Eagles running back. He’s the third Eagles running back to make two pro bowls before turning 26. The running back averaged more than four yards per carry this season and leads Jamaal Charles by 198 yards in the NFL rushing race. His popularity in the NFL has swayed public opinion, and he’ll be able to carry the ball for the Eagles.

Before joining the Eagles, McCoy played for several different NFL teams, including Buffalo, Kansas City and Tampa Bay. He was a Pro Bowler in all three cities, earning his first two honors in Buffalo. During his time in Kansas City, he was a Pro Bowler, and helped the Chiefs win their first Super Bowl title since 1969. He later won his second Super Bowl with the Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV.

Jalen Hurts

A number of NFL teams have made the playoffs with players in the quarterback position, including Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Jalen Hurts. In 2017, the Eagles had a quarterback in the second round and two other players were chosen for pro bowl consideration. But with the passing game stumbling in recent seasons, the Eagles are relying on other options. In fact, the team’s offense has been plagued by injuries and the offense has struggled to get a full roster together.

Hurts’ performance is remarkable, as he is one of only a few quarterbacks with a strong ground game. He leads the team in rushing and has scored 10 touchdowns this season. Hurts is on pace to pass for 3,000 yards and 14 touchdowns. With three games to play, he’ll be on track to reach his next goal: making the Pro Bowl.

The Philadelphia Eagles are building a roster around Jalen Hurts this season. He still has a full year to prove himself and earn a long-term contract. However, last season he took some flack for his lack of vision, despite finishing the season with 3,144 passing yards. So, despite the criticism, Hurts will have a much better season in 2018.

Josh Sweat

After a great season in the NFL, Josh Sweat is back from a medical scare. He ruptured an artery in his stomach and was taken to a trauma center. He was unable to play in the Eagles’ playoff loss to the Buccaneers because of the injury, but he is now back at full strength and is undergoing OTAs. He isn’t sure what caused the rupture, but it’s a good sign that he’ll be able to play in the Pro Bowl next year.

This season, Sweat recorded a career-high seven 1/2 sacks. Despite a slow start to the season, he exploded onto the scene. His sack total rose to 4.0 sacks in 2020 and 6.0 sacks in 2021. In September, Sweat signed a three-year, $40 million extension with the Eagles, which keeps him on the team for the next decade. This year, he became the team’s youngest Pro Bowl selection since LeSe McCoy in 2014. He also became the youngest Eagles position player since Michael Lewis in 2004.

The Eagles landed a surprise playoff berth in 2021, which led to the selection of five players. The roster included Jason Kelce, Darius Slay, Javon Hargrave, Jake Elliott, and Josh Sweat. Josh Sweat is the only Eagle who is not on the Pro Bowl roster. Although his numbers won’t be high, he’s still a solid choice for an Eagles’ pass rush unit.