The Riley Curry Shimmy

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The riley curry shimmy is an iconic dance move that has become a part of the NBA’s lexicon. It was first introduced by Steph Curry, but Chris Paul brought it back after a loss to the Rockets. Curry has been known to perform the shimmy after a game or two, but Chris Paul has been making it popular again after a flop against the Rockets.

Chris Paul brought riley curry shimmy back to mock Steph Curry

It wasn’t long ago that Chris Paul brought the Riley Curry shimmy back to mock Steph’s legendary move. The Houston Rockets’ star had been missing all seven of his field goal attempts in the first half. That all changed when Chris Paul launched a 29-foot three over Curry’s defense to give Houston a 59-57 lead with 6:29 remaining in the third quarter. Paul’s shot was his third of the quarter and the fourth of his career. The shimmy, though, did not go over well with Curry.

The slander isn’t limited to NBA writers and regular basketball fans. Curry’s dominance is so unorthodox, that those outside the sport are skeptical of his abilities. But for people who love him, he’s one of the most successful point guards in the history of the game. It’s not about his size, but his dancing. Those who adore him aren’t fooled by the slams.

Whether Chris Paul brought the Riley Curry shimmy back to mock Steph is debatable. It’s unlikely to matter as the Suns played like a championship team throughout his career. But his health is critical. Without him, a healthy Devin Booker and a healthy Chris Paul will be difficult to beat. This is why the Suns need Paul to play well.

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riley curry shimmy modeled for her mother’s company

It is no wonder that Riley Curry has been modeling for her mom’s company. She is an active little girl with an adorable personality. In fact, she is so animated in her campaign that she upstaged her father in a press conference. In August 2016, she made her TV debut on TLC’s “Playhouse Masters.” In December, she showcased her retro style on her mom’s Instagram page. In 2021, she celebrated her ninth birthday in style.

Earlier this year, Riley Curry, the daughter of NBA star Steph Curry, stepped into the limelight when she modeled for her mom’s new line of moccasins, Freshly Picked. The brand’s Next Step Shoe was one of the first pieces of footwear Riley Curry wore. Her mom, Ayesha Curry, also appeared in the campaign.

riley curry’s performance on court inspired by Michael Jackson, the Harlem Shake, and disco

Steph Curry’s daughter Riley has taken the NBA by storm, upstaged her dad’s stellar on-court performances in the 2015 NBA Finals, and now she’s a star of her own. Her unique dance moves, inspired by disco, Michael Jackson, and the Harlem Shake, have gone viral. Her fans can’t get enough of her.

riley curry shimmy sings Big Sean’s “Blessings”

After watching Steph Curry’s Golden State Warriors beat the Houston Rockets 104-82 in Game 5, Riley Curry’s adorable performance of Big Sean’s “Blessings!” melted hearts. Riley Curry’s rendition of “Blessings” was a slap-stick delight for fans and reporters alike. She slayed the rendition seamlessly.

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riley curry shimmy is a sweet little girl

If you’re a basketball fan, you’re probably aware of the infamous Stephen Curry shimmy. The talented player has changed the game and is one of the most popular players in the league. But did you know there is another youngster who is just as adorable and could pull off the famous move? Her name is Riley Curry, and she is just nine years old. Her sweet little smile makes her the perfect little entertainer!

Despite being just six years old, Riley has already outdone her NBA dad’s on-court performance. In fact, she even surpassed her dad during the 2015 NBA Finals with her dance routines, which went viral after TNT broadcasted a clip of her dancing. Inspired by Michael Jackson, disco, and the Harlem Shake, Riley’s moves are adorable and will make you want to learn how to do them yourself!

riley curry has made 3,117 3-pointers in his career

Stephen Curry has made more three-pointers in his career than any other player in NBA history. In one season, he surpassed Ray Allen’s career high of 2,973 made three-pointers. He has also won four NBA Championships, two Most Valuable Players awards, and a teddy bear. Despite all of these accomplishments, Curry’s record-breaking ability to drain three-pointers is still far from over.

Ayesha Curry is the proud mother of Riley and her father Stephen Curry. She is an author of several cookbooks and hosts cooking shows. Born in California, Ayesha Curry studied acting in college and later moved to Los Angeles. She has had a variety of roles on TV, including the popular show “Hannah Montana.” Ayesha Curry and Stephen Curry were married in 2012 and welcomed their first child, Riley, the same year.

While the NBA has many players who surpass Curry in 3-point shooting, he is the one player who has consistently surpassed his own personal record. His teammates, Thompson and Draymond Green, have combined to hit a total of 484 threes this season, which beats the previous record by one. As a result, Curry is the top-scoring point guard in NBA history.


Riley Curry is a six-year-old daughter of NBA superstar Steph Curry and celebrity chef Ayesha Curry. While the two have been known for their impressive on-court moves, Riley has recently made waves for her unique dancing abilities. During the final preseason game for her dad’s Golden State Warriors, Riley was caught throwing down some mean dance moves. After the game, her videos went viral, making her the youngest dancer in NBA history.