The Eagles Should Stop Tanking

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The Eagles are the “model franchise” of football and a tank for a No. 6 pick is small potatoes in comparison to trading away a No. 1 draft pick. But the charade of the model franchise cannot last forever. With every passing year, the independent media is closing its doors and the big boys continue to segment their hot takes. And Emmanuel Acho is a prime example of this hypocrisy.

Pederson’s decision to tank

Pederson’s decision to tank the Philadelphia Eagles is a controversial one. While many fans will cheer the decision, others will scoff at Pederson’s lack of leadership and the resulting disrespect for the game. The Eagles’ tanking strategy was a misguided attempt to gain an advantage over their division rival. Instead of preparing for the playoffs as they would in a normal year, the team opted to sit nine players and coach the game like a summer exhibition. This strategy will only result in further mediocrity.

The team’s loss to the Giants in the NFC Championship Game has many fans scratching their heads. This was not the kind of win the Giants needed to take their division. After all, they were a six-win team, and should not have relied on a struggling team like the Eagles to win the NFC East. It is a shame that the Eagles couldn’t win a game. If they’re truly committed to winning, Pederson should reconsider his decision to tank.

The media, however, has been quick to blame Pederson for the loss. After all, he had actively made the team worse in the second half. In fact, he even hinted about it throughout the week. He told media reporters that he intended to bench Nate Sudfeld and Jalen Hurts during the fourth quarter. These actions suggest that Pederson’s decision to tank the Eagles could have been motivated by pressure to lose the game.

After all, the decision to tank the Eagles has ramifications far beyond football. The team is no longer a top contender in the NFC East and the Giants would have gotten a better draft pick. The issue of Pederson’s tanking was so controversial that it consumed the entire football industry and even sparked debates on the ethos of professional football. Sunday Night Football on NBC alone averaged 13 million viewers.

Wentz’s development

Wentz’s development in the Eagles’ tanking may be a concern for fans, but he has a long way to go before he’s ready for primetime. Wentz is 26 years old and possesses the tools to be an elite signal-caller, but it will take time for him to find his footing. The Eagles need to be patient with Wentz and give him the time he needs to develop as a quarterback.

Carson Wentz’s development in the tanking Philadelphia Eagles has been a concern for a while, but there are a couple of things that he needs to do to improve his game and get better. The first step is to learn how to manage his game. Successful quarterbacks know when to take their time and play the game accordingly. Wentz’s inability to manage his game has been the biggest flaw in the Eagles’ tanking scheme.

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Carson Wentz is the starting quarterback for the Eagles, and he should remain there. Even if they draft Tyler Hurts and develop him in the next few years, he should remain in the top two. That way, the Eagles will have two quarterbacks who are capable of winning the Super Bowl. Aside from Wentz, the Eagles should also look at Sam Darnold and Nick Foles. Carson Wentz tied Drew Lock for the NFL lead with 15 interceptions. Sam Darnold and Carson Wentz were both the 32nd-best passer rating in the NFL.

Recouping a first-round pick for Wentz is a great win, but the story is much more complicated than it seems. Getting a starting quarterback is probably the hardest job in the NFL. The Colts have one. The Eagles don’t. This means Wentz’s development in the Eagles tanking is a positive step in the tanking plan. If he continues to improve, he’ll be an incredible quarterback for the Eagles.

Hurts’ development

The Philadelphia Eagles haven’t had an offensive core since the draft of Jalen Hurts, but they are working to develop one in time for the 2022 season. The rookie has shown flashes but still has a long way to go. He has not yet developed his blocking ability. As a result, the Eagles are looking to improve their running game to make a run for the playoffs. The Eagles’ offensive line is the best in the NFL, but they aren’t doing much with the young receivers.

While Hurts is an elite runner and has demonstrated a winning mentality, it is too early to say if his development is tanking for the Eagles. We’ll likely find out whether he’ll make the team in two years. But for now, he needs more time to develop, trust, and chemistry. If he’s going to be an effective starter in the next two years, he’ll need to stay healthy and develop at a slower pace.

The Eagles are on a tanking cycle, but it’s not because the team is losing or being pounded by the NFL’s punishment for their loss to Washington. The Eagles’ team is also getting a boost with the addition of DeVonta Smith and a 2022 first-round pick. That’s because they believe that tanking is a toxic part of the NFL.

After struggling to score points in his debut against Washington, Tyler Hurts was benched in Sunday’s game. Though he did put the team in a good position, he was stopped on a questionable fourth-and-goal call. Despite his poor performance, the Eagles managed to kick a game-tying field goal. Then Doug Pederson turned to Sudfeld as his backup.

Jets’ tanking

In the NFL, a team can’t just “tank” to improve their record. Teams must take the necessary steps to improve their record and add draft capital. However, the practice of tanking should be ceased by bad teams. In the end, it will only make matters worse for the rest of the league. This practice makes games like Sunday’s Washington-Philadelphia matchup pointless. It’s unfair to the players and coaches, who are trying to save their jobs, and it’s also a terrible look for the NFL.

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While a team can’t really “tank” for a No. 6 draft pick, it can’t be said the Jets are in any danger of getting a top-five pick. That’s a small price to pay to win Super Bowl MVP. Moreover, a team’s quarterback can’t just “tank” because he’s a quarterback. So, the Eagles’ tanking move is less blatant than Sam Hinkie’s, but it’s more strategic.

The Jets’ recent move to remove players during the game raised eyebrows among some critics. But, this wasn’t an intentional move. The move was based on an injury. It’s a testament to the vision of GM Joe Douglas. The Philadelphia Eagles won their one and only Super Bowl under his leadership. But, despite the naysayers, I’m not sure it’s a good sign for the team’s future.

The NFL structure incentivizes teams to “tank” to improve their draft position. Even if the Jets can’t draft Trevor Lawrence, the Eagles still have a very good chance of landing a top-ten player. And this is why the Jets’ tanking strategy is so illegitimate. If you want to make the NFL a better place, don’t play in the tank.

Jets’ trade for No. 6 pick

In a year when the league’s top draft pick is up for grabs, the Jets are in a unique position. Not only do they have the top pick, they also own two first-round picks in 2022. That’s a significant advantage. However, the Jets’ pick was much more valuable than the Seahawks’, and that means they’re likely to tank in the offseason.

While the trade may be a significant disappointment, it’s not as big a deal as some fans might think. The Jets, of course, have an elite roster full of stars. The Eagles’ depth chart is littered with young players. But they did pick up a proven home run hitter in Jordan Davis at No. 13, giving them a solid back-up to Jalen Hurts. The Eagles also added a massive and talented center in Jordan Davis.

While the trade for No. 6 was controversial, the Jets were a great deal for the Eagles. Not only did they get a high pick, but they also got two of the best players available. They selected cornerback Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner in the fourth round and Ohio State wide receiver Garrett Wilson in the 10th round. Both players were rated top-10 players at their position and will immediately make an impact on the Eagles’ offense.

The Jets are definitely in a position to win the Super Bowl, but they have to do it quietly. That’s a good thing. The NFL doesn’t want the Jets to be the focus of attention, so it should keep it quiet. On the other hand, Jets fans should be happy with their pick in the 2021 draft. If the Jets can’t get the top pick, the Eagles don’t have to, either. They can still win with that pick.