The Philadelphia Phillies Are Taking a Different Approach in the 2020 MLB Draft

The Philadelphia Phillies Are Taking a Different Approach in the 2020 MLB Draft photo 0

In 2018, the Phillies drafted Austin Martin, a shortstop who helped the Razorbacks reach the College World Series. Austin had all the tools to be an eventual first-round pick, but his contact rate was an issue and he underwent hamate surgery before his junior season. The Phillies drafted Austin Martin because of his tools, and he can play shortstop, second base, and center field.

Casey Martin

After signing as a free agent, Casey Martin hasn’t gotten much press. His signing bonus was lower than expected, and his overall draft slot was 116th. While he was an above-average shortstop prospect, his struggles with his bat were a source of frustration. Nonetheless, the Phillies are eager to add Martin to their organization, and he has the speed and power to be a valuable contributor.

A recent mock draft showed Casey Martin’s potential. He was taken by the Phillies in the third round of the 2020 MLB Draft. The Phillies signed him for $1.3 million, or nearly double the 87th pick he was originally drafted with. Though the ankle injury that he dealt with earlier in his pro career hampered his progress, he’s back to 100 percent health and could be ready for his big-league debut in 2022.

A second recent round pick is 22-year-old shortstop Kyle Martin, who can play all three positions. In his sophomore year, Martin was a star in the Razorbacks’ College World Series, and he possessed the tools to be a first-round pick in 2020. While his contact rate was still a concern, the Phillies were willing to pay him $1.3 million to stay in school and develop.

Heston Kjerstad

The Philadelphia Phillies selected Casey Martin in the third round of the 2020 MLB Draft. He played shortstop and third base for the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. Martin is projected to play second or third base in the big leagues. The Phillies also selected outfielder Heston Kjerstad in the first round. In a bid to improve their farm system, both players aimed to be a part of the next generation of pitching.

Kjerstad’s college career ended abruptly due to the Covid-19 pandemic. His Razorback teammates and fans were not even aware that the talented right fielder had gone undrafted and landed with the Phillies in the third round. However, the 87th pick was a savvy move by the Phillies. Kjerstad is a quality player who will contribute to their farm system for years to come.

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As a high school prospect, Kjerstad missed his senior year because of the virus. This affected his college recruiting, but he later matured. In fact, when Kjerstad committed to Arkansas, he was a 5-10 leadoff hitter. By the time he arrived on campus, he was a 6-2 home run hitter. The Phillies have high hopes for Kjerstad, but the first step is to get him healthy.

Dustin Pedroia

In the 2020 MLB Draft, the Philadelphia Phillies are taking a different approach than other teams have done in recent years. They have no first-round pick and will only be able to sign amateur players for a $20,000 signing bonus. Instead, the Phillies are drafting a right-handed pitcher who has the potential to make a major league impact. A high school pitcher with electric stuff, Mick Abel is a right-handed pitcher from Oregon. He has a blistering fastball and a good slider.

The Phillies have been trying to get more from Dustin Pedroia in the early rounds of the MLB Draft. Casey Martin went to the third round, but went over the slot value at 87th overall and signed for $1.3 million in a signing bonus. His ability to hit in the left-handed outfield has helped the Phillies’ chances of winning a World Series.

The Phillies’ bullpen is putting together a strong start. Joe Blanton pitched six innings, allowing just two runs. The Phillies’ relief staff is able to produce quality pitching, with Ryan Madson and Scott Eyre both coming in handy. The Phillies have won 17 consecutive postseason games, a streak that will be hard to break. There’s still a chance for the Phillies to win the World Series.

Dustin Swiney

The Philadelphia Phillies’ farm system could use a boost in 2021, with the season starting in mid-May. While some teams boast a deep system, the Phillies don’t exactly ooze talent in their minor league system. The Phillies have had a tendency to promote players with little minor league experience to the majors. Spencer Howard, Alec Bohm, Rafael Marchan, and Mickey Moniak have all made the jump to the big leagues with little experience.

Another young prospect to watch is Cadyn Grrenier, a former collegiate athlete who has a bright future in the major leagues. He’ll be a SS for the Phillies, and has already topped the minor leagues with a solid spring training. While the Phillies’ farm system may have an excellent staff, the Phillies need to sign a top prospect to ensure their future success.

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Swiney’s status as a pitcher

While the numbers don’t always tell the full story, one thing is clear: Swiney is one of the most consistent pitchers in the game. He’s reliable and has the ability to work multiple innings out of the bullpen and go deep into games as a starter. In 2019, he struck out 95 batters over 56.2 innings and continued to dominate in four starts in 2020, averaging at least 11 strikeouts per start and pitching at least six innings in each start.

While he played high school baseball, Swiney set several school records for strikeouts and wins. He also earned all-state honors from the North Carolina Baseball Coaches Association. After graduating from high school, Swiney attended NC State University and posted a 15-1 record. While there, he struck out 174 batters in 115.1 innings. Swiney also played for the Chicago White Sox.

Casey Martin’s potential as a leadoff hitter

There are a few concerns surrounding Casey Martin’s potential as a hitter for the Phillies. He’s not a sure thing, but his tools are solid enough to be an MLB player. Martin isn’t going to be an All-Star or be the best player on the diamond right away. While his tools are solid, his lack of experience will prevent him from becoming an immediate contributor to the Phillies.

Although he was considered a first-round pick, Casey Martin’s stock declined quickly due to his high strikeout and error total. Baseball America ranked him the 38th-best prospect in the draft. The Phillies chose him with the 87th pick, making him an absolute steal. While Martin isn’t a lock to hit leadoff for the Phillies, his ability to hit is a huge plus.

The Phillies’ top prospects have lofty expectations for Martin. He has an impressive feel for contact and has the potential to add power. Martin’s plus power potential fits the profile of a leadoff hitter who’s added power. In addition to his offensive aptitude, he’s a solid baserunner who’s capable of making a difference in the field.

Casey Martin’s contract with the Phillies

After his freshman year at Arkansas, Casey Martin had the look of a first-round pick. But he has slipped, in part due to questions about his hit tool. He has big tools but a high risk. The Phillies, like many other teams, had concerns about his commitment to signing with the team and his potential to stick at shortstop. They hired a player-development company to do an assessment of Martin’s swing. They received some interesting results, but they may not be indicative of what’s to come.

In the 2020 Draft, the Phillies selected Casey Martin in the third round. Casey Martin signed a contract worth $1.3 million, which is significantly higher than the value of his 87th overall draft position. However, Martin has struggled in his pro career due to injuries, including a strained ankle. Although the injury has hampered his progress, he’s healthy now and will turn 23 in April. He could be ready to make his debut in 2022.

In his rookie season, Casey Martin played in five events and was cut once for a total of $1328. His contract with the Phillies is worth $1.3 million and is above the suggested draft salary of $689,300. Martin’s contract is an indication of his ability to play well in the major leagues. However, the player may need to go on a return-to-work program to re-establish his career after his injury.