The Mysterious Saxsquatch

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The Sasquatch is a mythical creature with musical abilities that resemble the human scale. Its music is quite agreeable to the human ear and designed to get people moving. Its musical arsenal includes synthesizers, bass guitars, and drum machines. It is a groovy creature with funk infused into its blood.


The Saxsquatch is a saxophonist who performs in Bigfoot costume. He is a former saxophonist for the Marcus King Band, but is better known for his costume than his actual musical abilities. His costumes have gotten him a great deal of publicity, and he is an inspiration to countless people.

The Saxsquatch first came to prominence in viral YouTube videos, which showcased him playing Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up and Daft Punk’s One More Time. He describes his musical style as electronic jazz, and has also worked with artists such as John Oates of Hall & Oates.

Saxsquatch has released three albums on the label Monstercat. His cover of Daft Punk’s Around the World appeared on the label’s 9-year anniversary. He has also worked with John Oates on the song Maneater (a cover of Hall & Oates). And his latest EP, “Moondance,” features jazzy rhythms, crisp percussive elements, and a house beat.

The Saxsquatch’s music is surprisingly agreeable to human ears. His funky style of music has earned him fans on YouTube and on tour. His music is even becoming a soundtrack for video games. Saxsquatch talks about his musical influences, his roots, and his future projects.

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Saxsquatch fans range from the hippest college students to the grizzled old hicks who are committed to the mythical creature. While they are a mixed group, they all share a love of smooth and grootum electronic music. Whether they are singing along to a Daft Punk cover or recording a track for a video game, their common bond is the love of this saxophone-playing mythical beast.

The Saxsquatch mythical beast is now a viral sensation on the internet, with hundreds of thousands of fans on Facebook. Fans who see Saxsquatch’s videos are so enamored with the mysterious beast that Saxsquatch has become the fastest-growing artist on Facebook. His page currently has more than 600,000 followers, and he is the most popular live stream musician.

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The mysterious saxophone-loving creature known as Saxsquatch is generating a great deal of buzz on the internet. He is a regular on YouTube and uploads music videos of his performances from his jungle home. He has released several albums, including “The Missing Mixtape,” which has original songs and covers by Daft Punk, George Michael, and Louis Armstrong.

The saxophone sensation first gained popularity after posting cover versions of popular songs on YouTube. He has over 275 thousand subscribers and over 16.5 million views. His cover of Daft Punk’s “You Don’t Know Me” is particularly popular and has been featured on satirical television show Tosh.0. The video also gained worldwide attention and put Saxsquatch on the map of solo artists on Pollstar’s Livestream charts. As of December 2018, Saxsquatch’s videos received between three and five million views a day.

The cult sensation has also garnered the attention of celebrities like Hall & Oates, Big Gigantic, and Greg Wells. His live performances are seen by millions of viewers every week. He has become a viral sensation and now has a sold-out national tour. Saxsquatch has also become the top-streaming musician on Facebook.

The sax player and iconic New York duo Hall & Oates have collaborated to reimagine the 1982 chart-topping song “Maneater” as a jazz-fusion song. The video was filmed in the rainforests of Nashville, Tennessee.


The Saxsquatch tour features an electric jazz artist who is capturing the spirit of the 80s and 90s with his saxophone. In shades and a bandanna, Saxsquatch is a charming character that captures the essence of favorite songs. The Saxsquatch concert experience is like no other. A concert experience that you won’t soon forget. You can enjoy the concert with fellow fans in a fun and crazy night.

The Saxsquatch tour has received much support in the music industry. The band has been featured on Buzzfeed and Reddit, headlined the largest drive-in concert in the US (more than 200 cars), and was recently invited to perform at the Cannes International Festival. Some of the music industry’s biggest names have also shared their support for the band on social media, including Hall & Oates, Eric Andre, and Tenacious D. Even the band Goldfish invited Saxsquatch to a live performance!

If you’d like to see Saxsquatch up close, you can buy a meet-and-greet package. There are a limited number of meet-and-greet tickets available, and the price of each ticket can range from $1,000 to $5,000. This package is a great way to meet Saxsquatch in person, and you can even enjoy special backstage access to the artist.

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The Saxsquatch tour will include two concerts in the coming years. Fans can get alerts for any new concert dates by signing up with Songkick, which keeps track of Saxsquatch’s tour dates. Currently, there are two Saxsquatch concerts planned for 2022 and 2023.


Dean Mitchell, aka Saxsquatch, is best known for his bigfoot costumes and cover versions. The former saxophonist for Marcus King Band also performs saxophone versions of popular songs. His music is fun, funny and has a message.

Saxsquatch’s music is perfect for streaming. Currently, Saxsquatch’s live performances have received over 30 million views on TikTok and 2 million views per episode on his Facebook show. His distinctive blend of genres has earned him fans such as Billy Ray Cyrus and John Oates. He has also received support from Forbes, and has played headline slots at popular music festivals including Fortnite and the Smoky Mountain Festival.

Saxsquatch first gained fame with a Daft Punk cover video. Since then, the YouTube channel has received over 16.5 million views. In addition, Saxsquatch’s “You Don’t Know Me” cover was featured on the popular satirical television show Tosh.0. The video has garnered over three million views per day, making it one of the most popular saxophone cover videos on YouTube.

Saxsquatch is a YouTube sensation who delivers funky tracks to millions of music fans. In addition to making videos for fans, he is also busy recording video game soundtracks and touring. In this interview, Saxsquatch shares his musical influences, his roots, and what’s new in his career.


The fanbase of the Saxsquatch is diverse and eclectic. It consists of everyone from young electronic festival goers to longtime Sasquatch believers. They all enjoy the smooth and grootum sounds of Saxsquatch’s music. Despite their varied backgrounds, the Saxsquatch’s music has a common bond: it is a unique blend of electronic and hip-hop.

Saxsquatch is an electronic and jazz artist with Grammy-winning guest performers. His fans are insane. The Saxsquatch’s merchandising has gone through the roof. It’s even so maddening that the artist’s merchandise has sold out in one day in May 2020. Saxsquatch merchandise can now be bought at secret locations.

Saxsquatch’s fanbase is constantly growing, and he’s now the fastest-growing artist on Facebook, with more than 600k fans on his page. Saxsquatch is also the most popular live stream artist. He’s been featured on Comedy Central, Buzzfeed, and Yahoo! and has even collaborated with Billie Ray Cyrus and John Oates. Saxsquatch’s live streams are viewed more than one million times a week.