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NBA Podcast hosts Damian Lillard and JJ Abrams have joined the team to bring you the latest in sports talk. Redick is currently scoring for the New Orleans Pelicans, averaging 14.9 points per game this season. Adrian Wojnarowski had approached Redick about writing a personal essay, but he declined the opportunity due to his anxiety. Wojnarowski then approached Redick about doing a podcast.

Kevin Durant on JJ Reddick’s podcast

JJ Reddick and NBA star Kevin Durant recently sat down to talk about their relationship. Although the two were never teammates, the duo still have a great deal of respect for each other. The result was an entertaining episode of The Old Man and the Three podcast, which you can listen to here. Listen to the podcast to find out what made this one of the best sports shows of the year.

During an interview on JJ Reddick’s podcast, Durant addressed the question of how fans can judge Durant’s decision to join the Brooklyn Nets. The former Golden State Warriors star addressed the media and questioned the perception that he took the easy route to winning a title. The answer? He earned them by playing well in the Finals. He also said that he has learned how to handle the pressure of the spotlight.

The NBA’s Kevin Durant has a growing fan following. He has been known to take shots at ESPN talking head Chris Smith, CJ Reddick, and Shannon Sharpe, but it was on this podcast that he put Smith through the wringer. Durant also claimed that Michael Jordan changed the game of basketball. Despite the obvious differences, fans can’t help but feel optimistic that Kevin Durant will continue to be the best in the NBA.

Another question on Reddick’s podcast focuses on his relationship with Kobe Bryant. He discussed the former Golden State Warriors’ rivalry with Kobe Bryant. The two shared some similarities, but ultimately, they had different ways of relating. Both players have the same will to win. And, they’re both eager to make their teammates better. When a rival has a great star, that’s even more motivation to win.

Kevin Durant on Joel Embiid’s MVP candidacy

The NBA is promoting Joel Embiid as a MVP candidate, and the rookie is certainly one of the best in the league. Embiid averages 28.8 points per game, 12.4 rebounds, 3.2 assists, 1.8 steals, and 1.6 blocks per game while shooting 48.1% from the field and 35.3% from beyond the arc. On the JJ Reddick podcast, Embiid opens up about fouling rookies and the NBA’s inequalities. The two also talk about JoJo and Kevin Durant’s respective MVP candidacy.

After discussing Embiid’s MVP candidacies, Reddick asked the Philadelphia wing if he thought Jokic, a two-time NBA MVP candidate, is one of the top three players in the league. Embiid’s response was a bit surprising, but he did not get defensive in response to Redick’s comments.

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The two were also comparing notes on trash talking. Joel Embiid said that becoming a father changed his perspective on trash talking. He named Kevin Durant as the best trash-talker in the league. However, Durant said that Embiid should be the next MVP, because he’s earned it and has a co-sign from several NBA players.

While Embiid is still one of the NBA’s top players, he has been far ahead of the MVP race in the Eastern Conference. His average of 30.2 points, 11.6 rebounds, and 4.2 assists is good enough to keep him in the MVP discussion. However, Embiid’s chemistry with James Harden is still a work in progress.

Having the honor of hoisting the NBA MVP trophy would mean a lot more than just honor. For Embiid to become the first African to win the award would mean more than a monetary value. And for the rest of us, the NBA MVP vote is based on narrative. But if you can’t wait, then this is a chance for you to be the next NBA MVP.

Nikola Jokic, who led the Denver Jazz in advanced metrics and is averaging 27 points, is another player worthy of recognition. He is averaging eight rebounds and four assists per game, and his teammates are benefiting from his excellent play. His teammates haven’t lacked for a top-tier center, but the Jazz have had a tougher time without him. And that might be because the two players are in a position to talk about what they’re doing to get their players noticed. If Jokic isn’t playing or doesn’t have time, the Sixers will rely on Jokic and Nikola Jokic to get them the attention they deserve.

Willie Green on Joel Embiid

Willie Green is an American professional basketball coach, and former player in the NBA. He is currently the head coach of the New Orleans Pelicans of the National Basketball Association. In his latest article for, Green outlines his thoughts on the young star’s future in the league. Read on to learn more. This article was originally published on Dec. 19, 2017. To read the original article, click here.

Despite playing for only a handful of seasons with the Philadelphia 76ers, Willie Green has managed to get a lot of respect in the league and even received a championship ring from the Golden State Warriors. The former Duke forward remarked that he was humbled by Embiid’s early rise and his recent success. Green compared himself to the great Shaq in terms of the game, saying that he didn’t mind being drafted over a young player.

The 76ers improved to 11-10 overall and won both games of their season series against the Pelicans. Earlier in the season, they opened their season with a 117-97 win against the Pelicans. In their next game, they will face the Los Angeles Lakers. Joel Embiid will likely get the starting nod. The 76ers are in a prime position for a championship and will need him to be healthy.

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The Sixers have been a good place to get Joel Embiid in free agency. But the Sixers also signed a bunch of restricted free agents, including Kyle Korver and Samuel Dalembert. Green’s time in New Orleans was limited by his first season as an NBA head coach, so the team was able to sign him as a free agent after the 2011 offseason.

During Green’s AAU basketball career, Gary Green was his biggest supporter and mentor. He was a great coach and mentor for his nephew. Even though he was only an assistant coach during his time in the NBA, his role as a coach has been instrumental in his development. He was a mentor for countless Detroit Black boys. He even opened a small basketball gym at his church’s Greater Grace Temple Church at night.

JJ Reddick’s goal with podcast: authenticity

A podcast is not for everyone. In fact, JJ Reddick’s own wife suggested that he check out “Serial” a true crime podcast. Redick didn’t think this was what Yahoo Sports was looking for, so he decided to try podcasting conversationally instead. He figured podcasting would help him prepare for his future as a sports media personality. Reddick’s goal with his podcast is authenticity.

Throughout his career, Reddick has worked as an analyst for ESPN and on his own production company. He also hosts “The Old Man and the Three,” a podcast that he co-hosts with Tommy Alter. Despite his inexperience in podcasting, Reddick and Alter’s show has become popular among fans. Though he has a family, he remains open to other opportunities.

Authenticity is the goal of this podcast, which focuses on the experiences of real people. Reddick has an instant rapport with his guests, including fellow players. For example, he interviewed Clippers defender Patrick Beverley, who prefaced the interview with a question of his own. He then shared stories from his childhood, playing overseas, and his time in Chicago. He also shared memories of his dreams written on Post-it notes.

Authenticity is the key to credibility, and it is a major part of the podcast. Reddick’s authenticity is not only about his career, but also his personal life. Ultimately, he hopes to share his experiences with the world. But before we get into that, let’s take a look at his life. He spent years pursuing his dream of playing in the NBA. He went from a productive Duke career to a fifteen-year NBA career. And now he has the chance to write the next chapter of his life.

As a former college player, JJ Reddick understands that it is hard to be authentic while on TV. As an NBA analyst, he has been outspoken. While other analysts have been too petty about a player’s actions, Redick has consistently shown the necessary level of authenticity to provide viewers with a more authentic listening experience. His podcast has become a source of insight and authenticity in the NBA.