The Saint Joseph’s Hawk Mascot

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The Saint Joseph’s University Hawk mascot is a symbol of the University. The hawk represents the school’s motto and flaps its wings non-stop during every basketball game. The mascot has been around since the school was founded in 1896. It has won numerous mascot awards, including the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) mascot of the year. Read on to learn more about this mascot.

Asia Whittenberger

The mascot position at Saint Joseph’s University is one Whittenberger can’t pass up. She was once on the women’s soccer team, but needed to quit the sport to get the job. When the Athletic Communications Department contacted her about the position, Whittenberger immediately got excited. It’s a role she enjoys because she can represent the school’s spirit at home and on the court.

After completing her year as the Hawk mascot, Whittenberger will move on to Philadelphia Futures, an organization that supports low-income and first-generation college students. As a women’s mascot, Whittenberger wants to spread the word about the importance of a female role model in a male-dominated world. In addition, she’s the first student-athlete of color to be named the university’s mascot, and her story will help to inspire a new generation of women to take the helm.

The mascot at Saint Joseph’s University has been a hot topic on campus this year. The fact that a woman wears the hawk suit is a rarity for a college mascot. The St. Joe’s women’s basketball team is led by Asia Whittenberger, a double major in communications and sociology. She reveals the ins and outs of the Hawk’s life as a student athlete, and how it has impacted her college career.

IG Live mascot

A stout student of the University of Pennsylvania is the latest Hawk to don the IG Live mascot costume. Asia Whittenberger ’22 has been wearing the Hawk costume for three years. The costume features the St. Joe’s Hawk hat, sunglasses, and beak, which is a classic St. Joe’s mascot accessory. The Hawk has a rich history dating back to the 1800s, when it was first worn by St. Joe’s student Asia Whittenberger.

The Hawk has become a tradition at basketball games, with the Rhode Island Ram even attempting to smother him with an inner tube. The unintentionally hilarious flier has become a staple of Hawk fans’ lives. If you’ve ever watched a game with the Hawk, you’ve undoubtedly seen him flapping his wings. But what makes him tick? And who would blame him? He raised $120 from fans so he could buy a new costume.


The mascot of the men’s basketball team at St. Joe’s University is a hawk. He wears a full scholarship and travels with the team to away games. The tradition dates back to 1954, when Jim Brennan was a cheerleader for the team. Brennan had originally wanted to be an actual hawk, but the student government raised 120 dollars to purchase him a costume. Brennan wore the Hawk mascot costume for three years before making his official debut during a 1956 game against La Salle College.

The hawk was chosen for several reasons. Most importantly, the hawk symbolizes the school’s pride and spirit. The team’s colors are orange, black, and white. Higgins’ family’s first name was Joe. Her parents were alumni of St. Joe’s. Her dad was a graduate of that school, and he coached grade school basketball teams as a coach. Higgins had to practice thousands of flaps per game to get ready for the season, which includes 30 games.

The University has been home to its football team since 1929. Originally built for football, Finnesey Field opened its doors in 1929 with plans to build a 70,000-seat stadium. The Hawks have changed the stadium over the years. The Hawks’ current home field is Sweeney Field. And they’ve won the NCAA Division III championship nine times. Sophomore Christine Sweeney has become the first Hawk to win the championship of the Women’s College Athletic Association.

Flapping wings

The Hawk mascot of St. Joe’s University does more than flap his wings. His wings can flap as many as 6,100 times a game. This means that during the regular season, he does about 189,100 flaps, not including playoff games. His suit is professionally cleaned each year, and during off-campus events, he practices flapping his wings. In addition to flapping his wings during games, the Hawk mascot can make figure-eights during his four timeouts per game.

While the mascot of the school is a beloved team tradition, the team still takes the tradition seriously. For example, the mascot’s flapping is required at home games and away games to keep him alive. The tradition is so important at St. Joe’s that alumnus Jamie Moyer, who played baseball for the Chicago Cubs, Baltimore Orioles and Seattle Mariners, also played for the school. A number of his teammates retired from the Hawks after graduating.

Asia Whittenberger ’22 is the current student manager and the 35th Hawk. She began her service as a student manager, but soon added imitation of flight duties. She began her service as a student manager, but now also flutters her wings at home games. And while the mascot flutters her wings at home games, Klinger hopes to keep it alive as long as possible.


The Statue of Saint Joseph’s Hawk mascot has a long and colorful history. This iconic mascot has been used to promote basketball games at St. Joseph’s University. For nearly 60 years, the mascot flapped its wings at St. Joe’s games, during the national anthem and at the buzzer. The mascot is now inducted into the St. Joe’s Athletic Hall of Fame.

The athletic department of Saint Joseph’s University features twenty Division I teams. The Hawks compete in the Atlantic 10 Conference. Men’s lacrosse is played in the Northeast Conference. The school is also a member of the Philadelphia Big Five, which intensifies the rivalry between city schools. The statue stands near the campus of the university. Throughout the school year, the statue is decorated with the name of its mascot, Hawk, and its nickname.

The statue costs $2 million, half of which will be covered by mandatory student fees. The rest will be funded by the university. The statue will serve as a centerpiece of athletics and reinforcing the sense of community among 20,000 students. The statue is expected to be installed in front of the Panzer Athletic Center by fall semester. This will give students another reason to support the Hawks.


The St. Joe’s Hawk is the mascot of the basketball team at Saint Joseph’s University. The student mascot receives a full scholarship and travels with the team to away games. The original Hawk costume was designed and worn by Jim Brennan, a cheerleader during the 1954-55 season. Brennan wanted an actual hawk, but the student government raised 120 dollars to fund his costume. He wore the costume for three years and made his debut against La Salle College in 1956.

To help support the team, the student has been dressed as a hawk for nearly 60 years. The mascot flaps his wings during the national anthem and the buzzer during games. This unique college basketball mascot has become a tradition in the area. A cheerleader and ex-marine raised $120 to purchase the costume and is a staple of many basketball games. The Rhode Island Ram once tried to tame the Hawk by putting an inner tube over his head, but it wasn’t enough to stop him. The unintentional humor of this practice is undeniable.

Unlike the usual mascot costumes, the St. Joe’s Hawk costume is available online. While a costume might not be appropriate for every occasion, it will surely catch attention. Once you’re wearing a costume, you’ll be recognized as a St. Joe’s fan! In addition to being an official school mascot, the Hawk also serves as an ambassador of unity.